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I^owden, William, manufacturer, Wards
Lowden, William do. east side Hillton
Luke, John, King street
Luke, James, baker, Overgate
Lumsden, D. baker, Westporc
Jjunatic Asylum, Forfar-road
Lundie, John, clock and watch-maker, Highstreet
Lyell, James, ishipmaster, Wellgate
Lyon, Charles do. Nethergate
Lyon, Andrew, merchant, Hawkhill
JVlaberly & Co.'s Bank, Office, Castlestreet
Macallister, Rev. Charles, foot of Taystreet, Nethergate
Macdonald, John, Park-place
Macdonald, George, grocer, Perth-road
Macdonald, Donald, vintner, foot North Tay street Over.
Macdonald, Duncan, cabinet-maker, Murraygate
Macdougal, A. R.N. Seafield
Macduff, Peter, leather-mercht. southside English Chapel
Macewen, David, writer, High street and Shore
Macewen, Colin, town officer, Murraygate
Macewen, Mrs. Magdalene-yard-road
Macfkrlane, Walter, manufacturer, west side Hillton
Macgaven, William, merchant, Cowgate
Macgregor, James, vintner, Tindal's wynd
Macintosh, Thomas, shipmaster, Overgate
Macintosh, Robert, grocer do.
Macintosh^ John, smith, Bisset's close, do.
Macintosh, Daniel, vintner, Murraygate
Macintosh, Daniel, teacher, Meadowside
Mackay, Wm. town officer, Methodist close, Overgate
Mackay, Patrick, messenger at arms, do. do.
Mackay, Thos. grocer do.
Mackay, John, hatter and umbrelhi-maker do,
Mackay, tailor, Trades' Hall
Mackie, Robert, vintner, Castle lane
Mackenzie, Daniel, Annfield
Mackenzie, George,bookseller, narrow of the Murraygate
Mackenzie, — grocer, Thorter-row
Maclachlan, Rev. Dr. foot of Taystreet, Nethergate
Maclagan, John, baker, Hawkhill
Maclaren, Alex, merchant, do.
Maclean, Jas. Dundee and Perth' Ship. Co.'s Office,|Shore
Maciean^ James, horse-hirer, Barrack street

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