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Toye, Neil, 10 Cleveland st
Turner, Daniel, & Son, 5 North St
Mungo st
Walker, Daniel, 115 Gairbraid st
Walker, Henry, 74 Dumbarton rd.
Walton, Geo. & Co. 150, 152
Wellington St.; workshops, 87-91
Sauchiehall lane; telephone No.
274 ; telegrams, " Leadwork "
Watson, John, 135 Dumbarton rd
Watson, John, 102 Bellgrove st
Watson, Robert, 84, 86 Bellgrove
Weir, Thos. 3 Eldon st
Whyte, Wm 526, 528 St. George's
Wight, George, 102 Raeberry st
Wilson, Jas. 191 St George's rd
Wilson, John, 24 Kent street
Wilson, John, 155 W. Nile st
Wilson, Wm. 173 North street
Wright, David (decorator and sign
writer to the trade), 169 Hen-
derson st. W
Wright, J. & A. 66 Hyndland st.
Wylie & Lochhead, Ltd. 45 Bu-
chanan st
Adam, A. Learmonth, 88 Great
Clyde st
Aim, W. L. & Co. 10 to 14 Both-
well lane
Aitchison, Arch, (agent for Locke,
Blackett, & Co. Ld. Newcastle-
on-Tyne), 70, 72 Waterloo st
Alexander, Fergusson, & Co. Ld.
36 to 48 M'Alpine st
Asbestos (The) Fireproof Paint
Co. Ltd. 127 Bothwell st
Baird, Robt. & Co. 35 Glassford
Barrowfield Oil and Colour Works,
James Storer & Co. 48 French
st. Bridgeton
Berger, Lewis, & Sons, Limited,
Homerton, London, E. ; rep.
John C.Norwood, 6 Leven street,
Blacklock & Macarthur; works, 96
to 106 Dale street ; offices, 165
to 173 West street, Tradeston,
and at Cardiff
Brown, Wm. Sons, & Co. 97 Port-
man st. Kinning park
Calder & Armour, 14, 16 Broomie-
Galley's Torbay paints; agent, Hugh
Loudon, 12 Dixon street
Clutha Chemical Co. Kelvin dock,
Craig, John S. & Co. Limited, 50
Paterson street, Kingston
Craig & Rose, Caledonian Oil and
Colour Works, 85 to 89 Cadogan
street ; also at Edinburgh, Lon-
don, and Cardiff
Crescent, Brand Manufacturing Co.
60 W. Regent st
Cunningham, John, & Co. Kingston
Paint VVorks, 90 Kinning street,
Dick & Parker, 76 Milton street,
Dick, W. B. & Co. Ltd. 24 Queen
Dickson, J. & J. & Co. Harbour
Paint Works, 54 and 56 Brown
st. Broomielaw
Dundas Colour Works, 122 and
124 Milton st
Duthie, Jas. & Co. manufacturers
of paints, varnishes, &c. and sole
ageats in Scotlaod and Ireland
for the Silicate Paint Co. (J. B.
Orr & Co. Ltd.) Charlton, Lon-
don, manufacturers of Duresco,
the washable water paint for
plaster, &c. silicate petrifying
liquid for stone preservation,
Charlton white silicate oil paiats
and enamels; 129 St. Vincent st;
also at 42 Ut. Brunswick street.
Eadie, Archd. & Co. Tradeston
Paint, Oil, and Grease Works,
54 Cook street
Feroster, Thomas, & Son, Ltd. 90
Norfolk st
Fleming, A. B. & Co. Ltd. Ill
Waterloo st
Forsyth, M'Kechnie & Co. 21 Hope-
hill road
Fyfe & Jackson, 66 to 70 Pater-
son st. Kingston
Gardner, G. P. & Co. 73 Hyde-
park st
Gibson & Mathie, 49 Brown street,
Glasgow Patents Co. Ltd. " Ena-
meline" quick -drying paint,
"Clutha" composition for ship's
holds, " Electroid" Anti-fouhng
general ship and house paints,
23 Hope St.; works, Kinning park
Griffiths, Knight & Co. Liverpool,
silicate paint, enamels, dryers,
varnishes, &c; agent, Daniel K.
M'Leish, 132 W. Nile st
Hamilton, Archd. H. & Co. 106
Elliot st
Hamilton, J. & D. 224 Ingram
Hartmann's Anti-corrosive Grey
Paint, 110 Hope st
Hatch, J. & R. 61 Commerce st
Hinshelwood, Thomas, & Co. Glas-
gow Oil and Colour Works, Glen-
park street
Hird, rJastie, & Co. Kinning Park
Oil, Paint, Colour, and Varnish
Works, 73 Park st
Hodge, Wm. R. 171 W. Graham st
Hollywood, Wm. (asbestos, fire
resisting), 36 and 36a King
street, Tradeston
Holzapfel's Compositions Co. Ltd.
Soapstone Anti-corrosive Paint,
for inside of steel vessels and all
steel or iron structures ; Lago-
line Paint Manufacturers; Raht-
jen's Genuine Patent Anti-fouling
Composition; International Anti-
fouling Composition; National
Anti-fouling Composition; tele-
grams, " Holzapfel," Glasgow;
telephone No. 1476; 12 Water-
loo st.; works, Gateshead-on-
Hydepark Oil and Colour Works,
104 Hydepark street
James & Co. Ltd. Newcastle-on
Tyne; agent, G. S. Hislop, 6
St. James' street, Kinning Park
Johnsons, Messrs. office for register-
ing patents, designs, and trade
marks, 115 St. Vincent street.
Handbook on Registration
Johnston Bros. (Manchester), 56
George square
Johnstone, Jas. & Co. 17 Clay-
thorn st. and 2 Chalmers st
Kennedy, Wm. 12 N. Oswald st
Kennedy & Reid, Helenvale street,
Kinning Park Oil, Paint, Colour,
and Varnish Works, 73 Park
Lee, Peter, 7 High street
Lester, Wm. & Sons (Johnson's
magnetic iron paint, 92 per cent,
peroxide of iron, for coating and
protecting metal, wood, &c), 11
W. Regent st
Locke, Blackett, & Co. Ltd. New-
castle- on-Tyne; agent, Archd.
Aitchison, 70, 72 Waterloo st
Macgregor, Peter, & Co. 200,2 02
George st
Macintyre, Thomas & Co. Dundas
Colour Works, 122, 124 Milton
MacLachlan, Peter, & Co. (pumice
and rotten stoues, tale, beeswax,
carbolic acid, plumbago, ochre?,
&c ), 134 St. Vincent st
Maclean Bros. 42 York st
M'Neill, James, & Son, Ltd. 38
French street, Bridgeton
Mander Brothers, Wolverhampton,
representatives, Wm. H. Griffin,
10 Wilton cres.Glasgow; and Jar.
Hobbs, The Knowe, Bothwell
Mathews, Maclay & Mauson, 104
Hydepark st
Mersey (The) White Lead Co. Ltd.
11 W. Regent st
Miller, Alex. jun. & Co. 50 Kerr st
Mollison, Ness, & Co. 120 Kent rd
Morrison, Robert, & Co. 28 S:oek-
well st. and 64 W. Howard st
Morrison, Robt. jun. 79 Gt. Hamil-
ton street

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