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M'Laren, Arch, 6 Chatham place.
M'Nab, Wm. H., F.R.I.B.A, 121
W. George st
M'Naughtan, D., & Son, F. R.I.B. A. ,
t- I.A, 137 West RegeDt st
MacNicoll & Co. (naval), (N. Mac-
Nicoll, M.I.N. A), 6 Dixon street
Macwhannell, Ninian, F.R.I.B.A ,
LA., 58 West Regent street
Mabon, Alex., & Sons, surveying
instrument makers, 95 We6t
Campbell st
Macwhannell, Rogerson & Reid, 58
West Regent street
Makins, W. A., & Son., 79 West
Regent st
Marr, Jas., Marr lodge, 101 St.
Andrew's drive
Menzies, Colin, I.A, 2 West Regent
Miller, A L., & Sods, 122 Welling-
ton stieet
Miller & Black, F.R.I.B.A., I. A.,
58 Renfield st
Miller, James,A.R.S.A.,F.R.IB. A,
15 Blythswood sq
Miller, Robt., F.R.I.B.A, LA, 58
Renfield st
Milwain, Wm. J., LA., G. & S.-W.
Railway, St. Enoch Station
Mitchell, Henry, LA., 219 St
Vincent street
Mitchell & Whitelaw, 219 St.
Vincent street
Money, J. & A. W. 1 3 l.W. Regent
Monro, Jas. M. & Son, F.R.I.B.A,
and A.K.I.B.A., 28 Bath street
Morton, J. Gibb (of G. N. Beattie
& Morton), 121 St. Vincent st
Mylne, Alfred (naval), 81 Hope st
Napier, W. D., patentee of "Ready
Aye Ready " coal bunker fitting,
Cartvale house, Paisley
Neil, Hamilton, 153 St. Vincent st.
Glasgow, and 65 Kilbowie rd.,
Nisbet, John, 112 Bath st
Paterson, A. N., M.A., A.R.I.B.A.,
266 St. Vincent street
Paterson, George Andrew, 14
Blythswood square
Pattison, Chas. A., 96 Renfield st
Peddie, Wm. George, 76 Sinclair
dr., Langside
Petrie, A., LA. 134 Wellington st
Pettigrew, W. M , 3 Germiston st
Pollock, David (naval), 189 Pitt st
Potts, J. Ernest, 116 York drive,
Purdle & Gillespie, 164 Bath st
Ralston, Wm., 6 Marchmont ter.,
Reid, Jas. Campbell, A. R.I.B. A.,
209 St. Vincent street
Reid, John A., 58 West Regent st
Reid, Wm. LA, 196 St. Vincent st
Ritchie, Jas. 209 St. Vincent st
Robb, John, 121 W. Regent st.
Robertson, Andrew, A.R.I.B.A.,
147 Bath st
Robertson & Dobbie, 170 Hope st
Robertson, Jas. C, 219 St. Vincent
Robinson, Charles H., 49 Bath st
Rogerson, John, A. R.I.B. A., I.A.
68 West Regent street
Rowan, Wm. G., F.R.I.B.A, LA.,
234 West George st
Russell & Spence, brewery and
distillery engineers and archi-
tects, 132 W. Regent st.
Salmon, Jas., F.R.I.B.A., 53 Both-
well st
Salmon & Son & Gillespie,
F.R.I.B.A., I.A. 53 Botbwell st
Salmon, Wm. Forrest, F.R.I.B.A.,
I.A. 53 Bothwell st
Scotland, John, 12 Broomknoll st.
Scotland, T. M., Balmoral terrace,
Scott, A. Hamilton, 244 St Vincent
Sharp & Fairlie, 172 Buchanan
st. and 109 Gt Hamilton st
Simpson, Geo., I. A., 233 St Vincent
Sinclair & Ballantine, 95 Bath st.
Sinclair, Geo., AR.I.B.A 95 Bath
Skirving, Alexr. F.R.I.B.A., I.A.,
121 West Regent st
Smith, E. Douglas, 144 West
Regent street
Smith, Thomas, I.A. 3 Church st.
Somerside, Robt. J., 118 Garth-
land drive
Southorn, Frank, 1 07 St. Vincent st
Steel, J F., & King, Post Office
bdgs., Wishaw
Stewart, John, 14 Blythswood sq.
Stewart & Paterson, 14 Blytktwood
Stewart, Wm., 4 Lin wood terrace,
Sturrock & Wilson, 140 Hope st
Sturrock, David, 95 Bath st.
Sutherland, Eric A. 96 Renfield st
Syme, J. Stuart, 175 St. Vincent st
Tennant, Wm. 219 Hope st
The Elmbank Model Works (models
made for architects in wood or
metal), 1070 Arg)le st
Thomson, D. & C. Menzies, LA.,
2 West Regent st
Thomson, Robt., 67 Hope st
Thomson & Sandilands, F. R.I. B. A. ,
LA., 4 Jane St., Blythswood sq
Tukeman, W. J., 141 Bath st
Walker & Ramsay, 123 Welling-
ton street
Walton, H. D., 213 W. Campbell st
Watson & Salmond, LA., 225 St.
Vincent street
Watson, Thos. L. F.R.I.B.A., LA.,
166 Bath street
Wemyss, Robert, 103 Bath street
Whitelaw, Cbas. E., LA., F.S.A.
(Scot.), 219 St. Vincent street
Whitie, William B., LA., 219 St.
Vincent street
Whjte & Galloway, 121 Bath st
Wbyte & Kennedy, 87 Union st
Wightman, R. A., 65 W. Regent st
Wilson, J. Archibald, M.S. A., I.A.,
92 Bath st
Wilson, John B., A.R.I.B.A. and
LA., 92 Bath street
Wilson, John B., & Son, 92 Bath
Wingate, Alex., 13!. W. Regent st
Wright, Alex., 147 Bath st
Wyllie & Blake, 219 St. Vincent st
WyUie, David V, LA, 10 2 Bath st
Yonng, W. Brand, 131 W. Regent
Zamorski, C. J. Lillyburn, Milton
of Campsie
Allan, Jas., senr., & Son, Ltd.,Elm-
bank Foundry, 12 Possil road
Bo'ness Iron Coy., Ltd., 71 Os-
wald st.; works, Dock Foundry,
Falkirk Iron Co. 32-34 Bothwell st
Hill, Thos. & Co. auctioneers and
valuators, 66-68 Robertson st
King, David, & Sons, Keppoch
Iron Works, Possilpark
Law, J. & A., Rae St. Foundry,
M'Callum & Hope, 32 Cadogan
M'Culloch, Moses, & Co. Cumber-
land Foundry, 168 Gallowgate
M'Dowall, Steven, & Co., Ltd.,
Milton Ironworks, 142 North
Woodside road
Macfarlane, Walter, & Co. Saracen
Foundry, Possilpark
Smith & Wellstood, Ltd. 11, 13 and
15 Dixon street
Watson, Gow, & Co. Ltd. Etna
Foundry, Lilybank road
Colquhoun, J. & Co. 32 Possil rd
Landale, Alfred, & Co., 147 Milton
MacLellaD, P. & W., Ltd., 129
M'Naught, John, 81 Hospital st.
s.s; tel. Nos. P.O. 3249; Nat.
258 Gorbals.
Mather & Piatt, Limited, 124 St.
Vincent st
Milners' Safe Co. Ltd. 68 Buchanan
Potier, Stewart, & Hardie, 93
Hope street
Ratner Safe Co. Ltd. 61 Queen st

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