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MAC MAT 1 29
Macleish, John, manufacturer, Chapelsliade and Meai-
Macleish, William, do. Nethergate [dowside
JN'IacIeish, David, clerk, Cow«ate ' '
Macleod & Co. coopers and fish curers, Biirnhead, Sea^^,
Macnab, William, church precentor, Powrie's land,ChapeI-
Macnab, James, vintner, Seagjite ' - . [shade
Macneil, Duncan, manufacturer. Hawk hill -'i* j r^;'
Macnicol, James, grocer and spirit-dealer, Overgate
Macnicol, Alex, vintner, west side Hillton
Maconochie, Hugh, plasterer, Overgate
Maeosh, Robert, tailor. High street
Macosh, James, vintner, Muriaygate
Macormick, Dan. town officer and drummer, Seagat©-
Macritchie, James, wright, do. do.
Macvicar, Rev. Patrick, Magdalene-yard road
Macwattie, David, bell-hanger to his Majest)*, for Scot-.
land, Cowgate ■
Mail Coach Office, Merchant's Hotel, Castlestrect
Malcolm, Thomas, shipmaster, Ovev'gate ' '
Malcolm, Thomas, merchant-tailor, foot of Castle street^
Malcolm, David, grocer, Witchknow
Mancor, Peter, teacher of music and tuner of musical in-
struments, viz. piano-fortes, harps, and- organs ; OveP«
gate, head of School wynd, ftrst close,^ south side
Mancor, A. Magdalene-yard
Marshall, William, grocer, Overgate •
Martin, l>avid, merchant, Baui's-square and Rose-angl^.^
Martin, George, grocer. West-port . i..
Martin, Alexander, shipmaster, Craig "i'''
Martin,. James, do. do. liiara ^lvi^], Snl^.
Martin, James, manufacturer, Park-wyncifiiJV^ .afiol JiU'A
Martin, William, shipmaster, Murrygate. i-jbaoxyiA .iliM
IMartin, John, slater. Meadow-entry • '
Mathers, Samuel, foot of Taystreet, Nethergate
Mather;;, I'homas, flesher^ Overgate ■ .•
Matthew, Thomas, joint manager for Dundee attd, Perth
i... Shipping Co. CffiGe, Shore, and Fish stree«ia'// ^MlA
IMatthew, Thomas, grocer, Bucklemaker wyml ' '-'"v }r
Matthew, Thomas, fishing-rod and bow-maker, High street
Matthew, James, flcsher, Seagate
!Matthew, James, wright, Murraygate
Matthew, James, cart and plough wright, North Tnystreet
MpJtbew, George, brewer, Overgate

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