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Gallowgate, from the Cross to Camlacliie
Galloway's Court, 10 George street
GalloNvay's Court, 37 Glasbtbrd street
Gai-den St., from Weaver st. to Taylor st.
Gardenside, east end of Dalmarnock rd.
Garnetdale, south of Nev. City road
Garnethill, north side of SauchiehiiU st.
Garnethill Street, from Hill street to
Buccleuch street
Garnet Place, Hill street, GanietliiU
Garsciibe Place, head of Bwclianan street
Garscube Road, from Cowcaddcns street
to Round toll
Garthland Street, from Hutcheson street
to Glassford street
George Court, 33 Crown street
George St., from Duke st. to George sq.
George Street (West), from George sq.
to BIythsAvood square
George Street, Mile-end, Calton
George Square, west end of George street
and Cochi-an street
Gibson's Court, 46 Saltmarket, and 13
and 30 Prince's street
'Gibson Street, south side of Gallowgate,
near Barracks
Gillie's Court, 202 Broomielaw
Gilmour Place, London street and St.
Andrew's Lane
Glasgow Bridge, south end of Jamaica st.
Glassford Street, from Argyll street to
Ingram street
Globe Stieet, from Castle street to Garn-
kirk Railway de};6t
Gloucester Street, Kingston, Tradeston
Glenpark, Duke-st.rd., east of Greenvale
Goosedubbs Street, from Stockwell street
to foot cf Old Wynd
Gorbals, south end of Old bridge
Gordon Lane, 9 Gordon street
Gordon Street, from Buchanan street to
Hope street
Govanhaugh, south-east side of Hutche-
Govan Street, Hutchesontown, fron-i south
. end of St. Ninian st.to Commercial id.
Grace Street, west end of Stobcross street
Grseme Street, from Old veunel to Bar-
rack wall
. Grafton Square, head of Cornwall street
Grafton Street, from Slontrose street to
Cornwall street
Graham's Buildings, 02 George street
Graham's Court, il7 Candleriggs
Graham Square, 445 Gallowgate
Graham Street, Dalmarnock road
Grant Street, from Cumberland street to
St. George's Road
Gray's Court, 34 Dale street, Tradeston
Great Wellington Street, Paisley road
Great Western Road, off St. George's rd.
Greenhead, from William sx. to JS'ew hall
Greenhill Place, St. 'Vincent street, from
Pitt street to India street
Greenhill Street, from St. Vincent sti-eet
to Bishop street
Greenlaw Place, Paisley road
Green Street, Calton, from Canning street
to Tureen street
Greendyke Street^ fr. foot of Saltmarket
to east end of London street
Green Street, Main street, Bridgeton
Green Street Lane, west side of Green
street, Bridgeton
Greenside Street, from Hospital street
to Main street, Gorbals
Greenvale, from Bluevalc to Glenpark
Greenvale Place, South Woodside road
Greenvale Street, from East Rose street
to Thomson's lane, east
Grcyfriars' Wynd, 147 High street
Grove Street, from Garscube road to
Columbia place
Guildry Court, 137 Bridgegate, and 25
East Clyde street
Hamilton Court, 51 Stockwell street
Hamilton Court, 100 Canning sti'cei
Hamilton Court, 84 Main st.,. Bridgeton
Hamilton Street (Little), from HighJoha
street to North Frederick street
Hamilton Street (Great), from South Sc.
Mungo street to Canning .street
Hanover Street (North), from George sq.
to Parliamentary road
Hanover Street (South,) from Ingram si,
to George square
Hartfield PI., Parliamentary rd„ Townhd.
Hartfield St., Parliamentary rd., Townhd.
Havannah Street, from High street to
Burnside lane
HayfieM St., M'Neil st., Hutchesontown
High Street, from the Cross to Kirk st.
Hill's Court, 30 Rose st., Ilvtchesontown
Hill Place, 20 Stirling's road
Hill Street, from Duke st.to Gallowgate
Hill Street, Garnethill, from Cambridge
street to St. George's road
Hill Street, from Stobcross street to Main
street^ Anderston
Holme Place, 278 Argyllstreet
Holmhead St., Bell's park, from Dimdas
street to North Frederick street
Holme Street, from Wellington St., to Pitt
Holland Place, 304 St. Vincent street
Hope Place, 162 New City road
Hope PI., Parliamentarjr rd,, Townliead.
Hope St., from Argyll st.to W. Russell si.

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