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Flack, D. L., & Son, London,
Cardiff, &c. ; agents, Prentice,
Service & Henderson, 175 W.
George st
Fleming, James, Cockburn build-
ings, 141 Bath street
Fleming, John R., & Co., 57 Hope
Fleming, John, Stobeross Station,
Forbes, Wm. & Co. 128 Bath st
Forsyth, James, coal depot, Bar-
rack Station, Gallowgate
Frame, Alex. & Co. West street
and London rd. Mineral Depot
Frazer, Jas. A., 121 St Vincent
Fulton, C. & Co. (cannel), 45
Hope street
Galbraith,W. J., & Co., 37 Royal
Gardiner, Tbos., 52 St. Enoch sq
Gay, Paul, 200 Castle street
Gibb, Wm. & Co , 16 St. Enoch
Gillies & Co. (shippers), 27 Oswald
Gow, Harrison & Co. , 45 Renfield
Gow, Jobn, C.R. Goods Station,
Grabowsky, E. A. (exporters), 127
St. Vincent street
Guthrie, A. & J. 88 Great Clyde st
Hamilton Coal Co., 40 St. Enoch
Heatly, W. R. (exporter), 53 Both-
well street
Henderson, Andrew, & Co., 58
Renfield street
Henderson, John, & Son, Stob-
eross station, N.B.R.
Hodge, S. P., 74 Bath st
Hornell, John, 12 Millar st., Shaw-
Hosea, George, 104 Berkeley st
Hull, Blyth & Co. (coaling con-
tractors), 124 St. Vincent street
and at 4 Fenchurch ave., London
Husband, Thos , 58 Renfield st
James, Hugh. P. 39 Abbotsford
pi. s.s
JamiesoD, Jas. 55 Closeburn st
Jeffrey, A., & Co , 45 Hope st
Jeffrey, Jas. S., 70 Gt. Western rd
Jeffrey, Wm. J. 37 Minerva st
Johnasson, Gordon & Co. Ltd. (ex-
porters), 60 St. Enoch sq
Johnstone, Alex. M., 336 Byres rd
Johnstone, Joseph, & Boath (late
Allan Weir), 341 Bath lane
Johnstone, Joseph, & Boath, 53
Bothwell street
Johnstone, Joseph, & Boath,
Gushetfaulds Mineral depot
Keith, Hugh, & Co. 5 Dixon street
Kelly, Edward, 41 Crossburn st
Kennedy, John, & Sons, 38
Oswald street
Kerr, Newton & Calder (exporters),
104 West George st
Kerr, Mrs., Queen's buildings,
Kinghorn, John P., & Co., 90
Mitchell street
Kirkpatrick & Barr (exporters),
67 Hope street
Knox, John, & Co. coke makers and
smithy coal fitters, 41 Midwharf,
Lamont, John, & Co. 136 Buchanan
st. ; depots, 1 Monkland Canal
Basin, St. Rollox, Garngad,
Springburn and Ruchill stations;
telephone Nos., National, 1010;
P.O. 1534, telegrams, "Allegro."
Langlands, J. F., 101 St. Vincent st
Lauder, Walter, St. Rollox, West
Lavelle, James, 92 Sandyfaulds st
Lemmon, John (cannel and gas),
61 Grant st
Leslie, John,& Co., 68 Gordon st
Lindegreen & Co. Box 8, Royal
Lindsay, Allan, N.B. Railway,
Crow road, Partick
Lindsay, Crookston & Co. 163 Hope
Livingston & Milne, Kelvinbridge
Mineral Station
Love & Stewart, Ltd., 140 Hope st
Lyle, Robt. & Co. Mineral Sta-
tion, Govan
M'Adam, John C. (exporter), 65
Renfield street
M'Allister, Wm. N.B. Railway,
Crow rd. Partick
M'Callum, John A. & Co. 11 W,
Regent st
Macdonald, John, & Son, 65 Ren-
field street
M' Donald, James, & Co., 11 West
Regent street
M'Farlane, Alex. & Sons, N.B.
Rail. Depot, 70 Sword street
M'Grenra, Patrick, 5 Cromwell lane
M'llroy, James, 191 W Regent
M'Innally, Edward, 90 Kidston
M'Kellar, Daniel M., & Co., 11
Bothwell street
M'Lean, Wm. & Co., 36 and 38
M'Intosh st
M'Lellan, John, & Co., 53 Water-
loo street
M'Mahon Jas. L. 93 Renfrew st
M'Millan, Wm., Cook st. mineral
M'Mullan, Thos., 412 Garscube rd
M'Nair, And., & Co., 196 St. Vin-
cent street
Macnie, J. N. & Co., Stobeross
Station, N.B.R.
M'Taggart, Donald, Kelvinhaugh
Mann, George, & Co. , contractors
(foreign), 50 Wellington st
Marks & Son (cannel and gas),
102 Bath street
Martin, Jas. Kelvinhaugh mineral
Martin, Robt. jun. Pinkston, Port
Masfrand, R., 65 Renfield st
Mathwin,Wm., & Son (exporters),
142 Queen street
Miller, Jas. Son, & Co. 79 West
Nile st
Mitchell, Douglas & Neil, 11 West
Mitchell, W. M., & Co., 57 Hope
Moffat, Daniel, 47 Kelvinhaugh st
Moffat, John H. 93 Hope street
Moodie & Wilson, 124 St. Vincent
Moore, Wm., 5 Paterson street
Morrison, Doig & Co., 5 Dixon
Motherwell and Hamilton Coal Co.,
55 Bath street
Moxey, Savon & Co. Ltd., London
and Cardiff; agents, J. & A.
Roxburgh, 14 St. Vincent pi
Muir, James, Craighall Mineral
Muir, John A., 42 Bath street
Munro, Donald, 17 Larch road,
Munro, George, 27 Oswald st
Munro Rich. & Co. 160 Hope st
Newlands, S., & Co., end of Vic-
toria road, Lenzie
Nicol, David, Kirklee Station
Nishet, Calder & Co. (agents for
Green, Holland & Sods, London,
Cardiff, and foreign coaling
stations), 144 St. Vincent st
North British Anthracite Co.,
depots, Hyndland, College, and
Monkland Basin, 96 Renfield st
Oakman, James, 69 Butterbiggins
Parker & Manson, Craighall mineral
station, Port-Dundas
Paton & Co., 12 Dixon street
Penman, D. A, & Co. (cannel and
gas), 180 Hope street
Pettigrew, R. & J. (and iron mer-
chant), 5 Water st., Coatbridge
Pringle, James C, N. B. R. T ,
Provan, John, railway depot,
Mount Florida
Pyman, Bell & Co., Ltd., 23 Royal
Exchange square
Raab, Karcher & Co., Ltd. (ex-
porters), 48 W. Regent st.
Rankin, James, & Co. 19 and 21
Commerce street
Reichmann & Co. (exporters), 142
Queen street
Reid, Chas. Maxwell Park Station
Reid, Jas., London Road stationC.R.
Reid, Jas., & Co. (shippers), 1
Robertson street

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