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Reid, Mrs. Mathew S. Camlachie
Station, Nelson st. E.
Eeid, Nicholas M., Camlachie Sta-
tion, East Nelson street
Ritchie Bros. Guahetfaulds Mineral
Ritccie, Jas. & Co. Stobcross
Station, N.B.R.
Ritchie, W. A., & Co., 134 St.
Vincent st
Robb, George, N.B. Mineral Stn.,
Scotstoun, Whiteinch; Nat. tel. ,
1258 Hillhead
Roberts & Berutsen, 24 Oswald
Robertson, C, Bridgeton station,
Swanston st
Robertson, Paterson & Co., 50
Wellington street
Roechling Bros, (exporters), 37
West Nile st
Russell, Alex. & Co. (cannel and
gas), 46 Gordon st
Russell, Robert, Pollokshaws East
Russell, William F., & Sons (ex-
porters), 48 West Regent street
Schonfield, A. & Co. 21 Hope st
Schultz & Co., Ltd. (exporters),
75 Buohanan st
Scott, Thos., 289 Castle street
Shankland, Hart & Co., 88 Great
Clyde st
Shaw, John, 219 Aikenhead road
Shaw, James, 33 Hope street
Shields, Brown & Ramsay (ex-
porters), 104 West George st
Simpson, John, 93 Sandyfaulds
street, s.s.
Smith, Jas. Gnshetfaulds Mineral
Smith, John L., & Co. (exporters),
196 St. Vincent st
Smith, J oho, & Son (exporters),
5 Dixon st
Stevenson, D. M., & Co.
(exporters), 12 Waterloo st
Stewart, A W. & Co., 55 W.
Regent st
Stewart, Jas. F., Cook st. mineral
Stinnes, Hugo, 63a St Viricent st
Stokes, David, Hyadland Mineral
Storrie, Muir & Co., Gower street,
Strange, A. S. & Co 5 No. Park st
Summers, Koelberg, & Co., 166
Buchanan street
Taylor, John, Kirklee Station
Tennent, Geo. 558 Dalmarnock rd
The Budhill Coal and Sandstone
Co., Ld., Station rd., Shettleston
The Glasgow TradiDg Co., 27
Oswald st
The Glebe Coal Co., Ltd., 380
Byres road
The Grange Coal Co., 70 Sword
Thomson, H., Kelvinbaugh Depot
Thomson, Win. 41 Frankfort St.,
Thorman, Robt. (exporter), 101 St.
Vincent st
Union 9 ransit Co., Ld., head
offices, 381 Argyle street;
telephones, Nat. 3137 and
313S Argyle, P. 9. 5162 and
Waldie, Jas. & Sons (and ex-
porters), 118 Queen st
Walker & Cameron, 28 Royal Ex-
change square
Wallace, A. C. & Co. (exporters),
71 West Nile street
Warden & Bell (agents for Pyman,
Watson & Co., Ltd., foreign
coaling contractors, London and
Cardiff), 75 Bothwell st
Warnock, Jno. N 58 Renfield st
Webster, James, Railway depot,
Mount Florida
White, Jas., Ltd., 67 Hope street
White, Rinald M., Kelvinside stn
Whyte, Robt. 11 Murray st
Willock, Broom & Moir, 30 Gordon
Wood, James &Wm., Ld. , 28 Royal
Exchange eq. Depots, Govan,
Stobcross, Whiteinch, Bella-
houston, and Greenock; branches,
London and Birmingham
Woodburn & Co. 40 St Enoch sq
Young, Jas., 289 Ca3tle street,
St. Rollox
Young, R. E , 308 Polmadie rd
M'Phun, J. P. & Co. (wood), 38,
40 Mill st. Bridgeton
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd., manu-
facturers of the Pickquick bar
coal cutter, 47 Broad street,
Addie, Robert, & Sons' Collieries
Ltd. 127 St. Vincent st
Allanshaw Coal Co. 74 Bath st.
Allanton Colliery Office, Wm. Ban
& Sons, 10 Bothwell st
Alloa (The) Coal Co. Ltd. 124
St. Vincent st
Anderson, A. & G. 53 Waterloo
AucheDgeich Colliery Office, James
Nimmo & Co., Ltd., 21 Both-
well st
Avonrigg Coal Co., 74 Bath st
Banknock Coal Co., Ltd, 142 W.
Nile street
Bargany (The) Coal Co., Ltd., 12
Waterloo st
Barr & Higgins, 75 Bothwell st
Barr's, Thomas (Trust), 76 Both-
well st
Barr, Thomas, & Co. 75 Bothwell
Barr & Thornton, 153 St. Vincent
Barr, Wm., & Co., 57 Hope st
Barr, Wm. & Sons, 10 Bothwell
Belltield Colliery Office, Wm. Barr
& Sons, 10 Bothwell street
Bent Colliery Co. Ltd. 127 St.
Vincent st
Birkenshaw Coal Co., 116 St.
Vincent st
Blantyre Colliery office, 1 Dixon
Blantyreferme Colliery office, 142
St. Vincent st
Brown, John, & Co , Ltd., Shef-
field; Glasgow office, 144 St.
Vincent st
Cadzow Coal Co (Limited), office
10 Bothwell st
Cairns, Peter, Espieside Colliery,
Cairntable (The) Gas Coal Co.
Ltd. 75 Bothwell st
Caledonian (The) Coal Co., Ltd.,
134 Bath st
Camp (The) Coal Co., Ltd. 128
Hope st
Cauderrigg Colliery office, James
Nimmo & Co., Ltd., 21 Both-
well st
Candie & Redford Colliery office,
Jas. Nimmo & Co., Ltd., 21
Bothwell st
Carfin and Cleland Colliery office,
1 Dixon st
Carmuir Colliery Co., Ltd. 21
Bothwell st
Carriden Coal Co., 21 Bothwell
Carron Co., 125 Buchanan st
Chapel Coal Co., Ltd, Newrrjains,
Coalmasters Associated, 53 Both-
well st
Cory Brothers & Co. Ltd. ; agents,
F. W. Allan & Co. 125 Buchanan
Cowie, John R., & Co. 53 Both-
well street
Crichton & Stevenson, 11 Both-
well street
Crookston, Geo., & Son, Aiken-
head Colliery, Mount Florida
Cunninghame, Jas. 12 Waterloo st.
Dalkeith Colliery, office, 142
St. Vincent st
Dalmacoulter & Loanhead Col-
lieries, Ltd., 53 Bothwell st
Darngavil Coal Co., Ltd., 12 4 St.
Vincent street
Dow, Jas. A. & Co., 48 W. Regent
Dow, Jas. A., & Co., 48 West
Regent St., and Crossmyloof
Mineral Depot

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