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Delivery of Letters.
First Delivery. — The first delivery com-
mences at 7-30 m., and includes the letters by the
Inverness, Glasgow (night), London, Berwick,
and Aberdeen 31ails, with the box letters posted at
the General Post-OtHce, to 7 ni.
Second Delivery. — The second delivery
commences at Il-SO m. For Glasgow 1st, and
Irish I^Iails, Stage Coach, and letters posted at the
General Post-Office, to 11-15 m.
Third Delivery. — Tiie third delivery com-
mences at 4 a., and includes the letters by the Dum-
fries and London (day) and Glasgow Mails, with
Stage Coaches and Town letters posted at the
(ieneral Post-Office, to 3-15 a.
Fourth Delivery The fourth delivery
commences at 5-50 a. For Aberdeen 1st Mai),
Stage Coaches, and letters posted at the General
Post-OfRce, to 5-15 a.
Sunday Delivery — The delivery on Sun-
days (to persons calling at the Office only) takes
place from 7-30 to U m. and from 4 to 5 a.
Paid Letter Office.
Is open from 6-45 m. till 10 a., for receiving paid letters and sales of Postage Stam])s, &c. Over-
charges returned from 10 m, till 4 a.
Money Order Office.
Is open for Granting and paying Money Orders, from 10 m, till 4 a., (Sundays and Holidays ex-
Registration of Letters and Money Orders.
_A system of Resjjstration has bi'en adopted, and
all Letters, whether containing coin or uot, can
on payment of a registration fee of One Shilling,
in Hddition to the ordinary rates of Postage on In-
land and Colonial, as well as on Ship or Foreiiin
Letters, or Letters passine through France. On
those for delivery within France, tlie charges, be-
sides the regi>tration fee of one shilling, will be
the English rate to France, io addition to double
the Freneh rate to the place to which the Letter
is addressed. A printed acknowledgment torn nut
of the receipt book, and stamped with the office
stamp, will be };iven to any person registering a
Letter. Hegisterfd Lettt-rs will be taken at the
General Post OlBee, at the Receiving Houses,
and by all Postmasters throughout the United
Kingdom, until within half an hour of the closing
of the Box for the particular Mail or Bag by which
they are to be (iispatehed. Registered Letters
bearing a sufficient number of Stamps will be con-
sidered Paid Letters, but the registration fee of
one shilling must always be paid in monpy.
In the case of Foreign, Colonial, or Ship Let-
ters it must be clearly understood, that Registra-
tion cannot extend beyond the Port of despatch
in the United Kingdom, though parties, if they
â– wish it, may register such Letters as far as the
Port ol despatch. Letters, however, addressed to
France, and Letters passing through France, are
exceptions to this rule, the French Post Office
undertaking to provide for their security till they
shall have been delivered, if addressed to France,
and so long as they remain in the French territory,
if passing through France.
The arrangements for carrying out the system
of Registration have leen made with the view of
ensuring the punctuitl delivery of Ri;gistered Let-
ters ; on their delivery the parties to whom they
may have been addressed will be required to ac-
knowledge in writing their receipt.
The system of Registratjofl provides a secure
mode of transmitting
Bank r^otes. Bank. Post Bills^
Srafts, &c. &ic.,
and persons having oscasion to send by Post small
sums will avoid risk by sending the money through
the medium of
The Money Order Office^
now carried on, on the Public account, at the Ge-
neral post Office. The commission chargeable for
Money Orders is
and on suias above two, and
NOT exceeding five POUNDS, SIXPENCE.
No Order will be given for sums beyond this
These modes having been devised expressly with
a view to the security of property, it may reason-
ably be expected that all persons having occasion
to transmit money will avail themselves of the op-
portunity of securing it, and in no case, by com-
mitting property unuegisteiied to the Letter
boxes, RISK its loss.
It, however, persons are willing to incur such
risk, should the articles forwarded be Notes, or
Cheques payable at sight, they should be cut in
halves, and the second halves should uot be dis-
patched until the receipt of the first has been ac-
knowledged. The numbers, dates, and amounts
should also be carefully taken.
Money Orders may be obtained at the General
Post Office, and of all Postmasters, and of the
Chief Deputy Postmasters, throughout the United
(For List of Post Towns and Principal Places,
see page 320.)
*»* In cases where personal attendance is in-
convenient, if the Order is receipted by the person
to whom It is made payable, and the party present-
ing It tor payment can afford lull information as
to the Christian name, Surname, Address, and
Occupation of the person who originally obtained
the Order, payment will be made, hut unless these
conditions are strictly complied with, it will be

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