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Abercrombie, Brisbane & Brown, 41 St. Vincent place. Tel. /Add. " Props, Glasgow."
Adams, James, & Co., 7 Scotland st., S.S'. Tel. /Add. " Sawmills, Glasgow."
Adam, J. M., & Co., Ibrox Iron Works, Fairley st., Govan. Tel. /Add. " Adamant, Glasgow."
Adam, Thos., & Co., 31 Bath street. Tel. /Add. "Export, Glasgow."
Adams, Wm., & Son, 30 John street, City. Tel. /Add. " Boxiana, Glasgow."
Addie, Robert, & Sons Collieries, Ltd., 127 St. Vincent street. Tel. /Add. " Addie, Glasgow."
Adelphi Biscuit Factory (M'Call & Stephen, Ltd.), 91-95 Adelphi street, S.S. Tel/Add.
" Adelbis, Glasgow."
African', The, Lakes Corporation, Ltd., 14 St. Vincent place. Tel. /Add. " Nyasa, Glasgow."
Aikman & Glen, C.A., 107 St. Vincent street. Tel. /Add. " Actuary, Glasgow."
Aird & Coghill, Ltd., 24 Douglas street. Tel./Add. " Coghill, Glasgow."
Airdrie Iron Co., Ltd., Airdrie. Tel./Add. " Iron, Airdrie."
Aitken, James, & Sons, 25a Hope street. Tel./Add. "Reliance, Glasgow."'
Alexander, David, 43 Mains street, Waterloo street. Tel./Add. " Ohmic, Glasgow."
Alexander, H. & A. G., & Co., Ltd., Eastfield, Rutherglen. Tel./Add. " Chairs, Rutherglen."
Alexander, James, & Son, 164 Howard street. Tel./Add. "Tornado."
Alexander & Steel, 74 Trongate. Tel./Add. " Celebrated, Glasgow."
Algie, Matthew, & Co., 58 Cadogan street. Tel./Add. " Algie, Glasgow."
Allan, A. M., & Co., Forth Glass Works, Panmureet., Firhill. Tel./Add. "Tumbler, Glasgow."
Allan, Arthur, Fletcher & Co., Ltd., 4 West Regent street. Tel./Add. "Bandana" and
" Mouchoir, Glasgow."
Allan, A. & J., 108-114 Candleriggs. Tel./Add. " Goshen, Glasgow."
Allan, F. W., & Co., 125 Buchanan street. Tel./Add. " Fortiter, Glasgow."
Allan, James, & Son, Ltd., 119 Sauchiehall street. Tel./Add. "Brogues, Glasgow."
Allan, John, & Co., 34 Wilson street. Tel./Add. " Segton, Glasgow." ■ .
Allan, Wm., & Cowan, 27 Seamo re street. Tel./Add. "Cedars, Glasgow."
Allan, Whyte & Co., Clyde Patent Wire Rope Works, Rutherglen. Tel./Add. "Ropery,
Allanshaw Coal Co., 74 Bath street. Tel./Add. " Allanshaw, Glasgow."
Alliance Assurance Co., Ltd., 151 West George street. Tel./Add. " Societate, Glasgow."
Alma Boiler Works (James Neilson & Son, Ltd.), 824 Gallowgate, and Alma street. Tel./Add.
"Fireboxes, Glasgow."
Alston & Orr, 139 St Vincent street. Tel./Add. " Security, Glasgow."
Ambulance Association, 176 West Regent street. Tel./Add. " Ambulance, Glasgow."
Anderson, Alex., 24 Regent Moray street. Tel./Add. "Acceptance, Glasgow."
Anderson, A. C, & Co., 135 Buchanan st. and Stock Exchange. Tel./Add. "Anson, Glasgow."
Anderson's (John) Royal Polytechnic, Ltd., 69-99 Argyle street. Tel./Add. "Polytechnic,
Anderson, J. D., & Co., 5 West Regent street. Tel./Add. "Assiduous, Glasgow."
Anderson & Munro, 136 Bothwell street. Tel./Add. " Light, Glasgow."
Andersons & Pattison, 137 St. Vincent street. Tel./Add. " Andersons, Pattison, Glasgow."
Anderson & Robertson, Ltd., John street, Govan. Tel./Add. " Cocoon, Glasgow."
Anderson & Shaw, Ltd., 53 Morrison street. Tel./Add. " Challenge, Glasgow."
Anderson Thos. (Sawere Ltd.), 58, 60 West Nile street. Tel./Add. " Whitstable, Glasgow."
Anglo-American Oil Co., Ltd., 142 Queen street. Tel./Add. "Adoption, Glasgow."
Angus, John, & Co., 64 Howard street. Tel./Add. " Britchen, Glasgow."
Applebys Ltd. Tel./Add.. " Adaptable, Glasgow."
Argyle Rubber Co., 15 Renfield street. Tel./Add. "Magnus, Glasgow."
Armour & Co., Ltd., 3 Walls street. Tel./Add. "Veribest, Glasgow."
Arnott & Co., Ltd., 19 Jamaica street. Nat. Telephone 4685; Post Office Telephone 685.
Tel./Add. "Thane, Glasgow."
Arnot, Jas. L., 204 Bath street. Tel./Add. "Wave, Glasgow."
Arnott, Wm., & Co., Coatbridge Boiler Works, Coatbridge. Tel./Add. "Boilers, Coatbridge."
Arrol, Archd., & Sons, Ltd., 16 Dixon street. Tel./Add. " Arrole, Glasgow."
Arrol, Sir William, & Co., Ltd., 85 Preston street, Bridgeton. Tel./Add. " Tay, Glasgow."
Arthur & Hinshaw, 88-90 Cadogan street. Tel./Add. " Hinshaw, Glasgow."
Atlas Assurance Co., Ltd., 180 West George street. Tel./Add. "Atlas Glasgow "
Austin & M'Aslin, 89 Mitchell street. Tel./Add. " Austin, Glasgow."
Babcock & Wilcox, 29 St. Vincent place. Tel./Add. " Babcock, Glasgow."
Babtie & Craig, Dumbarton. Tel./Add. " County, Dumbarton."
Baird Gilbert T., 34 West George street. Tel./Add. "Equivalent, Glasgow"
Baird, Hugh, Royal Exchange Buildings. Tel./Add. " Alert, Glasgow ' ?
Baird, Hugh, & Sons, Ltd., 29 St. Vincent place. Tel./Add. "Hops Glae°ow "

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