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trades' and professions' directory.
Gordon, Charles, 57 Green
Hogarth, D. and Co., 82 College
Moir, John & Son, 56 Virginia st.
Sorley, John, 62 George street
Road Surveyors.
Kyd, James, Rubislaw
Stewart, Wm., 1 Leslie place, N.
Hope and Sailmakers.
Aberdeen Rope & Sail Co., Links
Catto, Thomson, and Co., Links,
Goldie & Hay, 21 St Clement st.
Slope and Twine Manu-
Barclay, William, Poynernook
Davidson, G. and W., 17 Quay
Gray, Watt, and Co., 162 West
North street
Millar, G-., jun., 40 Park street
Nicoi, George, 21 St Clement st.
...... John, 25 Spa street
Ogilvie, W. and Sons, Catto sq.
Routledge, Whinton & Son, 219
Taylor, Robert and Son, 12 Car-
negie's brae
Cooper, Alex., 45 Queen street
Craig, J. & Co., 38 Schoolhill
Knight & Craib, 43 Queen street
Laing & Melvin, 4 Bon-accord st.
Ness, Robert, 7 Union row
Eobt., jun., 231J Union st.
Reid, John, 12 Wales street
Ritchie, John, 20 Backwynd
Roberts, D., 92 and 94 King st.
Webster, Wm., 178 W. North st.
Forbes, P., 6 Flourmill l?rae
Munro, Alex., 20 Netherkirkgate
Watson, G., 7 Correction wynd
Adamson and Home, 25 Maris-
chal street
Black, J. and Co., 23 King st.
Duncan, Wm., 33 Marischal st.
Ferguson, John, 84 Union st.
Fletcher, Robert, 17 Huxter row
George, Charles, 19 Marischal st
Gordon, Wm., 5 King street
M'Kinnon, Lachlan, jun., 233
Union street [street
Oswald, Henry C, 24 Marischal
Rennie, John T., 48 Marischal st.
Willlet, Joseph T., Inches
(See Nurserymen.)
Burns, David and Co., Inches
Duthie, A. and Co., Footdee
Wm., jun., Inches
Hall, A. and Sons, York street,
Footdee [Footdee
Hood, Walter and Co., York st.,
Adam, Wm., 4 Prospect terrace,
Alexander, A., 3 Springbank ter.
A., jun., 36 Union row
Allan, J., 17 Prince Regent st.
Anderson, Charles, 10 Canal ter.
Beedie, Wm., 54 Quay
Black, Peter, 57 Quay
Brebner, William, 25 Justice st.
Brunton, John, 53 Commerce st.
Buchan, John, 16 Links street
Burgess, Wm. , 46 Regent quay
Buyers, Alex., 29 Frederick st.
Cadenhead, Peter, 17 Prince Re-
gent st.
Campbell, Wm., sen., 4]Millburr?

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