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Law, J. & A.,Rae Street Foundry,
Port- Dcid das
Law, John, & Co. , Glasgow Foun-
dry, James st., Port-Dundas
Lindsay, Chas., Rumford Works,
33 Great Hamilton street
M'Callum & Hope, Ruchill Iron
Works, Shuna st., Maryhill
M'Culloch, Moses, & Co. Cumber-
land Foundry, 168 Gallow-
Maedonald, John D., agent for The
Bo'cess Iron Co., Ltd., 69^
Oswald street
M'EwaD, James, & Sons, Cyclops
FouDdry, Whiteinch
M' Do wall," Steven, & Co. Milton
Ironworks, 142 N. Woodside
Macfarlanc, Strang & Co.,
Ltd. (cast-iron water and gas
pipes, & cast-iron railway chairs
& sleepers), Lochburn Iron Wks.;
office, 204 St. Vincent street
Macfarlane, Walter, & Co ,
architectural, sanitary, and
general, Saracen Foundry, Possil-
M'Kenzie & Moncur, Ltd., 121
St. Vincent street
Maclaren, Robert, & Co., Canal st.,
MacLellan, P. & W. (Limited), 129
Macleod, W. & Co., 62 Robertson
M'Millan, Jas. & Co., Vulcan
Ironworks, Port-Dundas
M'Neil, Chas., 270 West Scotland
Maddock, John & Co. (malleable) ;
agents, A. R. Wright & Co., 128
Hope street
Main,R. & A.,Ltd.,136Renfieldst.
and Gothic Ironworks, Falkirk
Martyn Brothers, (and engineers),
Cbapel gfcj Airdrie
Moses, Wm., & Co., Plantation
Foundry, MLellan st
Mundy, John, Kelvinhaugh Struc-
tural Works, 30 East Vale pi.,
Nisbet, A., Son & Co., StarFoundry,
100 Portman street
Paisley Foundry (Bow, M'Lachlan
& Co., Ltd.), Abbotsinch,
Parker, J. Caird, 13 & 15 Waterloo
Parkhouse Iron Co. Falkirk
Paton & Dick (malleable castings)
154 Howard street
Plantation Foundry, M'Lellan st
Pott, Cassels & Williamson ;
works, Motherwell
Potter, Robt, & Sons, light Swedish
iron, malleable cast steel, and
cast iron castings, Govan Foun-
dry, 50 Helen st, Govan
Richmond, David, & Co., Ltd.
City Tube Works aud Brass
Foundry, 35 Rose street, s.s.
Richmond, David, 73 W. Regent
Robertson & Thomson, 38 Smith
st., Kinning Park
Saunders & Connor, Sanitas Works,
Cross Arthurlie st., Barrhead
Shaw, John, & Co. Maryhill Iron
Works ; telegrams, " Shaw,"
Glasgow ; telephone Nos. Nat.
27 Maryhill ; P.O. 27 Maryhill
Shaw & M'Innes, Firhill Iron
Wks., Springbank. Telegrams,
" Ironworks," Glasgow ; teleph.
Nos. Nat. 3966 Royal, P.O., 29
Smith, R., & Co. 90 Commerce
Smith & Sons, Darnley Works,
Smith & Wellstood, Ltd. 9 to
1 1 Dixon St.; works, Bonny bridge
Springfield (The) Steel Co., Ltd.,
steel (Siemen's process) and
malleable cast founders, 777
London road
Stewart, D. Y., & Co., Ltd. (makers
of cast iron water, gas, and hy-
draulic pipes and connections,
columns, tanks, and general cast-
ings), 80 Charles st. St. Rollox ;
telegrams, " Dys, " ; telephone
Nos. P.O. 618; Nat. 618
Stewart, John, & Co., Glasgow,
Ltd., 28 to 32 Oswald street
Stewarts and Lloyds, Ltd., Clyde
Pipe Foundry, Firhill road;
office, 41 Oswald street
Strang, Andrew, & Co., Ltd., Blair
Foundry, Hurlford, Ayrshire ;
telegraphic address, " Strang,"
Hurlford ; telephone No. 64
Strathclyde Foundry, 86 Arthur st.,
Sutherland, John, & Co., Ltd.,
Coatbridge ; 121 W. Regent st
Taj lor, Andrew (gas and water
pipes), 47 Oswald street
Taylor, Charles W., South Shields,
marine turbine engine castings,
cylinders, propellers, &c. ; sole
agents, W. L. Dobbie & Co., 68
Gordon street
Taylor & Miller (patentees of
Argyle kitchen range), 57 to 61
Oswald st
Tennent, R. B., Ltd., Whifflet
Foundry, Coatbridge
The British Hydraulic Foundry
Co., Ltd., South st. Whiteinch
The Shotts Iron Co., Ltd., 163 W.
George street
Tullis, D. & J. Ltd. Kilbowie Iron
Works, Kilbowie
Turnbull, Alex. & Co. Ltd. St.
Mungo Works, Bishopbrigga
Ure, Allan & Co. Springbank Iron
Works, Keppochhill road ; tele.
Nos. 871 Royal, P.O. 4471
Vono Co. Dudley Port, small cast-
ings of all kinds; agents, H. M.
Lang & Co. 141 St. Vincent st
Vulcan Grate Foundry Warehouse,
48 Renfrew st
Watson, Gow, & Co. Ltd. Etna
Foundry, Lilybank road
Winning, Mellis & Co. Mountblue
Works, Camlachie
Young, Jas. G. 196 St. Vincent st
Malcolm & Findlay, 20 W. Camp-
bell st
Ralston, Goodwin & Co. , Craighall
Iron Works, Saracen st
Speirs & Co , patented improved
construction, suitable
for hospitals, sana-
toria, churches,
schools, cottages,
reading-rooms, motor
tneu-, ^uif pavilions, &c. ; prices
moderate, comfort guaranteed;
designs and estimates free ; city
office, 125 W. Regent St.;
Nat telephone, 1511 Argyle
The Glasgow Steel Roofing Co.,
Ltd., North Western Works,
Baxter, Andrew (and steel)>
Whifflet station, Coatbridge
Bryan & Henderson, 4 Hospital
street, s.s
Dick, Jas., Lochburn rd, Maryhill
Forsyth, John, & Sons, 30
Mathieson road
Galbraith, Samuel, 37 Charles st,
Gorman, John, 46 Henrietta st
Gourlay, Peter, 8-14 Tunnel st
Irons, Alex. & Co., 34 Robertson st
Jackson, John, & Co., Bal-
moral Iron Yard, South st.,
Jenkins Ross & Co., 20a Cook
street, s.s.
Lid dell, J., & Sons, 316 Dobbie's
MacLellan, P. & W., Ltd., 129
Martin, Robert, 12 York st
Pirie, Alex., 154 Bothwell st
Samson, Wm., & Co., 88 Gt, Clyde
Smith, James, 51 Commerce st
Williams, E., & Co., 63 and 65
East Miller street
Woodrow, Alex., 26 East Miller

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