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Currie, Thomson & Co. 43, 45, 47
Jamaica st
Steedman & M'Allister, solid cork
life buoys, life belts, and cork
fender manufacturers, makers to
the Admiralty and Indian Gov-
ernment, sixteen International
Exhibitions gold and silver
medals awarded ; established
1854, 35 Ardgowan St.; tele-
graphic address, " Steedman ; "
telephone No. 1611.
Wilson, J. & Co. Fairlie st. Govan
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. Ltd. 345
Argyle st
Tangyes Ltd., 96 Hope st
Anderson & Munro, 136 Bothwell
Bryden, John, & Sons, 60 Ren-
field street
Bryden, William, & Son, 300 St,
Vincent street (telephone 1072),
also at 55 George st. Edinburgh
Burns, Joseph, 27 Whitevale st
Callahan, Wm. 202 Allander st.
Dixon & Corbitt & R. S. Newall
& Co., Ltd., 28 West Nile street
and 76, 78 Hydepark st
Dixon, Walter & Co., electrical
engineers, 164 St. Vincent st
Finlay, John, & Co. 18 Renfield st.
and Overnewton Works
Fulton, T. Crichton, A.I.E.E. (in-
specting, testing, &c), 44 West
George st
Gardner, John, & Co. 52 St. Enoch
square ; telegraphic address,
"Steeplejack, "ilasgow"
Glasgow Boiler Covering Co. 164
Springfield rd
Hagaie Bros. Ltd. 1 34 St. Vin. st
MacLellan, A. & Co., 54 and 56
Waterloo st
Mavor & CouLson, Ltd. 47 King
street, Mile-end
Milne, Jas. & Son, 111 St Vine, st
Newall, R. S. & Co. (now Dixon
& Corbitt & R. S. Newall &
Co. Ld.), 2« W. Nile st. and 76,
78 Hydepark st
Newall, R. S. & Son, Ltd. 19 Ex-
change sq
Pearce, John, & Co. 182 West
Regent st
Robb, James, sen. 164 Springfield
Robb, Jas., jun. 102 Green st
Stewart, W. W. & Co., 365 Scot-
land st
Stewart, W. W. & Co. supply
their conductors to public works,
builders, ironmongers, or any
others who may require or favour
them with their orders, for either
band or cable wire conductors;
estimates given by sending
dimensions and length required.
Stewart, W. W. & Co 's conductors
are all solid copper, and their
finals are made of the finest
metal, with screw couplings, held
with brass brackets and hold-
fasts, with or whhout glass
Stewart, W. W. & Co. fit up their
newly improved lightning con-
ductors on church spires, chim-
ney stalks, oil tanks, powder
maga/.mes,orany other structure
requiring the same ; estimates
for all or any part by return;
office, 365 Scotland street
Tosh, David, & Son, 77 Queen st.
Arden Hydraulic Lime Works (A.
M'Ara), office, 65 Morrison st.
s.s.; Telephone Exchange No.
1500.— See Advt.
Arden Lime Works, Nitshill, near
Glasgow ; A. Kirkwood, office 67
Gt. Clyde st.; store, 101 Pollok-
shaws road ; telephone 3458 ;
telegrams, " Kirkwood," Nitshill
Barrhead Hydraulic Lime and
Coal Works ; office, 65 Morrison
street, s.s.; telephone No. 1500
Barrowman, Jas. &Son, 7 6 Lance-
field st
Black, Wm. & Sons, Ltd. 18 Geo.
Blackston, Campsie, Lesmahagow,
East Kilbride, Castlecary, and
Irish Lime; Alex. M'Ara (tele-
phone No. 1500), 65 Morri-
son st., s.s. — See Advt.
Currie & b Co., Limited, Scotch
and Irish Lime Work*; office, 27
Wellington st. city. Telephone
Nos. 544 and 552
Eglinton (The) Chemical Co. Ltd.
Glenarm (Irish Lime & Whiting
Works), So. Exchange court
Firhill (The) Lime & Whiting Co.
Ltd. Irish lime, So. Exchange
Forbes, Geo. W., agent, 17 to 25
Port-Dundas rd. ; telephone No.
4271 ; telegrams, " Gypsum,"
Irish Lime Kilns, temper lime for
shipment (Telephone Exchange
No. 1500), 49 to 69 Kinning
street, b.s.
Kirkwood, Allan, Arden Lime
Works, Nitshill, near Glasgow ;
office, 67Gt. Clyde st; store, 101
Pollukshaws rd. ; telephone No.
3458; telegrams, " Kirkwoodj"
M'Ara, Alex. (Telephone Exchange
No. 1500); works, 49-69 Kin-
ning St., and 17 to 25 Clarence
st. s.s.; cement stores, 22 Dun-
das st. s.s. ; office, 65 Morrison
s.s. — See Adv. in App.
Magheramorne Irish Lime Works,
Magheramorne, Ireland ; agents,
J. Martin & Co. 53 Waterloo st
Morison, John, & Son, agents for
Scotch and Irish Lime Works;
telephone No. 4402; office, 8
Dixon st
Murdoch, Alex. (Welsh and Scotch
limestone), 11 W. Regent st
Young, James, & Son, Baljaffray
Lime Works, 138 Bath st
Arden Hydraulic Lime, Dnbbs'
Quarries, Barrhead ; office, 65
Morrison street, s.s ; telephone
No. 1500
Arden Lime Merchants (John
Morrison & Sons),central cement
stores, 12 Jackson st. ; office,
8 Dixon St.; telephone, 4402
Arden Lime Merchants (Geo. W.
Forbes), Port-Dundas ; stores,
17 to 23 Port-Dundas road;
telephone No. 4271; telegrams,
" Gypsum," Glasgow
Arden Lime Works, Nitshill, near
Glasgow (Allan Kirkwood),
office, 67 Gt. Clyde St.; store, 101
Pollokshaws rd. ; telephone No.
3458; telegrams "Kirkwood,"
Ayrshire, Campsie, Lesmahagow,
and Irish Lime (Geo. W. Forbes),
office and stores, 17 to 23 Port-
Dundas road; telephone No.
4271; telegrams, ''Gypsum,"
Barrhead Hydraulic Lime Works,
Barrhead ; office, 65 Morrison
street, s.s.; telephone No. 1500
Barrowman & Son, 76 Lancefield st
Bow, James, & Son, 5 Oswald st
Building Trades Depot, Campsie,
Lesmahagow, Blackston, Castle-
cary, East Kilbride, Irish lime,
&c, Alex. M'Ara (telephone
No. 1500), office, 65 Morrison
street, s.s. — See Advt. in App.
Campsie Lime Works, office, 65
Morrison st. ; telephone No.
1500. — See Advt. in Appen.
Currie & Co. Ld. (Scotch and Irish
Limes). Telephone Exchange No.
544 and 552 ; office, 27 W elling-
ton st.; works, Campsie, Lesma-
hagow, and Canilougb, Ireland
Eglinton Chemical Co. Lmtd.,
Glenarm, Irish limestone quar-
ries, South Exchange court
Firhill (The) Lime and Whiting
Co. Ltd. Irish lime, South Ex-
change court

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