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(Established in 1886.)
409 St. Vincent Street (near Charing Cross).
Telegraphic address — " Cancer," Glasgow.
Telephone number — " 224 "
Receiving Hour, 1 to 2 p.m.
Consulting Hours, 2 and 7 p.m.
Patronesses — Her Royal Highness Princess Louise ;
Her Grace the Duchess of Montrose; Her Grace the
Duchess of Argyll ; Her Grace the Duchess of Suther-
land ; the Countess of Aberdeen ; the Countess of
Breadalbane ; the Hon. Lady Campbell.
Patrons — The Most Noble the Marquis of Lome,
K.T. ; the Earl of Aberdeen ; the Earl of Eglinton ;
Lord Polwarth ; Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, Bart. ; Sir
Charles Tennant, Bart. ; Sir Andrew M'Lean ;
Admiral J. C. Campbell ; Lord Malcolm of Poltalloch,
and others.
Surgeon — Dr. Hugh Murray, F.F.P.S.G., late
senior and consulting surgeon to the Glasgow Cancer
Hon. Secretary, W. D. Baird, 87 Union Street.
Hon. Treasurer — John Fraser, Agent, British
Linen Bank, Anderston.
Matron — Mrs. Duke, with day and night nurses.
Over 300 patients suffering from Cancer and allied
diseases are annually under observation and treat-
ment at the Institution.
"The Institution has now entered on its Twelfth year
of usefulness and continues to be devoted to — (1)
The investigation of a disease so long considered as
incurable, with special reference to its causes and
cure ; (2) the advancement of medical and surgical
science in the treatment of Cancer, by preserving
the continuity of accredited remedies hitherto in
use, and adopting such others as increasing know-
ledge and experience prove worthy of confidence —
with the, view of obviating, if not altogether super-
seding the use of the knife ; (3) the relief and restor-
ation to health and usefulness of such patients as
are not incurable, and (4) affording isolation and
privacy to patients — particularly to females, whose
aversion to any exposure or publicity in their treat-
ment, not only accounts for much of the delay and
suffering endured before seeking relief, but is
answerable for the large number of hopeless cases that
have to be dealt with from day to day."
As hitherto, the Institution is conducted and main-
tained on the principle that all patients pay according
to their circumstances. To enable those whose cir-
cumstances do not admit of the usual charge, yet
are desirous of retaining their self-respect and indepen-
dence — arrangements are made by which the benefits
of the Institution are made available at the[minimum
charge of Ten shillings per week. As this charge,
however, does not meet the cost of accommodation,
maintenance, nursing, and treatment, the difference is
supplemented from the funds of the Institution. For
this supplementary fund subscriptions and dona-
tions are earnestly solicited and will be received and
acknowledged by either the Hon. Treasurer or Hon.
Secretary. All communications regarding patients
are to be made to Dr. Murray at the Institution.
Founded 1889.
Hon. President, Sir T. D. G. Carmichael, Bart., M.P.
President, R. Robinson, Esq. (Civil Service CO)
General Secretary, Richard Johnstone, S.S.C.,
45 Frederick Street, Edinburgh.
The objects of this union are — (1) To promote
and foster amateur cycling in Scotland ; (2) to pro-
mote the interests of cyclists, and to provide legal
assistance when deemed advisable ; (3) to look after
the condition of the highways, and to endeavour to
have them made and maintained in accordance with
the rules laid down by Macadam ; (4) to procure the
erection, legibility, and upkeep of milestones and
finger-posts ; (5) to erect danger boards where
deemed necessary ; (6) to watch the course of any
legislative proposals affecting cyclists, to take action
therein as may be considered necessary, and to co-
operate with other bodies for such purposes ; (7) to
endeavour to obtain reductions in the cost of transit
of cycles when accompanied by passengers ; (8) to
supervise cycle racing, repress any abuses connected
therewith, promote international contests, and en-
deavour to secure the construction of tracks consistent
with safety to riders.
Office-bearers — Western district council, chairman,
A. Blair, Esq. (Grosvenor C.C.); hon. secretary,
J. Coffield, Caledonian Buildings, Motherwell ; hon.
treasurer, James Taylor, 13 Parkgrove Terrace,
Glasgow, W.
Objects — The cultivation of the spirit of patriotism,
irrespective of creed or political party ; the interchange
of Scottish memories and sentiments with brother
Scots, both at home and abroad ; the periodical assem-
bling of the society's members ; the endeavour to keep
fresh in the public memory Scotsmen who have hon-
oured their country by a noble life and conspicuously
noble service ; aud, for this purpose, the erection
where needful of statues or memorial tablets.
The membership fee for ordinary members is from
2s. 6d. annually, or life membership, £5 5s. This,
and all correspondence, to be sent to the secretary,
Malcolm Macgregor Campbell, Barrowfield, Glasgow.
Instituted 18i)2.
Hereditary Chief, Sir James Colquhoun, of Colqu-
houo and Luss, Bart., D.L. ; Niel Campbell Colqu-
houn, hon. secretary and treasurer.
The objects of the Society are: — (1) To relieve
necessitous and deserving persons belonging to the
Clan Colquhoun, possessing the qualifications speci-
fied in Rule III. (2) To assist young clansmen to
obtain suitable situations when coming to the large
cities. (3 ) To publish ancient or important docu-
ments or articles on interesting events connected with
the clan ; and to compile an authentic history of the
clan and of the different families belonging to it-

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