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Despatch of Foreign Mails from Edinburgh.
France Daily.
Belgium Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
Holland, Hamburg, Sweden, Germany, Denmark,) g^^^ ^^^ Wednesday.
and Russia 3
Lisbon, Madeira, (via Lisbon,) Vigo, Cadiz, ? fuesdav
Oporto, and Gibraltar )
Malta, Greece, and Ionian Islands, {via South-) 1st of each Month, and Tuesday nearest the 15th
ampton) J in each Month.
India, Syria, and Egypt,; China and Hong Kong, 7 1st of each Month, but when the 3d is a Sunday,
(via Southampton) 5 last day of each Month.
Sydney, New South Wales, and Port Philip Last day but two of each Month.
Brazil, Buenos Ayres, Madeira, and Canary Islands Monday before the first Tuesday of each Month.
T, . . , ^T . A . T. J J TT -i. J ^ 2d and l7tb of every Month, except the Months
British North America. Bermuda, and United / ^^. ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^
States, {via Liverpool) ^ ^^^ 2d only.
British and Foreign Colonies in West lndies,"J
("except Honduras, Bahamas, Bermuda, andf t ,. j a t r^i. e u txt *i,
Vt , \ -IT 1 J HT J • / • )- Last day and 15th of each Month.
Havannah,) Venezuela, and Madeira, {inal •"
Southampton) J
Mexico, Panama, New Grenada, Honduras, Ha- > t i. j t t. t\t iv
',.„', ' (- Last day of each Month,
vannab, and ijabamas i )
Bermuda loth of each Mouth,
India, Syria, Egypt, China, Houg-Kong, Greece, ^
Malta, and Ionian Islands, monthly closed Jlail, > 5th of each Month.
(wa Marseilles) J
For full information as to Postages, and Despatches to places abroad, see Page 332.
Despatches to and from Leith.
Edinburgh to X<eit]i.
With Inverness, Glasgow 4th, London
night, Berwick and AberdeRn, 2d
Mails and Town Letters. G m.
— Glasgow 1st, and Irish Mails, Peebles,
and Town Letters. 11-15 m.
_ London, ('day,) Dumfries, and Glasgow
2d, Mails, Stage Coach, and Town
Ivetttrs. 3 a.
— Aberdeen 1st Mail, Stage Coach, and
Town Letters. 5-15
Iieitbto Edinburgb.
For London, (day,) Glasgow 1st, and Dura-
fries Mails, and Edinburgh Letters. 6 m.
Edinburgh delivery. 10-30 nu
— Glasgow 2d, and Irish 1st Mails. 11-45 m.
Aberdeen 2d, and Glasgow 3d Mails,
Stage Coach, and Edinburgh Letters. 2!«4oa.
— Edinburgh deliveiy. 4-£0a.
— Glasgow 4th, and Berwick Mails. 8-45 a.
— London (night) and Irish 2d, Aberdeen
1st, and Inverness Mails of next morning. 9-30 a.
Receiving Houses in Edinburgh and Leitha
The Letter boxes closs as follows, except at such
as have the time specified : —
For 2d Town delivery and Leith. 10-30 m.
— Glasgow 2d, and Irish 1st Mails. 12 noon.
— Aberdeen 2d, and Glasgow 3d, Mails,
Stage Coach, and 3d Town delivery. 2 a.
— 4th Town delivery and Leith. 4 a.
— Glasgow 4th, Berwick, London (night)
and Irish 2d Mails. 8 a.
>— Aberdeen 1st, Inverness, London, (day,)
Glasgow 1st, and Dumfries Mails,
Stage Coach, and 1st Town delivery
of next morning. 9-45 a:
N.B No Letter Bags are collected from the dif-
ferent Receiving Houses throua,hotit the city from
9-45 a. on Saturday evening uniil 5-30 m. on Mon-
Abbey, . . No. 4
Broughton Street, . GO
Castle Street, . .21
Cross (High Street), 231
Downie Place,
Duke Street,
Elm Row,
Hanover Street,
High Street,
India Street, .
Lauriston Place,
Pitt Street,
St Patrick Square,
Stafford Street,
South Bridge,
. I
. 1
. 54
. 54
. 3
• 67
. 3
No. 4
, 66
Arniston pi. at 9 m. 1-30
and 7 a.
B. Muirhead, at 9 m. ,
1-30 and 5 a.
Duke St. Leith, same
as at Leith,
Fife Place, Leith Walk,
same as at Leith.
Hillhouscfieli', Leith,
11-30 m. and 2-30 a.
Newhaven, at 8-30 m.,
2 and 8 a.
7, Deanhaugh Street, at
9 m. 2, and 8 a.
Sandport, 11-30 m., 2-
30, and 8-30 a.
Jock's Lodge, at 9-15 m.
and 8 a.
\rarriston Place, at 9 m.
2, and 8 a.

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