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Inglis, Andrew, 1 East Craib-
stone street
Jackson, Henry, 53 Schoolhill
Jamieson, Eobt., Royal Lunatic
Asylum, Elmhill House
Johnston, David, 18 King street
Kerr, David, 9 Union place
Kilgour, Alex., Loirston, Nigg
M'Robbie, J; S., 157 Gallowgate
Macquibban, C. M., 248 Union
Macrobin, John, Migvie House,
Silver street
Marshall, Jas. , 6 Rubislaw place
Matthew, A. C, 39 Albyn place
Moir, James, 36 Union place
Morison, G., 24 Albyn place
Murray, James, 80 Cbapel street
Ogilvie, George, 29 Union place
Ogston, Alex., 252 Union street
Ogston, Francis, 156 Union st.
Paterson, John, 68 Bon-Accord
Pirrie, Wm., 253 Union street
Rattray, Root., Royal Infirmary
Reid, Wm., 131 Crown street
Reith, Alex., 15 Skene terrace
Reith, Archibald, 39 Union place
Rodger, James, 144 King street
Sim, John, Howburn Cottage,
Holburn street
Simpson, John, 2 East Craib-
stone street
Smith, Jas. W. F., 256 Union st.
Smith, John Gordon, 10 Union
Stephen, Wm., 77 Dee street
Torrie, James, 19 Union place
Watt, Patrick, 1 Gallowgate
Wight, John, 17 Golden square
Will, James, 11 King street
Will, J. 0. O., 12 Union terrace
Willock, R. C, 75 King street
Wood, John, 20 Bon- Accord st.
Wyness, J. D., 46 Schoolbill
Pianoforte Makers and
Irvine and Morrison, 244 Union
Logan & Co., 28 Diamond street
Macbeath, James, 164 Union st
Marr & Co., 281 Union street
Selby, Wood, & Co., 191 Union
Wishart, Joseph, 24 Young st.
Plane Maker.
Reid, James, 58 John street
Angus, George, Hanover lane
Bannochie, J. N., Charlotte st.
Collie, Alex., 22 Shiprow
Davidson, Jas., 25 Bon-Accord
Findlater, George, 18 Chapel st.
Henderson, Robert, 8 North St
Andrew street
Gilbert, Robert, 56 Chapel st.
Gullon, John, 3 Craigwell place
Innes, Geo., 18 Constitution st.
Mearns, W., 8 Donald's court
Morrison, Jas., 86 Spring garden
Paul, Alexander, 32 Hardgate
Ross, Bobert, & Son, St Clair st.
Stephen, James & Co., Middle
(See Brassfounders. )
Aberdeen Daily Free Press, 14 and
16 Broad street
Avery, John (Northern Advertiser
Office), 9 St Catherine's
Bennet, Wm., 42 Castle street
Brown, James (Herald Office), 7
Queen street
Chalmers, D. & Co. (Journal
Office), 28 and 29 Adelphi
Cornwall, Geo. and Sons, Vic-
toria court, 54 Castle street
Daniel, J. and Co., 46 and 48
Castle street
Duffus, John, Exchange court,
36| Union street
Durno, Alex., 34 Gallowgate
Fraser, Wm. and Co., 14 Bridge

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