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Yuille, Cameron & Co. (belting), White, Jas. Free Ch. Training Col
17, 19 West street, s.s.
Yuille, Robt. 24 Oswald st
Ahmad, Aziz, 36 Bank st. Hill-
Aikman, C. M. M.A. B.Sc. F.I.C.
&c, 128 Wellington st
Barlow, John, M.D. M.R.C.S.E.
4 Somerset place
Barr, Thomas (aural surgery), 13
Woodside place, Charing cross
Beveridge, James, F.S.A. Scot.,
E.C. Normal School
Bottomley, J. T., M.A., D.Sc,
F.R.S., F.C.S., University
Clark, John, 138 Bath st
Coats, Joseph, M.D. F.F.P.S.G.
(on pathology), Glasgow Univer-
Downie, Dr. Walker, University-
Fulton, T. Crichton, AInst. E.E.
44 W. George st
Gallie, James (music), F.C. Train-
ing College
Jamieson, Prof. Andrew, M. Inst.
C.E., F.R.S.E. &c. (on electrical
engineering), 38 Bath st
Johnstone, Dav. B.A. Mus. F.E.I.S.
(on music), E.C. Training Col-
Kerr, John, LL.D., F.R.S.,F. C.
Training College
Limont, Wm. M.A, M.B.Ed. Glas-
gow Veterinary College
Lothian, Ales. V. M.A., E.C
Training College
Meighan, Thomas Spence, M.D.
(ophthalmic surgery), 37 Elm-
hank crescent
M'Alpine, A. N. 87 Stanmore rd.
Mount Florida
M'Intyre, John (on engineering),
Allan Glen's Institution
M'Lay, Alex. C.E. Technical Coll.
M'Lean, Magnus, M.A, F.R.S.E.,
M'Vail, David C. M.B.,F.F.P.S.G.,
3 St. James' ter. Hillhead
Mayer, John, F.C.S. Strath view,
Cathkin road, Langside
Menzies, Thomas J., M.A. B.Sc.
F.E.I.S., 211 Crown st
Miller, Daniel G., M.A, E.C,
Training College
Miller, Harry Colin (music), Glas-
gow and West of Scotland
Technical College
Morrison, T. Mackenzie, F.C.
Training College
Murray, Dr. Hugh, 409 St. Vine, st
Reid, Thos. M.D. Waltonian lec-
turer, 11 Elmhank st
Rey, Hector, (French), F.C. Train-
ing College
Tatlock,Rob"ervR., F.R.S.E., F.C.S.
156 Bath street
Vallance, W. S. 291 Sauchiehall st
Williams, A. M., M.A, E.C. Train-
ing College
Boardman, James, steel, hrass, &c.
55 Charlotte lane
Campbell, John S. (steel, brass,
&c), 55 Charlotte lane
Fleming, David, 101 Mitchell st
Gray, Robert, 335a St. Vincent st
Hamilton, Arch, steel, brass, and
metal, 35 Ann St., off Jamaica
Humphreys, H. J. & Co. (in glass)
83 Cambridge st
M'Laren & Meikle, practical, 25
Gordon st. — See Adv.
Macphail & Co. (enamel wood and
glass),4 New wynd,119 Trongate
Ramsay, Wm. & Co. (in brass,
iron, and wood), 11 Jamaica st
Robertson, Wm. (in steel and brass,
&c), 62 Argyle st
The Metallic Art Co. (brass and
steel), 53 Waterloo st
Walker, Wm. & Co. (in steel and
brass) 125 London st
Welsh & Horn, 15-17 Douglas st
Coutts, Alex. Howard square, 9
W. Howard st
Mathieson, Alex. & Son, Ltd.,
Saracen Tool Works, E. Camp-
bell st
Allan, John, jun. 226 Dumbarton
rd. Partick
Anderson, F. 401 Dumharton rd
Barrett, F. T. Mitchell Library
Bell, C. 320 Byars rd. Hillhead
Bishop, Wm. 129 Buchanan st
Boyd, Mrs. 415 Victoria road
Brodie, Mary J. 419 Eglinton st
Brown, Miss, 170 Nithsdale rd. E.
Bryce & Murray, Limited, 129
Buchanan st
Bryson, Augusta C. 234 Great
Western road
Budge, C. 176 Crown st
Calderwood, H. 298 Dumbarton rd
Campbell, Daniel, 18(1 Parliament-
ary rd. and 201 Stirling rd
Crosshill Select Library, 475 Vic-
toria rd ; C. & H. Warren, librs.
Faculty of Physicians and Sur-
geons' Library ,242 St. Vincent st.
A. Duncan, B.A.
Faculty of Procurators' Library,
62 St. George's place; John
Muir, librarian
Gairns, Miss, 231 Sauchiehall st
Gardner, James, 324 Paisley road,
west, Ibrox
Gillies, James, 515 Victoria rd
Gillies, Mrs. 1016 Dumbarton road,
Glasgow Athenseum, St. George's
place ; Jas. Lauder, secretary
Glasgow Reading Club, 129 Bu-
chanan st
Ingram, John, Mitchell Library-
Keith, John, Athenaeum, St.
George's pi
Kirkland, E. 47 St. George's rd
Lawrence, John, 466 Gt. Western
M'Cowan, And. 78 Gt. Western rd
Mackenzie, A. 202 Hope street
Mackinlay, John N. 492 Sauchie-
hall street
Maclehose, Jas. & Sons, Western
Book Club, 61 St. Vincent st.
M'Phee, Angus, 11 Hyndlacd st,
M'Raith, John, 525 Great Western
road, Hillhead
Marshall, Mrs. Ann, 151 Great
Western rd
Miller, Robert, 186 Trongate
Mitchell (free), 21 Miller st.
More, Robert, 505 Sauchiehall st.
and 725 Gt. Western rd
Morgan, John W. & Co. 129
Sauchiehall st
Muir, John, 62 St. George's place
Natural History Society of Glas-
gow, 207 Bath street
Paterson, W. J. S. Stirling's and
Glasgow Library, 48 Miller st
Paton, Miss, 68 Paisley road, W.
Pringle, J., 22 Gibson st. Hillhead
Procurators' Library, 62 St. Geo. 'a
pi.; John Muir
Robertson, Miss C. 213 Albert rd.
Sime, W. S. 120 Sauchiehall st
Simpson, Wm.(Baillie's Institution,
48 Miller street)
Spence, Mrs. 4 Westminster place,
Stenhouse, A. University avenue,
Stirling's and Glasgow Public
Library, 48 Miller st.
Sutherland, Wm. 307 Maxwell rd.
Thomson, A. B. 15 Bridge street
Weatherston, Wm., assistant, the
Western BookClub; J. MacLehose
& Sons, 61 St. Vincent st
Wilkie, C. A. 27 Stevenson st
Young Bros. 170, 172, 174 St.
George's rd. aud 74 Woodlands rd
Balderston & Clark, 70 Wellington
bt ; telephone No. 5140
Forsytli, John, 26 Dale street, s.s.
Macormack & Ewing, master por-
ters and samplers, 97 Union st;
telephone 1207

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