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S T.
S T.
8 Heatlie, James, A. C. S.
9 Johnston, Mrs
- Laurie, Andrew, surgeon
9 M'Bain, Mrs, nurse
10 Marshall, Robert, printer
Inverleith House
1 Angus, George, architect
;— Donald, Alex. esq. W.S.
2 Bruce, Ralph, esq.
3 Keay, Miss,
4 Campbell, Miss
6 Urquhart, Adavn, esq. advocate
6 Wright, T. G. esq.
7 Walker, W. S. esq. advocate
. 8 Gilchrist, Mrs
9 Rutherfurd, And. esq. advocate
Lothian Road.
Paterson, A. & J. smiths
Nimmo, James, slater
Lothian Road.
Duncan, Mrs G.
Fairbairn, Mrs James
Bruce, Mrs A.
Donaldson, Mrs J.
Jackson, Thomas, spirit-dealer
West Maitland Street.
20 Bryce, Mrs
19 M'Dowall, Mr Col.
23 M'Lane, Mrs. James
45 Burnet, Miss, of Barns
A'i Campbell, D. esq.
42 Orr, Captain, N. &M.Academy
Princes' Street.
1 Kirkwood, J. S. goldsmith
_ McDonald, D. spirit-dealer
_ Newton, W. A. saddler
_ Dewar, John, bootmaker
3 Kemp, A. spirit-dealer
5 Smith, David, silk-dyer
7 AVatt, Andrew, saddler
9 Elder, H. commission-agent
_ Elder, Mrs. Com. lodgings
11 M'Phail, Myles, bookseller
13 M'Kay & Ferrier, painters
17 Welsh, James, bootmaker
It) Thornton & Collie, printers
— Carr, Michael, tailor
— Meekie, Richard, engraver
21 Spence, Charles, esq SS.C.
■ — l)urward, John, agent
— Dissenters' §- General Assu-
rance Co. — Set Adv.
— Archibald, George, engraver
— Gregson, T. muslin warehouse
14 Finlay, John, bootmaker
16 Gavin, Hector, engraver
16 Brown, James, clothier
M'Donald, A. & L. bootmakers
1 4 Bell & Gunn, bookbinders
12 Edinburgh Printing Co. |
- Dott, Aitken, carver and gilder
- Gibb, William, upholsterer
- Sinclair, P. agent & auctioneer
- Sinclair, Mrs, coffee-house
8 Mabon, John, accountant
- Johns, T. and C]o. cl;)ihiers
- Banks, P. S., esq. S S.C.
6 Kennington &Jenner, silk mere.
2 National Fire Insurance Com-
pany of Scotland; Holmes
Ivory, manager. — See adv
2 Steele, John, toy-merchant
Queen Street.
1 Keegan, Thomas, merchant
3 Gibson and Hector, esqs. W.S.
- Robertson, J. B. writing-master
- White, John, teacher
- Barry, Mrs
5 Borthwick, A. accountant
- Borthwick, C. accountant
- Maitland, John, esq. accountant
- Wood, William, esq. accountant
- Keegan, John, solicitor
5 Northern Reversion Co.
7 Veitch, AVilliam, lodgings
- Noble, James, cabinetmaker
- Bell, Mrs, lodgings
9 Holland & Thomson, W.S.
- RoUand, James, esq. W.S.
- Thomson, Thomas, esq. W.S.
- INJackenzie, K. esq. accountant
- Tod, George, accountant
12 Bishop, James, engraver
10 Wightman, E. bootmaker
- IjOW, John, bootmaker
- Andrew, Misses, B. and M.
- Bal'lingall, Wm. accountant
- Trotter, James, writing-mast '■
8 Hill, James L. esq. W.S.
8 Alfred Assurance ; J. L. Hill,
6 Ministers' Widows' Fund-office
- Inglis &Wedderburn, esqs. W.S.
- Junner, J. M. ace. & .solicitor
- Scott, John, esq. accountant
4 Muir, Henry, shoemaker
- Watt, A. saddler
- Gray, James, of Standard Office
- M'Innes, Misses, milliners
2 Arthur, Richard, S.S.C.
Register Street, East.
I Ferguson, Miss dressmaker
- Wilkie, William, esq.
- Cuthbert, Mrs. Mary
- Brown, Thos. spirit-merchant
3 Lizars, W. H. engraver
- Wilkie, A. messenger-at-arms
- Prophit, Thomas, tish-dealer
- Macdonald & Webster, messen-
ger- at-arms
- Webster, A. mess.-at-arms
M'Donald, R. writer
Paterson, A. surveyor of taxes
Peffers, J. surveyor of taxes
Vass, D. R. surveyor of taxes
Dunn, Mrs
Dunn, Misses, teachers
Mackay, Benjamin, esq.
South St James St, mtfrsects
John Phaser, victual-dealer
Begbie, William, lapidary
Murray, Samuel, bootmaker
Fen wick, T. landsciipe pamter
Dickson, James, wright
Wilson, John, painter
Aitken & Campbell, wine-merr.
Murray, William, upholsterer
Trotter, T. flesher
Stewart, Mrs lodgings
Banks, Wm. (W. H. Lizars)
Ferguson, James, esq. M.D.
M'Ewan, Peter, esq.
Tullis, R. & Co. paper-makers
Nelson, John, casemaker
Martin, Rob. & Son, soda-water
Aitchison, D. chimney-sweeper
Gibson, Mrs
Williamson, Charles J.
Swanston, Mrs J. milliners
Winter, Mrs
North St James St. intersects
Forbes, Walter, glass-cutter
Forbes, W. jun brass-founder
Cormack, James, D. & Son
Keiser, J. F. music-teacher
Lawrie, William, dyer
Mackenzie, Mrs
Johnstone, Robert, teacher
Bell, James, S.S.C.
Carstairs, G. of J.N asmyth&Co.
Farmer Fire & Life Insur. Co.
Brown, Peter, printer
Hardie, Mrs Lillias
Anderson, William, writer
Wightman, J. pianoforte tuner
Wemyss, And. trunk-maker
Lawrence, George, of G. P. O.
Ijyon, ,1. auctioneer & appraiser
Watt, D engraver
Clerk, John, slater
Swanston,AV. sen. mess.-at-arms
Swanston, Miss, teacher of music
Swanston, W. jn.niess.-at-arms
Welsh, James, of G.P O.
Smith, James, lodgings
Munros & Drysdales, messen-
Munro, W. J. macer
Gordon, R. messsnger-at-arms
Brown, Thos. spirit-dealer
Black, William, agent
Colclough, Mrs
Elder street hiti-rvenes
Edinburgh Water Co.'s office
Brown, D. water-officer
West of England Fire-Officc

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