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National Bank of Scotland, Ltd., Queen St.
— Michael Balmain, agent; G. Todd, assistant agent ;
G. Imrie, cashier. Draw on their London Office, 37
Nicholas Lane, London, E.C. ; and have correspondents
in all the principal towns in England aud Ireland, on
the Continent, in the Colonies, and elsewhere abroad.
Inaddition to their own one hundred and seven branches,
grant drafts or letters of credit on most other places in
the United Kingdom. Also issue foreign credits and
circular notes available in all parts of the world, and
negotiate bills in every place in Scotland, England,
Ireland and abroad where there is a bank or banker.
London Office, 37 Nicholas Lane, E.C, James
Robertson, manager; Thos. Ness, assist. -manager.
London correspondents — Bank of England, Union
Bank of London, Limited, Glyn & Co., and others.
North British Bank, 248 W. George street.-
Cashier, J. M'Dougall.
Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Exchange Sq.
— Cashier, A. S. Michie ; sub-cashier, Chas. Fraser ;
accountant, Ales. MacGibbon ; tellers, J. A Fletcher,
J. S. Park, Wm. Wyse, and John Hogarth. Draw on
London branch, Bank of England, and Coutts & Co.,
London; Bank of England branches at Birmingham,
Bristol, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle,
Portsmouth, and Plymouth ; also on the following banks
and their branches: Bank of Ireland, Belfast Banking
Co. (Lim), Bradford Banking Company (Limited),
Bolitho & Co., Carlisle and Cumberland Banking Co.
(Limited), Cumberland Union Banking Company
(Limited), Foster & Co., Halifax and Huddersfield
Union Banking Company (Limited), Isle of Man
Banking Co. (Limited), Lambton & Co., Lancaster
Banking Co., Lloyd's Banks (Limited), London and
County Bank (Lim.), Manchester and Liverpool Dis-
trict Bank (Limited), National Provincial Bank of
- England (Ltd.), Sheffield and Rotherham Joint Stock
Banking Co. (Ltd.), Vivian & Co., Torquay, Williams
& Co., and Woods & Co.
Drafts are also issued on the branches of the under-
noted foreign correspondents : Australian Joint Stock
Bank ; Bank of British North America ; Bank of New
South Wales ; Bank of Nova Scotia ; Credit Lyonnais ;
Mercantile Bank of India (Ltd.); Standard Bank of
South Africa (Limited); Union Bank of Australia
(Limited) ; and the National Bank of New Zealand
(Limited). London Office— 123 Bishopsgate Street
Within, E.C.
Savings Bank of Glasgow.— Wm. Meikleand
Wm. Miller, actuaries. Offices— 177 Ingram Street,
corner of Glassford Street, 36 Bridgeton Cross,
2 Dumbarton Rd., 101 New City Rd., 67 Bridge St.,
703 Govan Rd., Govan, 276 Dumbarton Road,
Partick, 567 Springburn Rd., and 27 Paisley Rd., W.
Open every day from 10 to 3 ; evenings, Monday 6 to 8,
Wednesday 6 to 8, Saturday 5 to 8. This bank
was established in 1836, under Act of Parlia-
ment, " to provide for the safe custody and increase
of small savings belonging to the industrious classes."
Individuals may deposit from Is. to £50 in a year.
Societies may lodge larger sums. Interest is allowed
at the rate of £2 10s. per cent. The accumulated funds
amount to £8,040,0u0. The number of depositors
is 198,273.
Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, Head Offices,
191 Ingram St., Glasgow. — Robert Blyth, general
manager; D. Scott Fergusson, cashier ; Jas. Goodall,
secretary; R. Mitchell, assistant secretary; George
Willock, accountant; Robert Downie, superintendent
of branches. Edinburgh, 64 George Street — Henry
H. Norie, manager ; James Morton, secretary ; John
Smith, accountant. London office, 62 Oornhill,
E.C. ; John A. Fradgley, manager; Andrew Gordon,
assistant manager. The bank draws on London office ;
Bank of England ; Coutts & Co., London ; Glyn &
Co., London ; Beckett & Co., Leeds ; County of Staf-
ford Bank (Ld.) ; Cumberland Union Banking Co.
(Ltd.) ; London & Midland Bank (Ld.), Huddersfield ;
Lambton & Co. ; Lancaster Banking Co. (Limited) ;
Lloyd's Bank (Ld.), Kidderminster, Leicester, and
Northampton ; Manchester and Liverpool District
Banking Co. (Limited); Moore & Robinson's Notts
Banking Co. (Limited); National Provincial Bank
of England (Limited) ; North-Eastern Banking Co.
(Ld.); Sheffield Banking Co. (Limited); Sheffield
Union Banking Company (Ltd.); Whitehaven Joint-
Stock Banking Co. (Ltd.); Williams, Deacon, and
Manchester and Salford Bank (Limited); Yorkshire
Banking Company (Limited); Belfast Banking Co.
(Ltd.) ; Provincial Bank of Ireland (Lim.) ; Bank of
Adelaide ; Bank of Australasia ; Bank of British
North America; Bank of Montreal; Bank of New
Zealand ; De Rothschilds Freres, Paris ; Bank of Mon-
treal, New York ; Standard Bank of South Africa
(Ltd.); Union Bank of Australia (Ltd.). Also issues
drafts on certain branches of the Bank of Scotland,
British Linen Company Bank, Clydesdale Bank (Ld.),
Commercial Bank of Scotland (Limited), National
Bank of Scotland ( Limited), North of Scotland
Bank (Limited), and Royal Bank of Scotland. Nego-
tiates bills on all towns in Great Britain and Ireland
where there is a banker. Is also agent for Bacon,
Cobbold, & Co. ; Barclay & Co. (Limited), Lom-
bard Street and Pall Mall, London ; Barclay & Co.
(Limited), Luton ; Cheque Bank (Limited) ; Craven
Bank (Limited) ; Halifax Commercial Banking
Co. (Ltd.) ; Halifax and Huddersfield Union Banking
Co. (Ltd.); London and Provincial Bank (Ltd.);
London Joint Stock Bank (Limited), Great Tower
Street, London ; Nottingham and District Bank
(Ltd.); Parr's Bank (Ltd.); Isle of Man Banking
Co. (Ltd.) ; Bank of Ireland ; Hibernian Bank (Ld.) ;
Manchester and County Bank (Ltd.) ; Munster and
Leinster Bank (Limited) ; National Bank (Limited);
Northern Banking Co. (Ltd.); Ulster Bank (Ltd.);
Credit Lyonnais, Paris ; Knauth Nachod & Kiihne ;
London and San Francisco Bank (Ltd.) ; Munroe &
Co., Paris ; New English Bank of River Plate

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