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Smith, Arthur, 30 Eegent quay
Souter, Wm., 24 Green
Stephen, Alex., 52 Netherkirkgate
Taylor, G. B., 15 Woolmanhill
Trainer, Michael, 79 George st.
Watt, Marshall, 3 Marischal st.
Winkley, Jas., 3 Flourmillbrae
Paper Manufacturers.
Davidson, C. & Sons, Muggie-
moss, and 4 Trinity quay
Pirie, A. & Sons, Poynernook
Tait, Thomas & Sons, Inverurie,
and 52 Eegent quay
Paper Rulers.
Davidson, "Wm., 15 St Nicholas
Dey, John, 29 and 38 George st.
Jessieman, Wm., 41 Netherkirk-
Smith, Lewis, M'Combie's court
Pattern Printers.
Johnston, J. H., 17 Crown street
Munro, Miss S., 64 George st.
Tait, Miss, 23| George street
Walker, Mrs, 97 Skene street
Wood, Miss, 35 Woolmanhill
Bain, David, City Loan Office,
1 Longacre
Bremner, Mrs, 95 Loch street
Campbell, Joseph, 31 Windy
Letters, Mrs, Chronicle court,
32 Broad street
Lorimer, Wm., 5 Seamount pi.
M'Intosh & Co., 16 Hutcheon st.
Miller, James S., 3 Woolmanhill
North of ScotlandEquitableLoan
Co., 4 Flourmillbrae
Eeid, David, 27 Gallowgate
Adams, Andrew, Eettie'
26 Broad street
Beattie, Charles, 26 Union ter.
Bisset, James, 66 John street
Cornwall, E. M., 3 Belmont st.
Craigen, John, 16 George street
Dinnie, Alex., 3 Langstane pi.
Emslie, Peter, 17 Marischal st.
Garey, Wm., 49 George street
Hardie, John, 152 King street
Lamb, John, 14 Skene terrace
M'Pherson, G. W., 115 Union
street, and Donald's court
Eeid, Wm., 3 Summer street
Scott, D., 246 Union street
Shearer, Johnston, 238 Union st.
Smith, G. B., 28J Crown street
Stewart, James, 17 Castle ter.
Thomson, Wm., Exchange st.
Wilson, G. W. (to the Queen),
22, 24, and 25 Crown st.
Wood, James, 11 Crown street
Wright, David, 259 George st.
Physicians and Surgeons
Adair, Fred., 22 Marischal st.
Best, Alex. Vans, 214 Union st.
Beveridge, Eobert, 36 King st.
Booth, James, 231 Union street
Brown, David Dyce, 22 Union
Brown, G. G., 31 Bon- Accord
Burr, James, 4 Castle terrace
Cameron, Wm. (E.N.), More-
field, Stocket
Connon, Thomas S., 45 Eegent
quav, and 1 Broad st.
Crabbe, Wm. T., 22 Springbank
Davidson, A. D., 207 Union st.
Davidson, Samuel, 41 Queen st.
Duncan, Alex., 2 Crown place
Farquhar, Thomas, 16 Eubislaw
Fiddes, David, 154 Union street
Findlay, George, 155 George st.
Forbes, Alex., 56 Castle street
Fraser, Angus, 193 Union street
Fraser, Wm., 31 Union terrace
Geddes, John, 37 Union place
Grant, James M., 4 Holburn st.
Gray, John, 32 Albert terrace
Harvey, Alex., 228 Union street
Henderson, Wm., 49 Schoolhill

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