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Hape Street, from Main street, Andei-ston
to Stobcross street
Hoiietoun Place, from Rottenrow to
Stirling's road
Horn's Court, 3 St. Enoch square
Hospital St., fr. Adelplii st., southwards
Houston Street, Paisley road
Howard Street, (East), from Maxwell
street tc Ropework lane
Howard Street, from Jamaica street to
. Maxwell street
Howard Street, from Dale st., to Savoy
Hozier's Street, head of Muslin street
Hunter Street, west side of Barracks,
Huntingdon Place, Railroad, Townhead
Hutcheson's Bridge, south end of Salt-
market street
Ilutcheson Street, from Trongate to In-
gram street
Kutchesontown, south end of Hutcheson's
Hydepark Buildings, head of Hydepark st.
Hydepark Corner, south-er.st corner of
Hydepark j^treet, Anderston q''ay
Hydepark Place, foot of Hydeparli street,
Anderston quay
Hydepark Street, from Stobcross street
to Anderston quay
India Street, from St. Vincent street to
Ehnbank crescent
India St., from Somerset pi. to Claremont
Ingram Buildings, 131 Ingram street
Ingram Court (Kast), 21 Ingram street
Ingram Court, (West), 1G3 Ingram street
and 100 Queen street
Ingram Place, 111 Ingram street
Ingram Street, from Candieriggs street
to Queen street
Inkle -factory Lane, from Shuttle street
to North Albion street
Jackson Street, from Stockwell street to
Dunlop street
Jaffray's Close, 14 Goosedubbs street
Jail Square, foot of Saltmarket street
Jamaica St. from Argyll st. to Glasgow
James's Ct., 18 Rose st., Hutcliesortown
James Street, Greenhoad, Bridgeton
James Street (East), from Waterloo st.
to Church lane
James Street, from Stevenson street to
Millroad street
Jamieson's Court, ] 13 King street
Jamieson's Lane, 72 Main st., Anderston
Jane Place, Paterson street, Kingston
Jane Street, off Blythswood square
Johnston's Place, Barony glebe (east
end), Stirling's road
John's; Court, 39 Crown street
John Street (High), from George street
to Stirling's road
John Street (Low), from Ingram street
to George street
John Street, Main street, Bridgeton
John St. (East), east end of Gallowgate
John Street Lane, John st., Bridgeton
Kelvin Grove Street, from west end of
Sauchiehall st. road to Royal terrace
Kelvin St., south of North Woodsids rd.
Kenmure PL, Glebe st.. Parliamentary rd.
Kennedy Street, from Castle street to
Glebe street
Kinell Place, Renfrew Court
Kensington Place, Sauchiehall street
Kent Rd., from Sauchiehall st. to North st.
Kent Street, from Gallowgate to Great
Hamilton stceet
Kent I'lace, off Kent road
Keir I'lace, Glebe st.. Parliamentary rd.
Kerr St., from Little st. to Millroad st.
Killermont Street, west end of Parlii-
mentary road
Kingston Place, Tradeston
King's-Amis-Close, 66 Trongate
King St., from Trongate to Bridgegaie
King Street, Calton, from Calton-mouth
to Green street
King Street, Mile-end
King Street, Tradeston, from Bridge st.
Kinning Place, Paisley road
Kirk Close, 59 Main street, Anderstc,
Kirk Street, from Castle st. to High st.
Kirk Street, from Main street to King
street, Calton
Kirk Street, from Main street to Buchan
street, Gorbals
Kirkwood's Ct., 125 Main St., Anderston
Lansdowne Crescent, Great Western rd.,
near Kelvin Bridge
Ladywell Street, foot of Drygate
Laigh-Kirk Close, from 59 Trongate to
Prince's street
Lancefield, west end of Stobcross street
Lancofield Place, Lancefield, west end ot
Anderston quay
Lancefield Street, from Stolxjross to foot
of Hydepark
Landressy Street, south, of Canning st.
Laurieston, south side of the river, be-
tween Portugal street and Bridge st.
Law's Buildings, 1 1 S and 126 Bridgegate
Lawmoor Place, Govanhaugh
Lawson's Court, 125 Trongate

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