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Morton, William, & Co. 46 Clyde
street, Calton
Murray Jas. & Co. 31 and 33
Washington st
Nimno & Co. merchants, 57 and
59 Mains street
Paul, James, & Sons, 386 Paisley
Phillip, P. & Co. 90 Norfolk st
Eea, D. Heiton & Co. 99 Clyde
street, Anderston
Rea, Thos. & Co. 28 Whitehall st
Rhus & Co. Ltd, manufacturers
of Japanese lacquers, paints,
colours, varnishes, anti-corrosive
and anti- fouling compositions ;
offices and warehouses, 54
Broomielaw ; also at London
and Liverpool
Robertson, Robt. & Co. 14 Hutche-
son street
Robertson, R. & Son, 15 and 17
Commerce st
Scott, James & John G. Lmd.,
28 Dobbie's loan
Scott, Walter, & Co., Harrington
st. Maryhill
Scottish (The) Asbestos Co. Ltd.
5 Royal Exchange square
Scottish (The) Oil & Chemical Co.
Ltd. Masterton works, Keppoch-
hill road
Scottish (The) Varnish, Paint and
Oil Co. 8a No. Coburg st
Silicate Paint Co. (J. B. Orr &
Co. Lmtd. Charlton, London,
manufacturers of "Duresco," the
washahle water paint for plaster,
&c; silicate petrifying liquid for
stone preservation, Charlton whits
silicate oil paints and enamels;
agents for Scotland and Ire-
land, Jas. Duthie & Co. 129
St. Vincent st. ; also at 42 Great
Bruns/rick st. Dublin
Sinclair & Robinson, Craigton road,
Smith & Rodger, Greenhead Paint
and Varnish Works, 13 Green-
head st
Stevenson Bros. 212 Broomielaw
Steveni-on, Win. & Co. 28 Robert-
son st
Storer, James, & Co. Barrowfield
Oil and Colour Works, 48
French street, Bridgeton
Strathclyde Paint Co. 41 Ver-
mont street, Kinning Park
Swan, Frederick & Co. (red oxides,
ochres, &c ), 74 Bath st
Suter, Hartmann & Rahtjens Com-
position Co. Limited, 110 Hope
Taylor, Andw. 47 Oswald st
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co. bottles
of every description for oils and
paints at low prices, 54 West
Howard st. near St. Enoch sq
Thomson. G. & J. 48 French st
Torbay Paint Company, London,
Liverpool, and Brixham ; agent,
Hugh Loudon, 12 Dixon st
Wailes, Dove, & Co. 45 W. Nile st
White (The) Lead Co. Ltd. Cale-
donia Works, Possilpark
Williamson, Morton & Co. Lon-
don and Glasgow Colour Works,
349-361 Dobbie's loan
Winstone, Benjamin, & Sons, Ltd.
London; A. B. M'llvride, 72
Waterloo st. ; telephone No.
Wolston's Torbay Paint ; agent H.
Loudon, 12 Dixon st
Bertram, Peter, & Sons, 335 Argyle
Bexfield, Henry J. 65 Oxford st
Braid, Robt. & Son, 36 Ingram st
Burns, Mrs. Wm. 23 Wilson st
Campbell, A. & Co. 56, 60, and
62 Hutcheson st
Collins, Wm. Sons & Co. Limited,
139 Stirling road
Dalziel, David, 45 Bridge st
Davidson, C. & Sons, Limited,
59, 61 and 63 St. Enoch sq
Dick, Jas. W. 11 Shuttle st
Dickie & Inghs, City Stationery
and Printing Works, North
Wallace st
Doran, Jos. 34 Candleriggs st
Johnsons, Messrs. office for patents,
115 St. Vincent st. Handbook,
" Hints to Inventors," gratis
Kerr, John D. 134 George st
Laing, James, & Sons, 122 Ingram
st. and 3 Montrose st
Laird, John, 15 Brown st. city
Lang, Charles P. 39-43 Montrose st
M'Laurin, James, 87 Ingram st
M'Millan & Marshall, 35 Montrose
Mann, Summers, &Co. 1, 3 South
Hanover st
Miller, John, 116 Renfield st
Milne, J. & W. S. 118 Waterloo st
Parker & Hastie, 106 Brunswickst
Paton, Jno. 47 Brunswick st
Reid, J. & E. & Co. 112 Bruns-
wick street
Reid, Jno. & Son, 109 Argyle st
Sellars, Robt. F. 39 Candleriggs
Smith, Jas. & John, Limited, 92
Union st.
Stewart, A. B. 58 Ingram st
Tait, Wm. & Co. Mile-End Mills,
91 to 161 Fordneuk st
Thompson, Kemp & Co. Eclipse
Works, 83 Dunlop st
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co. 54 W.
Howard st. near St. Enoch sq
Wansbrough Paper Co. Ltd. 13
Eglmton st
Wardrop, D. C. 57 Oswald st
Waters, Mrs. 59 Hutcheson st
Wilson, Guthrie & Co. 335 St
Vincent st
Wright, J , 61 Bishop st. Anderston
Wright, Wm. 315 Argyle st
Adams, Wm. & Son, 30 John st
Black, Jas. & Co. 10 Garthland st
Brash, John, 19 Cochrane st
Chalmers, Hugh 106 Dunlop st
Dalrymple, Wm. 14 Warwick st
Davidson, Jane, 7 Park pi. Stock-
well street
Dunn & Co. 63 N. Frederick st
Fraser & Sinclair, 70 Union st
Galloway, Henry, 28 Montrose st
Glasgow (The) Paper Box Co.
makers of plain and fancy boxes
for all purposes, drapers' stock
boxes, pattern card books, &c,
85 Candleriggs and 100 Bruns-
wick street
Hall, Mrs. Jessie, 150 Stockwellst
Kirkpatrick, Hugh (jewellers'), 14
Queen street
M'Donald, S. & H. & Co. 23 Wil-
son street, city
M'Ewan & Milligan, 15 and 19
Moncrieff lane, s.s.
M'llvride, A. B. sen. & Co. 19
Montrose st; estab. 1855
M'llvride, Forrest, & Co. 72
Waterloo st. ; telephone No. 41 G2
Martin, Alex. 24 Hutcheson st
Mortimer, J. C. & Co. 52 Rope-
work lane
Parkes, Joseph, 64 W. Howard st''
Ritchie, Andrew, & Son, 63 Can-
Ross, D. & Co. 63 N. Frederick st
Shearer, Arch. 88 Gla=sford street
Sheilds, John, 71 Hutcheson st
Smith, A. & R. 64, 66 Darnley st
Smith, Jas. & Co. 52 Glassford st
Sommerville, R. & Go. 25 Gordon
Stevenson Bros. Catherine lane, 100
Stirling road
Stevenson, Geo. 45 Montrose st
Thompson, C. R. & M. 21 Hope st
Thompson, Kemp & Co. (fancy
paper boxes), Eclipse Works,
83 Dunlop st
Traill, Robert (fancy), 11 Stock-
well street
M'Glashan, John, & Co. 15 Drury
M'Lachlan, Peter, & Co. (and all
bottling materials), 134 St. Vin-
cent st
Thompson, Kemp & Co. makers of
corrugated packing paper, corru-
gated lined postal boxes, and
corrugated bottle wrappers, &<M
Eclipse Works, 83 Dunlop st.
Telephone 4711

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