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Chrichton, "William, siiperinterulont of the Fcrtli and CJj'cle Canal, Canal house
Port Dundasi '
Cricliton, Willlaiu, commission agent, 3^8 Argyll street
Chrichton, Miss, furnishing shop, 13 Ann street
Ciichton, Mrs., lodgings, 38 Hill street, Garnethiil
OROAL, Alex., slater, 32 Great Dovehill
CROCKET, Jaines, tailor and clothier, 3 St. Enoch square, house IG Little Ha-
milton street
Crocket, James, writer, 2 Wellcroft place
CROIL, Thomas, & Co., merchants, 22 Kenfield street
Croil, William, merchant, 112 West George st., house 9 Montagu place, Bath st.
CR.OLL, David, at James Findltiy §r Oo.'s, house 16G Stirling's road
Croll, James, wine and spirit merchant, 19 Nicholson street
Crol!, John, blacksmith. 3 Greyfriars wynd, house 103 North Frederick street
CROMBIE, David, 21 Roseland terrace, Cumberland street
Cromhie, John, plasterer, lime yard and office head of Dundas st., ho. i Findlav st.
Crombie, Margaret, baker and victualler, 28 Cheapside street, Anderston
CROOKS «fe Jones, carpet and general warehousemen, 12 Buchanan street
Crooks, Thomas, of Crooks ^- Jones, house 175 Hill street, Garnethiil
Crooks, Mrs. J„ surgeon-dentist, 129 Hope street
CROOM, Jf'hn, merchant, 20 Xorth St. Mungo street
CROSBIE, Andrew, warehouseman, 119 Candleriggs street
Crosbie, Christina, oil and colour shop, 25 Govan street
Crosbie, D., weaving utensil dealer, &c., 27 Abercrqmby street
Crosbie, James, flesher, IS Stobcross street
CROSS, Alexander, <k Sons, general seed merchants, 17 Gallowgatc, and 'i'oatjne
back buildings
Cross, Alexander, of Alexander Cross ^- Sons, house 13 Monteith row
Cross, Alexander, of Robert Waison, Son, ^- Co., 20 Hope street
Cross, David, of Alexander Cross §• Sons, house 13 Monteith ro\v
Cross, EbeneEcr, turner and butter print cutter, 9 Gibson street
Cross, James, hay and seed merchant, 122 Great Hamilton street
Ci-oss, Robert, commission agent and warehouseman, 126 Trongate, house 331 Falk-
land place, Renfrew street
Cross, Robert, turner, 8 Buchan street, Gorbals
<'ross, William, manufacturer, 104 Hutcheson street
Cross, William, of Alexander Cross ^- Sons, house 16 Monteith row
Cross, Mrs. J., boot and shoe shop, 141 Tiongate
CROW, David, wright and builder, Belgrove street
Crow, John, provision merchant, 196 West Nile street
Craw, Robert, spirit dealer, 1 Govan street
Crown Life Assurance Co., of London, J. AYatson, agent, 32 St. Vincent place
Crown Tavern, 48 Gallowgate street; James Allan
CRUDEN, George, draper, 185 Gallowgate, house 20 Monteith row
Crudon, James, writer, 38 Queen street, house Wellhousc
Cruden, Mrs., of Wellhouse, 234 George street
CRUIKSHANKS, wine, spirit, and malt-liquor merchant, 84 West Nile st.; cellars
4 St. George's court; agent for Tennent's India beer
Cruikshank, A. & J., manufacturers, 99 Mitchell street
Cruikshank, A., of A, ^ J. Cruikshank, house Govan bank
Cruikshank, Charles, Sit West Nile street, ho. 33 North Hanover street
Cruikshank, James, builder, 98 Great Hamilton street
Cruikshank, James, of A. ^- J. Cruikshank, house Harmony place, Govan
Cruikshank, John, teller, City of Glasgow bank, 24 Virginia street
Cruikshank, Robert, & Son, builders, 98 Great Hamilton street
Cruik.shank, William, baker, 24 New Bridge street
Crookshank, J. S., surgeon and druggist, 60 Cell street
Cruickshank, M., 100 St. Vincent street, house 99 Hill street, Garnethiil
'Jruiksbank, Mrs. Charles, 33 North Hanover street
CRUM, Humphrey E., of James Ewing ^ Co., 36 George square, house 20 Wood-
side terrace
Cru>n, James, & Co., tea merchants, 39 Glas.?ford .street
Crum, James, at A. Orr, Ewing ^ Go's., 16 St. Vincent p]., ho. East Pail-, MaryluU

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