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Lime and coal landed within the precincts of the harbour, to the
eastward of the Rood- Yards and to the westward of the Magdalene
Yard, to pay one-half of the dues. ^ ^
Five cubic feet, not exceeding 2i cwt. to be rated a barrel bulk;
but when the weight of five cubic feet is greater than 2^ cwt. then
2 2 cwt. to be rated a barrel bulk.
In weighing or measuring goods, for ascertaining the shore-dues
payable, the weight or measurement of the packages is to be included.
Exemptions Goods having paid dues inwards, when shipped
outward, if they be in the original state. — Goods having paid dues
outwards, when brought inwards, if they be returned to the original
shipper, and in the original state. — Returned empty boxes, barrels,
bags, sacks, and pack-sheets. — All goods, merchandizes, wares, &c,
and all l)easts conveyed in licensed passage-boats from any of the
ferries of Ferry-Port-on-Craig, Newport, Woodhaven, or Balmerino,
in the county of Fife, to the ferry of Dundee, or from the ferry of
Dundee to any of those ferries.
Goods not enumerated in the schedule to be charged by the Com-
missioners in proportion to other goods of similar bulk and value
specified in the schedule.
The following are the rates, by weight and measure, of some of
the most particular articles of import and export, — viz. :
s, D,
Ashes, pot, pear], &c. per ton, 1 6
Biscuit, per ton, 1
Bottles, not less than pints, per gross, 2
Barrels, empty herring, per dozen, ...._. 3
Cheese, per ton, 2s. — Crystal, per box, 3
Corn and Wheat, per chaldron, .2
Oats and Oatmeal, Pease and Beans, do 1 6
Flour, per sack, 24d Coals, per chaldron, 1 4
Cinders, per chaldron, 8d. — Codilla, per ton, 1 3
Cloth, brown or bleached Linens, viz — Osanburgs, Sheetings,
Dowlas, Ducks, Ravenducks, &c. per piece, 1
Sailcloth, Bagging above 34 inches, Tarpaulings and Bi'owns, Of
Bagging 34 inches and under, per piece, and Sacks per 20, ....0 0^
Linen Cloth, when cat down to pay as the original piece.
Clothiery, Haberdashery, and Hoisery, perbb. O'd Dogs, each 6
Earthenware, per crate, Od — in bulk, per 100 dozen, 2 6
Feathers, per cwt. 6d Fish salted dry, per boat,. — • 5
Flax, per ton. Is. 6d. — Glass, per crate, 6d. — In bulk, per ton, 4
Grocery, viz. : — Almonds, cinnamon, currants, figs, per bb, ...0 6
Gunpowder arid Ginseng, per cwt 6
Hemp, rough, per ton. Is. 6d Herrings, per barrel, I4
Hides, per 100, 2s.-Hoops, wood, Is. 6d. per 1 000-iron, per ton,l 6

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