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Baird, Arch., & Son, Ltd., Cairn-
hill Iron and Steel Works,
Calder Iron Works, office, 1
Dixon st
Cammell, Laird & Co., Ltd.; sole
agents, George J. Robson & Co.,
ISO West Nile st
Carntyne Iron Co., Parkhead
Carron Co. 125 Buchanan street
Coltness Iron Co. Ltd. 138 West
George street
Colville, David, & Sons, Ltd. Dalzell
Steel & Iron Works, Motherwell
Consett Iron Co., Ltd., 75
Buchanan st
Dalmellington Iron Co., Ltd., 138
West George st
DistiDgton Hematite Iron Co., Ltd.
(brand, " Distington"), Disting-
ton ; agents, James Jenkins &
Son, 124 St Vincent st
Dixon, Wm., Ltd., 1 Dixon st
Downs & Jardine, Coats Iron and
Steel Works, Coatbridge
Dunlop, J. & Co. Ltd. 7 Royal Bank
Ebbw Vale Steel,Iron and Coal Co.,
Ltd.; agent, Charles E. Panton,
126 Buchanan st
Ellis, Thomas, Ltd., North
British Iron Works. Coatbridge
Fry, Sir Theodore & Co. Lmtd.
Darlington ; agents, H. M. Lang
& Co. 141 St. Vincent st
Gartcosh Steel and Iron Works
(Smith & M'Lean,Ltd.),Gartcosh
Govan Iron Works; office, 1 Dixon st
Heath, Robert, & Sons, Ltd.; agts.
Alex. Brown & Co., 233 St.
Vincent st
Hill, John, & Co.; agent, Charles
Panton, 136 Buchanan st
Kirkstall (The) Forge Co., Leeds
(iron and steel, round, hexagon,
square or Hat, &c., also bright
compressed do.); agents, Burns,
Morrison & Co., 134 St. Vin-
cent st
MacLaren, C. F. & Co. Stenton
Iron Works, Wis-haw
Martin, Hugh, & Sons, Coatbridge
Iron Work*, Coatbridge
Martin, Wm., Duadyvan Iron
Merry & Cuninghame, Ltd. 127
St. Vincent st
Milnwood Steel and Iron Works
(Smith & M'Lean, Limited),
Moss Bay Hematite Iron and Steel
Co., Ltd. (brand, "Moss Bay"),
Workington ; agents, J. Jenkins
& Son, 124 St. Vincent st
North Lonsdale Iron and Steel Co.
Ltd. (brand " Ulverston "),Ulver-
ston ; agents, James Jenkins
& Son, 124 St. Vincent st
Palmers' Shipbuilding & Iron Co.,
Ltd. ; agent, Charles E. Panton,
136 Buchanan st
Pyle & Blania Works, Ltd.,
Blania Work*, Blania, R.S.O.;
W. B. Ross, 166 Buchanan st
Smith & M'Lean, Ltd. Clyde Gal-
vanising Works, Mavisbank;
Gartcosh Steel and Iron Works,
Gartcosh ; and Milnwood Steel
and Iron Works, Mossend
Spencer, John (Coatbridge), Ltd.,
Phoenix Iron Works, Coatbridge
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. 28 to 32 Oswald st
Stewarts and Lloyds, Limited, 41
Oswald st
Summerlee (The) Iron Co., Ltd.,
172 W. George st
The Glasgow Iron & Steel Co.,
Ltd , Wish aw
The Shotts Iron Co. Ltd. 163 W.
George street
The Wigan Coal and Iron Co., Ltd.
Wigan ; agents, Jas. Jenkins &
Son, 124 St. Vincent st
Victoria Iron & Steel Co.,
Ltd., manufacturers, Coatbridge
Whitehaven Hematite Iron and
Steel Co., Ltd. Cleator Moor;
(brand " Cleator"); agents, Jas.
Jenkins & Son, 124 St. Vincent
Workington Iron Co., Ltd.;
agent, Charles E. Panton, 136
Buchanan st
Wylie & Co. (iron and steel manu-
facturers), Clifton Iron and
Steel Works, Coatbridge
Acme Steel and Foundry Co.,
Gartocher rd, Shettlestoa
Aitken & Co. 147 Bath st
Allison, John & Co., 106 Bothwell
Anderson, J. D., & Co., 5 W.
Regent st
Anderson, A., & Co., 10 Crook-
ston st., off Paisley rd
Arnott, W. H., 90 Mitchell st
Baird, Wilson, 74 York st
Ballantine, Aitken, 116 Hope st
Barclay & Mathieson, iron
and steel warehouses, 163
Centre street
Barr, Wm., & Co., 57 Hope st
Baxter, Andrew, Whifflet Station,
Beedle, Ridge & Co., 116 Hope st
Bladen & Co. Ltd. Parkhead Girder
Works, Parkhead ; town office,
157 St. Vincent st
Braby, F., & Co., Ltd., Eclipse
Works, Petershill rd
Brown, Adam G., & Co.; office,
2 Oswald st. ; warehouse, 42
Brown, A. R. MacFarlane & Co.
Ltd. (and steel), 19 St. Vincent
Brown, Hugh, & Co., 54 Robert-
son street
Brown, Robert H., 10 Mains St.,
off Argyle st
Brown, Stephenson & Co. 101
Waterloo st
Browning, Robert, 27 Oswald st
Bryan & Henderson (scrap), 4
Hospital st, s.s.
Brydall, Robt. & Co. 131a St.
Vincent street
Burns, Morrison & Co., 134 St.
Vincent st
Cameron, William M., 1
Wilson street, Hillhead
Carntyne Iron Co. iron and steel,
Carty, J. L. & Co., Ltd., 219
St. Vincent street
Castel & Latta (and steel), 166
Buchanan street
Chisholm, Lindsay & M' Donald,
107 St. Vincent street
Chisholm, W. S. & Co., Ltd., 40
York street
Chisholms & Hendry Brothers,
Ltd., 28-34 Robertson st
Cie Commerciale Des Colonies,
Antwerp, Belgium; James Dick,
agent, 93 Hope st
Clachan & Walker, 62 Robertson
Clark, Wm., & Co., 141 West
George st
Clark, Patrick (and metal), 23-
27 South Shamrock st
Clydesdale Steel and Foundry Co.
8 1 Garngad road
Colvin, W. & Co. 21 West Nile st
Connell, Campbell, & Co. (and
steel), 125 Buchanan st
Cowan, Wm. B., & Co., 14 St.
Vincent place
Cowie, W. R. 93 Hope st
Crawford, John, & Co., 25 Gordon
Croggon & Co. Ltd. (and metal),
7 John street
Dalziel, William, & Co., 53
Waterloo st.
Davidson & Co. 53 Waterloo st
Dempster, Moore, & Co., Ltd., 49
Robertson street
Dick, James, 93 Hope st
Dimmack, George, & Co., 75 Bu-
chanan st
Dimmack, A. & R, 11 Bothwell st
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. Lmtd. 35
M 'Alpine st
Donald, John, Ltd. 42 Cadogan
Donaldson, Alex. 7 Royal Bank pi.
Donaldson, Peter, 7 Royal Bank pi
DonaldsoD, W. A., 7 Royal Bank pi
Donaldson, W. P. 7 Royal Bank

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