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Pollock, David, dyer, 20 Dundas street
George, dyer and scourer, 79 Princes st.
Peter and Son, veterinary surgeons, 83
Rose St. — h. 2 Fredrick st.
— — P. hosier & glover, 25 Nicolson street
William, esq. solicitor, 13 York place
Wra. spirit dealer, 22 Charles street
IMrs, 20 Nelson street
■< JMiss, 5 Wharton place
Poison, A. tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 2
Montgomery street
Ponsford, Miss, 17 William street
Ponsonby and Young's boarding school, 6
Druramond place
Ponton, Mungo, esq. W.S. 30 Melville st.
Thomas, architect, 7 Warriston crescent
Jliss, 7 South Charlotte street
• Miss, 22 Scotland street
Poor Law Enquiry Commission, Ifi south
Charlotte street
*Pope, James, tea, wine, and spirit merchant,
23 Charlotte street — house 1 King st.
Porteous, Alex, preparer of ointmentforscurvy,
3 Spence's place
«■ Alex, currier and leather mer. Gull. cl.
Andrew, postmaster, Boroughmuirhead
■ George, victual dealer, 86 Crosscausey
J. officer of Calton incorp. 23 Calton hill
Jas. teacher, 4 Henry place
* James, boot and shoem. 2 Riddel's cl.
Jno. overseer, Craighouse, Bor.muirhead
John, wine merchant & grocer, 22 Mait-
land street
John, flesher, 42 Rose street
John, baker, 72 Grassmarket
* Lilly, grocer, 117 Kirkgate
William, farmer, Morningside bank
William, corn merchant, 6 Grassmarket
— house 4 Brown's place
Wm. tailor, 377 Highst. — h.44lLawnm.
William, victual dealer, 15 Canongate
Wm. spirit dealer, 1 Heriot mount
- — — William, baker, 2 Union street
Mrs, 5 1 Clerk street
Miss, 18 Leopold place
Miss, 21 Fettes row
Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 23
Maitland street
Thos. Wright, w. Northumberland lane
. William, cabinetmaker, 258 Cowgate
*Porterfield, Alex, of customs, 3 Cromwell st.
John, gardener, Restalrig
Port-Hopetoun Foundery, 69 Fountainbridge
Post Office, General, Waterloo place
* 128 Constitution street
Pott, James, esq. W.S. 55 Albany street
— — George, cabinetmaker, 14 Scotland street
Thos. lodgings, 57 Hanover street
Pottie, James, baker, 9 w. Richmond street
Potts, Thos. esq. writer, 16 Albany street
— — Wm. wine merchant and grocer, 17
Downie place — house 18
Wm. agent, 16 Broughton place
Pottinger, IVIrs, 6 west Preston street
*Pourie, John, cooper, 10 Saridport st. — ho.
SI Water lane
Pow, .Tames, esq., surgeon, 47 Great King st.
*Powell, Fred. W. {Duncan, Flockhart, &>• P-,)
28 Bernard street
Prager, Mrs, sicknurse, 29 St .John street
Pratt, Alexr. sheriff officer, 459 Lawnmarket
Jn. gunm. 28 Hanover st. — h. 17 Geo.st.
Robert, tailor, 44 South bridge
Mrs, comm. lodgings, 17 Waterloo place
Mrs, Viewforth house, Bruntsfield links
Misses, teachers of piano and singing,
17 George street
Prentice, C. D. 1 Francis place
John, cowfeeder, 8 Tollcross
J. R. esq. 34 Gilmore place
Robt. painter and glazier, 5 Milne's ct.
* Mrs Thomas, grocer, 13 Couper st.
Preshaw, John, vintner, 25 Flesbmarket close
Preston, Robert, foreman to J. Gall & Son, 29
Richmond place
Alex, lodgings, 51 Broughton street
* Mrs, lodgings, 4 Portland terrace
Prettie, Mrs T. lodgings, 3 Sanders street
Pretsell, Mrs, 5 Keir street
Price, James, hairdresser, 129 Nicolson street
Pridie, James D. surgeon, 13 Union place
Peter H. solicitor, 5 Nicolson street
Mrs Patrick, 5 Nicolson street
Primrose, Hon. B. F. Receiver-General, ( Gen.
Post- Office,) 4 Wardie
. Miss, 7 Athole place
Pringle and Caldwell, builders, 31 Nelson st.
Alex, spirit merchant, 1 Veitch's place
Alex, tobacco and snufF manufacturer, 45
Broughton street
Andrew, esq. 22 London street
Andw. teacher, w. Crosscausey academy
George, esq. 14 Rutland street
James, grocer, 6 St Leonard's hill
J. S. {Pattison &,- P.) 5 Buccleuch place
. John, writer, 5 Buccleuch street
Jn. spirit dealer and stabler, 3 w. Crosse.
Murra.y {Adj.-Gen. office,) 1 Grove street
Major N. 14 Walker street
Robert, esq. W.S. 22 Rutland square
Thos. barm brewer, 104 Nicolson street
— house 4 Buccleuch street
Thomas, jun., esq., 9 Montague street
Wm.esq. 51 Albany street
* Wm. dairy. Primrose street
William, victual dealer, 16 Grassmarket
Wm. spirit dealer, 83 High street
W. comm. agent, 2 east Broughton pi.
Wm. lodgings, 2 Alva street
Mrs, sen. (of Why thank,) 46 Charlotte sq.
Miss, milliner and dressm. 141 Geo. st.
Presley, A. & .1. boot and shoem. 2 Spittal st.
Privy Seal Office, Begister House
Proctor, John, carter, Comely Bank
Wm. carter. Comely Bank
Mrs, lodgings, 18 Lothian street
Profit, Alex. 13 Salisbury street
Prophit, Thomas, fish dealer, 4 St James' squ.
Protector Life Office — Rob. Allan, 8 St
Andrew square, agent — See Adv.
Proud foot, Thos. esq. 23 Norton place
Mrs, 18 Duncan street

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