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At the commencement of any establisliment on so extensive a scale
as that of the Police for Dundee, it may have been expected that the
expenses would be greater than if it had been organized for years,
particularly where so much paving, lighting, &c. were required,
and the result is, that the assessmeat has not hitherto been adequate
to meet the expenditure ; it is, however, satisfactory to observe the
great improvement that has taken place in every department, particu-
larly in the watching, under the vigilance of our active Superintend-
ent and his officers.
Copies of the Regulations for Cleansing, &c. have been already
very generally circulated, and may still be had by applying at tlie
Police Office.
Office— Shore.
The Provost, the four Bailies, and the Dean of Guild, ex officii.
From the County — Honourable D. G. Hallyburton of Pitcur,
George Kinloch of Kinloch, A. M. Guthrie, yr. of Craigie,
Adam Tait of Pittermo.
Town Council. — John Sturrock.
Guildry. — Edward Baxter, David Baxter, John Caiman, George
Clark, and William Hackney.
Nine Trades. — James Chalmers, Geo. Gardiner, and Wm. Young.
Seamen Fraternity. — Alexander Martin, Boxmaster.
James Saunders, Clerk to the Commissioners.
Simon Robertson, Collector of Shore-Dues. — James Nicoll, Clerk.
David Barnet and Andrew Watt, Assistants.
James Ogilvie, Harbour Master, — Wm. Wrongham, Assistant.
David Peter, Superintendent of Works.
George Dow, Master of the Graving Dock.
John Tod, Inspector of Weighing and Meting of Coals.
For General Abstract of Harbour Accounts, see the prefixed Tables,
Goods shipped over-side to pay one-half dues only.
Goods imported or exported by persons who are not Burgesses of
Dundee, or who are not free by service of His Majesty's navy or army,
and domiciled within the borough of Dundee, to pay one-half more
than the dues specified in the schedule.

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