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PefFers, Mrs C. grocer, 13 Buccleuch street
Pelican Life Insurance, Annuity, and
Endowment Office, 14 George st. —
Jas. Balfour, agent. — See Adv.
Pender, J. B. ( Cameron 6f Co.) .5 Newington pi.
Thos. esq. comptroller and accountant
gen. of stamps and taxes, 7 Gt King st.
Pendrich, John, baker, 47 Fountainbridge
Miss, lodgings, 44 Cumberland street
Pendrigh, John, victual dealer, 4 Saunders st.
Ptnraan, John, esq., 11 Darnaway street
Mrs, tobacconist, 114 Nicolson st.
Penney, M. portable desk maker, 1 Forth st.
\Vm. esq. advocate, 24 Great King street
Mrs, lodgings, 104 Rose street.
*Pentland, Y. J. cooper & stave mer. Spence's
place, Bonington road
Perigal, Arthur, portrait & miniature painter,
andmaster of drawing, 21 Hill street. —
See Adu.
Permit Office, 79 S. brid. and 32 Bridge St.*
Peter, Chas. linen draper, 25 Grassmarket.
■ D. waiter, 43 Thistle st.
Margaret, dressmaker, 4 Newport street
Miss, 10 Manor place
Peterkin, Alex., esq., S.S.C. 25 St James' sq.
■ .John, seal engraver, 5 so. College st.
John, smith, 63 n. back Canongate
Peters, Alex. plum, and gas-fitter 1 Dimdas st.
Dav. cabinetmaker, 8 Hamilton place
James, builder, 15 Greenside row
Peterson, John, agent and provision merchant,
2 Qaeen's place — house 5 Moray st.
Peterswald, Wm. esq. 5 east Claremont st.
*Petrie, C. hair-dresser, 24 Couper street
Jas. boot & shoemaker, 18 Cumbd. st.
John, bookseller, 21 Lothian street
Robert, tailor, 59 Broughton street
Mrs, 23 Dundas street
Pettet, ^Irs, 35 Lothian street
Pettie, Alex. (Frier Sf F.,) 13 Salisbury St.
Henry, smith, 8 Dunbar street
Pew, S. broker, 267 Cowgate
Phelps, Jos. {Wilshereand P.,) 15 Leop. pi.
Philip, J. & R., timber merchts. 34 White-
field place
Alex, watchmaker, 60 Princes st.
* Chas. merchant and agent for the Bri-
tish Copper office
11 Dock place — h. 3 Jamaica street
* David, baker, 35 Couper street
* R, esq. merchant. Old Church wharf
W. clock and watchmaker to the Queen,
11 Hanover st. — house 11 Dundas st.
■ Mrs, Bonington place
■ Miss Agnes, dressm. 7 So. Charlotte st.
Phillip, Andrew, esq. 1 Crown street
Phillips, John, W.S. Queen's writer. Exche-
quer, 41 Heriot row
■ Stephen, messenger G.P.O. 7 Lit. King st.
— — Mrs, sickiiurse, 8 Barony street
■ Mrs James, Laverock bank
*Philp, Jon. distiller, 9 Yardhds. — h. Red br.
John, writer, 13 so. Charlotte street
——Mrs F. P. Northfield; Newhaven
Phimester, Robt. wright, 14 Lauriston street
Phin, Charles, gent. 68 George street
■ John, esq. S.S.C. 37 Dubhn street
Thos. grocer, wine, and spirit merchant,
46 India street — house 48
Mrs W. fishing-rod and tackle maker, 34
North bridge
Miss, 28 Gilmore place
Miss, 14 Pitt street
Misses, 68 George street
Phcenix Fire Office, 11 South bridge and
8 and 13 St Andrew sq. — Andw. Muir,
Robt. Allan, H. G. Watson, and Wm.
Muir 17 Quality street,* agents
* Insurance Co., 4 Quality lane, J. W.
Walker, agent
Physicians, Royal College of, 14 Geo.st.
*Pickard, ]\Irs W. grocer, 34 Water lane
Picken, John, clock & watchm., 8 Ciilmore st.
Thos. clock and watchm. 18 Victoria st.
Piggott, Geo. N. L. office, Beaumont cottage
Pike, W. silk mer. & drap. 37 Prin. st — h. 43
Pillans, H. and J. printers, 7 James' court
H. (H. §• J. Pillans,) 2 e. Newington pi.
Jas., Professor of Human. 19 London st.
John (^H.andJ. Pillans,) 5 Alva street
J. Wilson, esq. stockbroker, 75 Princes st.
Pinkerton, Adam, janitor, Edinbr, Academy
Miss, teacher, 2 Causey side
Piper, E. esq. mail contractor, 17 Hope ores.
I\Irs, 8 Windsor street
*Pirgivie, Alex, hop mercht. 29 Quality st.
Pirkin, Mrs, dressmaker, 73 Cumberland st.
*Pirrie, David, wright, 32 Yardheads — ho. 8
St Anthony street and Junction st. so.
Pitcairn, Dr Ja. F.R.C.S.E., and Secy, to the
N. Town dispensary, 14 Heriot row
.Jaines L. esq. 1 Frances place
Robt. esq. W.S. 73 Queen street
W. F. esq. 20 Broughton street
Miss, 14 Howe strtet
Misses, 17 Inverleith row
Pitman, JMajor-General Robert, C.B. Mayfield,
*Pitt, Lieut. E. W. transport agent, 42 Ber-
nard street
Plaine, John F. esq. 1 1 Archibald place
John, gig shaft bender. Old Broughton
Miss, milliner, 2 Hope street
Piatt, Edward, teacher of music, 6 Hill square
Play fair, W. H. esq. architect, 17 G. Stuart
Mrs (Dalmarnock,) 28 Moray place
Plenderleath, Mrs, 6 Windmill street
Pliraer, A- esq. {Stamp Office,) Trinity green
*Plowman, Don. boot and shoemmaker 14
Couper street
Plummer, Alexander, flesher, 47 Home street
John, 1 Middle market — ho. 112 Lauri-
ston place
Plunket, John, licensed malt-roaster — James
M'Dowal, agent, 12 Union place
Police Office, Royal Bank close, and 18
Charlotte street, Leith*
Pollexfen, James, esq. W.S. 6 India street

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