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Aitken, William, 64 Church street,
Artesian Well Water Supply Co.
(Alex. Munro & Co.), Mer-
cantile chambers, 53 Bothwell
st. See alphabetical section.
Henderson, John, & Son, Ltd.
(see name alphabetical section),
General Terminus, Paisley Ed
MacLtllan, P. & W., Ltd., 129
Main, James, & Son, Bonnybridge,
Thomson Bros , Dunfermline, Ltd.
121 West Regent street
Wilson, Thomas, & Sons, 34 St.
Andrew sq., Edinburgh (see name
alphabetical section)
Lizars, J. 101-107 Buchanan st
Scott, W. W. & Co., Ltd., 180
Sauchiehall street
Scott & Coy., 144 Argyle street
Smith, W. A. C , 236 Argyle st.,
and 53 Dundas st. city
Henderson, Francis, Ltd., agents, 79
Candleriggs; telegrams, "Raffia"
Melles & Co. Ltd. 26 Jamaica st
Willis, Nelson & Co., 26 Queen st.
Wilson, Walter, & Co., 60-70
Jamaica street
Anderson & Buchanan, 54 Renfiel
Argyle Rubber Co. 33 Jamaica st
Baird Bros. 97 Bath st.
Cowan, Wm., 48 and 50 Dundas
st., City
Dick, Jas. 107 West George st.
Hill, John, 152 George street
Hilliard, W. B. & Sons, 63 Ren-
field street
Scotland, Robert G., 209 Buchanan
Wiesner, P. R. & Co. 12 Renfield
Adam, Stephen (in stained glass),
established 1866; 168 Bath st
Adam, Stephen, jr. (ecclesiastical
and domestic stained glass), 105
Bath st
Adams, W. Hanbury, & Co., 75
Buchanan st
Adams, W. Hanbury (and designer),
5 Airlie gardens, Partick
Agnew, William, Giffnock
Aird & Coghill, Ltd., lithographic,
24 Douglas st
Aitken, Janet M., 175 St. Vincent
Alexander, Jas. B. (miniature
painter on ivory), 17 Albert dr.,
Queen's Park
Allan & Ferguson, 126 Renfield st
Anderson, G. G, 170 Hope st
Baker, Miss E., Albany Chambers,
Charing cross
Banks & Co. Ltd. (litho.), 65 West
Regent street
Bannatyne, J. J. 461 Sauchiehall
Benson, Jas. (stained glass), 187
Bothwell street
Bertram, Harry T, 103 Bath st
Beveridge, E., 46 Gordon st
Black, Adam, 69 St. Vincent st
Blair, J. T. B. & M. Duncan, 93
Hope street
Boyle, Miss A. F. 37 Cecil street,
Brady, Emmet, 101 St. Vincent st
Brinkley, R. & Son, 230
Sauchiehall st
British & Foreign Glass Coy.
(stained glass and deoorative),
137 Howard st
British Portrait Artist Studio Co.,
195 Main street, Gorbals
Brown, Alex. K., R.S.W., R.S.A,
152 Renfrew st
Brown, Miss H. Paxton, 101 St.
Vincent st
Brunton, M. Campbell, 113 West
Regent street
Burrell, May H., 65 W. Regent st
Carruthers, Jas. (and designer),
85 Bowmau street
Carter, D. Broadfoot, 136 Welling-
ton st
Catteras, Edward R., 122 Well-
ington st
Christie, J. E. 81 St. Vincent st
Clark, Jas. (landscape), 79 W
Regent street
Collins, Wm., Sons & Co. Ltd.
Herriot Hill Works, 144 Cathe-
dral st
Combe & Co. (colourmen), 160
Buchanan st
Corr, Jas. D. (scenic), 988 Pollok-
shaws road
Couper, J. R., showrooms, 22 India
St.; works, 34 and 36 Elmbank
lane ; res. 22 India st
Coventry, R. M. G., 256 West
George st
Crawford, C. P., 128 Hope st
Crawford, R. C, 241 W. George st
Crawford, Susan F., A.R.E. 68
Renfield st
Cunningham, Hector W., 164
Bath st
Dalglish, Elizabeth C, 23 Stanley
street, W.
Dalglish, Wm., 26 Renfield street
Dewar, D. C. L., 93 Hope st
Docharty, A. B., 3 Jane st
Docharty, Jas. L.C., 134 Bath st
Dotchin, James (artists' materials),
83 St. George's road
Dowell, Chas. R., 101 St. Vincent
Downie, John P., R.S.W.,160 Bath
Dunbar, 365 Sauchiehall st
Elder, James, 173 Stevenson drive
Eunson. M., 319 Sauchiehall st
Faulds, Jas., 365 Bath street
Finrtlay, Wm., 175 St. Vincent st
Franks, Hennaker, 119 Albert rd. f
Frater, Henry, 241 St. George's rd
French, Annie, 227 W. George st
Fulton, David, R.S.W., 183 West
George st
Gauld, David, 4 Blythswood sq
Gibson, W. A., 134 Bath st
Gillies, W. G. 58 W. Regent st.
Gilmour & Dean,Lt<L(litho.), 50 N.
Hanover st
Gilmour, M., 179 West George st.
Gorman,Wm. & Co. Ltd., 107 Clyde
St., Anderston
Gray, Norah Neilson, 141 Bath st
Guthrie, J. & W. & Andrew
Wells, Ltd. artists in stained
glass, 237 W. George st
Guthrie, John (decorative and
stained glass), Hairmyres, East
Hahner, B., 409 St, Vincent street
Hall, Jno. C. & Co. (stained glass),
278 St. Vincent st
Hanbridge, J. E., 104 Queen's
drive, Crosshill
Hay, W. Hardie, 112 Bath st
Henderson, John, 207 W. Campbell
Henderson, Joseph, 11 Blythswood
Henderson, Morris, 207 West
Campbell st
Herbert, Joanna L, 69 St. Vincent
Hill & Hodge, 116 St. Vincent
Hillson, A K., & Co. (portraits),
62 Buchanan street
Hood, Miss, 202 Hope street
Houston, Geo., 96 Buchanan st
Hunt, Thos., R.S.W., 227 Hope st
Hutcheson, Walter, 54 Albert rd. .
Kay, Archd., R.S.W. 259 Sauchie-
hall st
Kay, James, R. S.W., Ceann A
Chnuic, Whistlefield, Dumbar-
Kennedy, Wm., 104 W. George st
Kerr, Robert, & Co., 79 West
Regent st
King, Miss (in hair), 15 Houston
King, Jessie M., 101 St Vincent st
Knox Bros., decorative, 16 York

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