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The amount paid for transmission covers the
cost of delivery up to three miles from the
terminal office, or within the town postal
delivery of the terminal office, if a Head Office,
when that delivery extends beyond three
miles. When the addressee resides beyond
the free delivery, porterage i3 charged at the
rate of 3d. per mile or part of a mile, reckoning
from the limit of the free delivery.
Multiple Addresses.
Copies of a telegram directed to more than
one person in the same free delivery are
delivered at an additional charge of twopence
per copy, in addition to a halfpenny for each
word in the address of the copy. Each London
Postal District is regarded for this purpose as
forming a separate delivery, and when a
multiple address telegram for London contains
one or more registered addresses, the District
initials must be inserted after each registered
address, and be paid for.
Abbreviated Addresses.
Any person may register an abbreviated
or arbitrary address on payment of a fee of
one guinea per annum. Applications for such
addresses should be made to the Chief Office.
Foreign telegrams may be written in plain
language or in secret language. Secret
language comprises code words and figure or
letter cypher.
In plain language the length allowed for a
single word is 15 letters, additional letters
being charged for at the rate of 15 letters to
the word.
Words in plain language in the text of a
mixed telegram (that is a telegram containing
words in plain language and words in code
language) are charged for at the rate of 10
letters to a word, any excess being charged
for at the rate of 10 letters to a word.
Code words must not contain more than
ten letters, and must be drawn from one of
the following languages : English, French,
German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch,
and Latin ; the artificial words must be pro-
nounceable according to the usages of one of
those languages.
Words incorrectly spelled, so as to reduce
the number of letters below the maximum, or
incorrectly joined together contrary to the
usage of the language, are inadmiasable.
hi cypher language, which comprises groups
of figures or letters having a secret meaning,
the groups are counted at five figures or letters
to a word. Figure and letter cypher cannot
be combined in one telegram.
A reply of any length may be prepaid
to a foreign telegram. The amount paid
for a reply is refunded to the sender of the
original telegram if no reply is sent, provided
that application is made within three months. i
Foreign reply forms are only available for sis
The sender can have his telegram repeated
from office to office throughout the whole
course of its transmission by paying an
additional quarter rate plus the charge for an
additional word, the expression " TC " being
inserted immediately before the receiver's
The receiver of a telegram can obtain the
correction of passages which are doubtful, by
paying for two separate telegrams, viz., one
requesting the repetition and the other con-
sisting of the reply, plus one word for the!
name of the addressee. The amount is
refunded on application to the Secretary,
General Post Office, if the telegram has been
inaccurately transmitted.
If the repetition shows that the repeated
words were not all inaccurately transmitted in
the first instance, a proportionate part only
of the amount paid for repetition will be
1. The Department undertakes the con-
struction- and maintenance on rental terms, of
private telegraph and telephone wires between
the offices or houses of firms or private
individuals ; as well as of telegraph and
telephone wires between such offices or houses
and Postal Telegraph Offices by means of
which the renter can receive telegrams,
forward messages for delivery as express or
ordinary letters, or obtain the services of
express messengers,
2. The Department also undertakes to
supply Greenwich mean time by electrio
current at either ten or one o'clock.
3. All applications or communications in
regard to private wires or time signals should
be addressed to " The Secretary, General
Post Office, London, E.C "
The Postmaster-General is not liable for any
losses sustained or expenses incurred in con-
sequence of the inaccurate transmission, delay
or non-delivery of a telegram.

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