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Crum, Jaiaes, cotton- spinner. Busby, Virginia buildings
Cruin, J. & W., & Co., calico-printers, bleachers and sconrers, 51 Cochran street
Crura, John, of J. ^ W. Cnim, ^ Co., residence Aoldhouse, PoUokshaws
Crnm, John, bookseller and stationer, 159 Gallowgate
Crum, Walter, of J. &f W. Crum, Sf Co., residence Thornliebank
CRUTHERS, Thomas, spirit dealer, S3 Stiriing street, Cowcaddens
CUBTE, Mrs., 8 Abbotsford pk«e
CUDDIE, Margaret, spirit dealer, 16 Jackson street
CULBERT, J. A D., stBCCo and cement manufacturers, 210 Argjll street
CuLCF.EOGH Go,, cotton-spinners, at Geo. Smith ^ Sons', 34 London street
CULLEN, John, hat-case and fancy paper Ijox malser, 68 Glassford street
Cullen, Matthew, grocer, 3 Stevenson street
Cullen, Thomas W., writer, 48 Queen street
Cullen, Misses, straw-hat makers, 169 Great Hamilton street
CtTMBEBLANB Foundry, 168 Gallowgate
CUMMING, Andre^r, at Thomas Laurie ^ Co.'s, grain merchants, 179 Argyll st.
Cumming, Andrew, 44 North Brook street
Camming, James, rector of the Glasgow Academy, 25 Clarendt-n place
Cumming, Jaiaes, spirit dealer, 238 Broomielaw
Cumming, John, stair-i-ailer and cabinet n»akei-, 73 West Campbell street
Cumming John, commission agent, 8 William street, Greenhead, Calton
Cumming, John, ivholesale and retail linen and woollen draper, 148 Argyll street,
house 20 Union street
Cumming, Robert, spirit dealer, 70 Canon street
Cumming, Robert, manager, (Mile-end spinning Co.) 44 North Brook street
Cumming, William, tea and sugar warehouse, 11 1 High street
Cumming, William, at John Bartholomew §■ Co.'s, house Bank street, Hillbead
Cumming, William, horse-dealer, 82 London street
Cumming's lodgings, 29 College street
CUNLIFF, Richard S., of Randolph, Elliot, ^ Co., house Kinning house
Cunllff, Miss, seminary for young ladies, 7 Elmbank place
CUNNINGHAM, Alexander, slater, 9 Tarbet street
Cunninghame, Andrew, Sasine office. City chambers, house 68 Bath street
Cunningham, Charles, beadle of St. David's church, house 16 Sauchiehall street
Cunninghame, David, surgeon, 23 Canning street, Calton
Cunninghame, David, die stamp and seal engraver, 190 Tiongate street
Cunninghame, David, 9 Dxindas street, Kingston
Cunninghame, Edward, grocer, 5 Mains street
Cunninghame, Felix, bill-poster, 28 Marlborough street
Cunningham, James, tartan manufacturer, 61 Brunswick p'i., house 407 Argyll st,
Cunningham, James, 1 .3 Hill street, Gamethill
Cunningham, John, fiesher, 40 «& 42 Findiay street
Cunningham, Robe)'t, contractor, 19 Parson street
Cunningham, Dr. Thomas, 1 Norfolk street
Cunningham, William, 32 John street, Greenhead
Cunningham, William, writer, 13 John street
Cunningham, Miss, straw-hat and dress maker, 113 Murray place, New City road
Conningham, Mrs. A., fiesher, 45 Garscube road
Cunningham, Mrs. George, 193 Renfrew street
CURLE, Robert, <fc Sons, auctioneers, appraisers, and general agents, G2 Argyll
street. (See Advertisement in Appendi.x.)
Curie, Robert, & Sons, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and house-funiishing establish-
ment, 62 Argyll street. (See Advertisement in Appendix.
Curie Robert, of Eoberl Curie ^ Sons, liouse 1 Aunfield place, Dake street
Curie, Robert, of Robert Barclay ^ Curie, house Lancefieki place
Cui-le, R. M., of Robert Curie §/■ Sons, house 57 North Hanover street
CURR & Aberncthy, victuallers, 223 High street
Curr, Michael, of Curr ^ Abernethy house, 55 Drygate street
Curr, WiUiam, baker, 2 Eglinton street
CURRIE, Alexander, jun., baker, 354 High street
Curric, Alexander, plane-maker, 79 Hope street
Currie, Alexander, auctioneer and appraiser, 7 Queen street^ house 4 Houston street.
South Kinning place, Paisley road

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