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Orange River Colony.
Panama (British Agency).
Penrhyn Island.
St. He'ena.
St. Kitts.
St. Lucia.
St. Vincent.
Salonica (British Agency).
Savage Island.
Sierra Leone.
Smyrna (British Agency).
Somaliland Protectorate.
Southern Nigeria (Lagos).
Southern Rhodesia.
Straits Settlements.
Turks and Caicos Islands.
Virgin Islands.
Remittances to the Colonies for sums exceed-
ing 21s. and to other places abroad may be
made by Money Order.
Deposits of one shilling or more (excluding
pence) will be received to the extent of £50
in one year ending 31st December and £200 in
all. A person may also replace the amount of
one withdrawal during the year. The limits
mentioned are irrespective of any sums
deposited for immediate investment in Govern-
ment Stock or for the purchase of Annuities
or Life Insurances. Interest at the rate of
£2 10s. per cent, per annum is allowed on
Full directions as to the opening of accounts
the making of deposits, &c, can be obtained
at any of the 14,000 Post Office Savings Banks.
: Persons desiring to save by means of penny
postage stamps may obtain the necessary
forms at any Post Office.
Government Slock.
Investments in Government Stock may be
made by depositors through the agency of the
•■ Post Office in " Two and a half per cent.
Consolidated " Stock, " Two and a half per
i cent." Annuities, " Two and three-quarters
! per cent." Annuities (1905), and Local
Loans "Three per cent." Stock. Printed
forms of application and other information
may be obtained at any Post Office Savings
, Government Insurance and Annuity Business.
Tables of premiums may be seen and infor-
mation obtained at any Post Office Savings
Bank. The premiums are payable by deduc-
. tions from deposit accounts in the Post Office
savings Bank.
Dog and Gun Licences are issued at all
Money Order Offices in England and Scotland.
Establishment, Motor, and Private Brewers'
Licences are issued at all Money Order Offices
in England, and at Money Order Offices iD
Scotland where there is a demand for them.
Gun and Game Licences are issued in Ireland
at certain Money Order Offices in districts
where there is a demand for these Licences.
Inland Revenue and Fee Stamps are on sale
at the Head Office ; and, if not in stock, can
be obtained through any Money Order Office.
Charges. — The charge for the first 12 words
is 6d. ; every additional word, £d.
Interleaved books containing twenty stamped
message forms, for Inland Telegrams only,
and a sheet of carbonic paper, may be obtained
at the principal Telegraph Offices, price
10s. 2d. per book.
Every word telegraphed is charged for,
whether in the addresses or text.
Groups of figures are counted at the rate of
five figures to a word.
Prepaid Replies.
The cost of a reply not exceeding forty-
eight words may be prepaid, and a reply form
will then be delivered to the addressee, who
may send his reply from any Telegraph Office
or use the form to prepay any message within
two months, and if the form be not used, the
value of it will at any time within the same
period be refunded to the sender of the original
telegram, i.e., the person who prepaid the
reply, on application being made to the
Secretary, General Post Office, London. The
form must accompany the application for the
return of the amount.
Corrected Addresses.
Should the sender of a telegram, upon being
informed that his message cannot be delivered
in consequence of the addressee being unknown,
furnish a correct address or require the
telegram to be presented a second time at the
original address, he must pay a further fee of
6d. If, however, the new address is in another
town, or, in the case of London, in another
postal district, the cost of a fresh telegram must
be paid.
If the receiver of a telegram doubts its
accuracy, he may have it repeated by deposit-
ing half the amount paid for its transmission
to him. The money will, however, be refunded
to him if it should be found that the telegram
has been inaccurately transmitted. The
sender may also have a telegram repeated back
from office to office on payment of an additional
half rate at the time of handing in, but in this
case no copy of the repetition is given to
sender or addressee.

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