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trades' and professions' directory.
Smith, Lewis & Jas., M'Combie's
City Loan Office, 1 Longacre
North of Scotland Equitable Loan
Co., M'Combie's court
Seton, Alex., 35 Netherkirkgate
Photographers .
Adams, Andrew, Eettie's court,
26 Broad street
Frederick, Herr, 173 Union st.
Cordon, Henry, 79J Windmill-
Lamb, John, 191 George street
Nisbet, John, Market street
Eeid, P., 82 George street
Eoss, Donald, Market street
Senter, John, Exchange street
Stewart, George, 69 Guestrow
Wilson, G. W. (to the Queen) 22
Crown street
Piano -Forte Makers and
Begg, Charles, 150 "Union street
Irvine, John & Co., 60 St Nicho-
las street
Logan & Co., 130 Union street
Macbeath, James, 17 Crown st.
Marr, John, 218 Union street
Wood & Co., 213 Union street
Bowman & Henderson, 8 Shuttle
Campbell, David, 13 Albion st.
Collie, John, 69 Green
Findlater, Jas., 47 Causewayend
Garden, James, 19 Jopp's lane
Gullon, John, 3 Craigwell place
Innes, George, 103 George street
Mearns, Win., 8 Little Belmont
Eoss, Robert, 20 Longacre
Anderson, John, 63 Windmill-
Blaikie, J. & Sons, Littlejohn st.
Berry, John, 4 South Silver st.
Bisset, Leslie, 26 Schoolhill
Collie, Eobert, 37 Loch street
Davidson, J., 78 St Andrew st.
Duncan, Alex., 55 Commerce st.
Farquhar and Gill, 24 Upperkirk-
Lamb, Alex., 48 John street
Marshall, Alex., 5 Charlotte st.
Mathers, James, 13J Dee street
Eobertson, Alexander, 8 and 10 ?
Skene terrace
Stewart, P., 12 Schoolhill
Thomson, William, 72 Nether-
Avery, J no. (Northern Advertiser
office), 7 St Catherine's
Baker, Thos., Crown court, 41 vl
Union street
Bennet, William, 42 Castle st.
Brown, James (Herald office), 7
Queen street
Chalmers, D. and Co. (Journal
office), 28 and 29 Adel-
phi court
Cornwall, George & Sons, Victo-
ria court, 54 Castle st.
Daniel, J. & Co., 46 and 48
Castle street
Durno, Alex., 40 Gallowgate
King, Arthur & Co. (Free Press
office,) Concert court,
Broad street
Rennie, George, 64 Broad street
Smith, Jas., M'Combie's court,
50J Union street
Professors of Music.
Adlington, Win., 69 Crown st.
Baker, E. H., 18 Silver street
Hunter, E. W., 16 Huxter row
Latter, Richard, 53 Union place
Eeid, J. S., 59 Loch street
Spark, Wm., 28 Queen street
Provision Curers.
Findlay, Robt., Wellington road,

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