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Bank of Scotland, 2 St. Vincent PI. — Robert
Gourlay, manager; Eobert L. M'Glashen, sub-
manager ; \V. G. Leggat, accountant ; D. Henderson,
J. W. Mackay, and John Scotland sign official
documents pro manager.
British Linen Company Bank, Queen Street.
— T. Balmain and W. Johnston, agents; Thomas
Howatson, accountant; Gavin Weir, assistant account-
ant ; J. Lillie, T. Marshall, J. Thomson, Wm. Soutar,
and A. L. Gray, tellers. Draw and issue letters of
credit on their London office, 41 Lombard Street, and
on the following correspondents in England, Wales, and
Isle of Man : — Messrs. Smith, Payne, and Smiths, 1
Lombard Street, E.C., London; Bank of England and
branches ; Messrs. Barclay & Co , Ld. (branches of
J. Backhouse & Co., of Brighton Union Bank,
of J. Mortlock & Co.), Darlington, and branches;
Birmingham District and Counties Banking Co.
(Limittd), and branches ; Bradford Banking Co.
(Limited), and branches ; Capital and Counties Bank,
Limited (Northamptonshire Banking Co. branches);
Carlisle and Cumberland Bank (Limited), and
branches; Cornish Bank (Limited), and branches;
Glamorganshire Banking Co. (Limited), and
branches; Halifax Joint Stock Bank (Limited),
and branches ; Huddersfield Banking Co. (Limited),
and branches; Lacons, Youell, & Co., Yarmouth,
and branches; Lancaster Banking Co. and branches;
Messrs. Ley land & Bullins, Liverpool ; London and
County Bank (Ltd.), and bran.; London and S.W.
Banking Co. (Ltd.), and branches; Manchester and
Liverpool District Banking Co. (Ltd.), and branches;
Manx BaDk (Ltd.), and branches; Metropolitan Bank
of England and Wales (Limited), and branches;
National Provincial Bank of England (Limited),
and branches ; North-Eastern Banking Co. (Limited),
and branches ; Oxford Old Bank (Messrs. Parsons,
Thomson, & Co.); Messrs. Prescott, Dimsdale, Cave,
Tugwell,& Co. (Limited), Bristol, Clifton, and Bath;
Sheffield and Eotherham Banking Co. (Limited), and
branches ; Messrs. Samuel Smith & Co., Derby and
Ripley; Messrs. Samuel Smith & Co., Nottingham,
and branches; Messrs. Samuel Smith, Brothers, & Co.,
Hull ; Stamford, Spalding, and Boston Banking Co.
(Limited), and branches; Stuckey's Banking Co.
(Somersetshire Bank), and branches; Bank of White-
haven (Ltd.), and branches ; Wilts and Dorset Bank-
ing Co. (Limited), and branches; Worcester Old Bank
(Messrs. Berwick, Lechmere, &Co.); Yorkshire Banking
Co. (Limited), and branches. Correspondents in Ire-
land — Bank of Ireland and branches ; Ulster Bank
(Limited), and branches. Colonial and foreign cor-
respondents, head offices and branches of the follow-
ing banks: — India and China, &c, Mercantile
Bank of India (Limited), Chartered Bank of India,
Australia, and China, National Bank of India (Ltd.);
Australia — English, Scottish, and Australian
Bank (Limited), Commercial Bank of Australia
(Limited), Bank of Australasia, Queensland National
Bank (Limited), Bank of Adelaide and branches,
Western Australian Bank ; New Zealand, &c— Bank
of New Zealand, National Bank of New Zealand |
(Limited); Africa — Standard Bank of South Africa
(Limited); Bank of Africa (Limited); National
Bank of the Orange Free State (Limited), and
branches, North America — Bank of British Columbia;
Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia; Cuyler,
Morgan, & Co., New York; Peter Wright & Son9,
Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago; C. B. Richard
& Co., New York; First National Bank of Chicago,
First National Bank of Kansas City ; South America
— London and Brazilian Bank, and branches.
The Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., Head Office, 30
St. Vincent PI., Glasgow. — General manager, David
Wilson ; assistant-manager, Alexander Wardlaw,
secretary, J. Harvie ; accountant, Duncan Dewar ;
cashier, Robert Orr; assistant secretary, George
Morton ; branch department, Robert Carruth and
Frederick Tod, superintendents of branches;
inspectors, Alexander Binny, David Kyle, and J.
Fleming ; assistant inspectors, Colin Mackenzie and
David Beveridge; tellers, D. Nicol, W. M'Kissock,
W. Shanks, A. R. Horn, J. C. Rankine, and Henrv
A. Smith.— London Office, 30 Lombard St., E.C.; j".
Cragg, manager; J. Henderson, assistant-manager ;
E. West, accountant. London Bankers — Bank of
England; LloydsBank (Limited). The correspondents
are: — William Williams, Brown & Co.; Derby &
Derbyshire Banking Co. (Limited); Barclay & Co.
(Limited), formerly Gurney & Co. ; Halifax Joint
Stock Banking Co. (Limited) ; Knaresboro' & Claro'
Banking Co. (Ltd.); Lambton & Co.; Lancaster
Banking Co. ; Liverpool Union Bank (Ltd); London &
Midland Bank (Limited); Manchester & Liverpool
District Banking Co. (Limited); Union Bank of
Manchester (Ltd.) ; Moore & Robinson's Nottingham-
shire Banking Co. (Ltd.) ; National Provincial Bank
of England (Ltd.); Sheffield Banking Co. (Ltd.);
Bank of Whitehaven (Ltd.) ; Whitehaven Joint Stock
Banking Co. (Ltd.) ; York City and County Banking
Co. (Limited); Yorkshire Banking Co. (Limited);
Belfast Banking Co. (Ltd.) ; Hibernian Bank (Ltd.) ;
National Bank (Ltd.) ; Royal Bank of Ireland (Ltd.);
Ulster Bank (Ltd.) ; Caledonian Banking Co. (Ltd.);
N. of Scotland Bank (Ltd.) Drafts are granted on
certain branches of the Bank of Scotland ; Royal Bank
of Scotland; British Linen Co. Bank; National Bank
of Scotland (Ltd.) ; Union Bank of Scotland (Ltd.)
Foreign Correspondents — Merchants Bank of Canada;
Bank of British N. America ; National Bank of New
Zealand (Ld.); Union Bank of Australia (Limited).
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 113,115
Buchanan St. & 4 Gordon St. — Agent, David Rennie ;
assistant agent, Wm. Laidlaw; accountant, Archibald
Cameron ; Walter Smith signs official documents
pro agent.
Mercantile Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 44
Bath Street ; established, 1889.— William C. Rodger,
secretary. London correspondents — The Birkbeck

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