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VERUM M'Lean, Baird & Neilson, 187 West George street.
VICI Campbell, James M., 180 Hope street.
VICTORIA Macfarlane, Dang & Co., Ltd., Victoria Biscuit Factory, Wesleyan st.
VIGOROUS Westwood, A'laoneill & Co., 72 Waterloo street.
VINDEX Maclay, Murray & Spens, 169 West George street.
VINE # Ferguson, Malcolm, & Co., 67 Great Clyde street.
VISION Tatlock, R/obert R., & Co., 89 Union street.
VIVID Kennedy, John., & Sons, 36 Oswald street.
VOLTAIC Glasgow (The) Patents Co., Ltd., 120 Great Wellington street.
VOUCHER Parker, John, & Son, C.A., 89 West Regent street.
VRIL Watson, G. D, & Co., 53 Bothwell street.
VULCAN, Johnstone... Wilson, John, & Son (Johnstone), Ltd., Vulcan Works, Johnstone.
VULCAN, Paisley Fullerton, Hodgart & Barclay, Ltd., Vulcan Works, Paisley.
WAGES Steven Bros., 70-74 M'Alpine street.
WAGGONS Johnstone, Joseph, & Boath, 53 Bothwell street.
WAGON, Motherwell... Mother well Wagon & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., Brandon st., Motherwell.
WALDIE Waldie, James, & Sons, 118 Queen street.
WARDEN Nielson & Maxwell, 142 St. Vincent street.
WAREHOUSE Phillips & Crawford, 48 Albion street.
WARROCH Walker, J. & A., Strathcona drive, Temple.
WAVE Amot, J as. L., 204 Bath street.
WAVERLEY, Coatbridge... Waverley Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Coatbridge.
WEIR Weir, Andrew, & Co., 94 Hope street.
WELDLESS M'Culloch, A. & J., 140 West George street.
WELFARE Smith, Geo., & Sons, Ltd., 80 Buchanan street.
WELLINGTON Young & Alexander, 50 Wellington street.
WESTBURN, Rutherglen...Niven & Craig, Westburn Factory, Rutherglen.
WESTERN Western Motor Co., Ltd. (The); showroom, 70 Buchanan street.
WESTWARD ...West of Scotland Insurance Office, Ltd., 131 St. Vincent street.
WHARFEDALE Payne & Sons, 63 North Frederick street, City.
WHINSTONE Stark, Alex., & Sons, 142 West Nile street.
WHITSON Whitson & Co., 104 West George street.
WHITSTABLE Anderson, Thos. (Sawers Ltd.), 58, 60 West Nile street.
WILDDUCK Imrie, Alex., 54 to 60 Oandleriggs.
WINDING Sayers, W. B., M.I.E.E., 189 St. Vincent street.
WINESKIN Sandeman, David, & Son, Ltd., 53 Miller street.
WINE VAULT..... Rattray, A. Dewar, 188 Dumbarton road, Partick.
WINGS ." Lpckie, Ewing & Maclay, 27a St. Vincent place.
WINTERLY The River Plate Fresh Meat Co., Ltd., 73 Robertson street.
WINTON Galbraith & Winton, 185 St. Vincent street.
WIRECLOTH Rowat, Alexander, & Co., 18 Watson street.
WIREROPE Dixon & Corbitt and R. S. Newall & Co., Ltd., 41 St. Vincent place.
WORDIES Wordie & Co., 75 West Nile street.
WORTHJNGTON Worthington Pump Co., Ltd., 45 Hope street.
WOTHERSPOON Wotherspoon, John, 56 and 58 Market street, City.
WOYKA Woyka, John, & Co., Ltd., 241 Go van street.
WRAPPERS Laird, John. & Son, Ltd., 15 and 15 Brown street.
WRIT Brown & Gilfillan, 124 St. Vincent street.
WRITERS Fyfe, MacLean & Co., 115 St. Vincent street.
WYLIE Wylie & Lochhead, Ltd., 45 Buchanan street.
YOLK Brownlie & Campbell, 7 Stockwell place.
YOST .' Yost Typewriter Co., 127 Hope street.
YOUDEN Youden, John, & Co., Ltd., 165 Hope street.
ZINFANDEL Pearce, C. W., & Co., 139 West Regent street.
( Clyde (The) Stores Co., Ltd., 7 York street.
7VMFAP4 J Hamilton, Potter & Co., 7 York street.
ilINJiAKA \ Corrugated (The) Metallic Valve Co., 7 York street.
^ Beldam (The) Packing and Rubber Co., 7 York street.

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