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OfTKNSENKrt (The) Zwirngesellsehaft, Ltd., thread
manufacturers, 58 Bothwell street.
Otis Elevator Co., Limited, makers of electric
passenger and goods lifts, News Chambers, 45
Hope at. John Robertson, representative; ho.
Greenville, Paisley.
OT'J'MANN, II., merohant and commission agent, 08
Gordon street; house, 57 Queensborough gdns,
Ouicij-Moijokah Copper & fron Co., Ltd.; Jiis. A.
French, C.A., secy.; registered office, 116 Hope
Our Lady and St. Margaret's Church, 70 Stanley
street, Kiuning park.
Out-Door Blind, Mission to, for Glasgow and
tho West of Scotland, 2 2 1 Buchanan street;
J. Frew Bryden, superintendent.
Outram, George, & Co., Ltd., printers, publishers,
and proprietors, (Jlasgow Herald, (HangtriD Weekly
Herald, and the livening Times, 66 to 69
Buchanan street, and 60 and OH Mitchell street;
telephones, National, 781, 1064, 1066, 6696 ;
Post Office, 643 and 640 ; telegraph address,
" Herald."
Outram, Ballantyno & Crawford, stock and
sharehrokers, chartered accountants and insurance
agents, National Bank Chambers, 185 Buchanan
street, and Stock Exchange. Telephone Nos., Nat.
4481 and 4482; P.O. 877 and 378; tele, address
"Outram," Glasgow.
Outram, James C.A. and stockbroker (of Outram,
Ballantyne A Crawford), ho. 17 Windsor circus.
OVENS, H. K. C. (Royal Bank Scotland), Exchange
OVENSTONE, A. B. (Anchor Line, Henderson
Brothers, Limited), house, The Grange, Busby.
OVEREND & Drummond, wireworkers and iron-
mongers, 142 North street.
Overend, James (of Overend A Drummond) ; ho. 119
York drive, Hyndlaud.
OvicitNKWTON Public School, Lumsden street.
OVERTON, Wm., Limited, saddlers' ironmongers,
Walsall ; agent, A. I'irie, 50 Wellington street ; ho.
212 Langside road, Qovanhlll.
"Ovikkk" Patent Spring Backing Co., patent egg-
box manufacturers, Excelsior Wks., 13 Robertson St.
OWEN, J. J., artist, 3 Gray street, west.
OWENS, R. J., M.P.8., chemist, 183 Duke et. ; ho.
11 Meadowpark street.
OWLEIi, Robert S., cashier (at Copland & Lye's),
ho. 5 1 Rupert st.
0XPORD University Press Depot, publishers, 104
West George st.
Oico, 101 Howard st. Tel., P.O., 4011.
Pacific (The) Steam Navigation Co. ; James
Dorm & Sons, agents, 144 St. Vincent street.
Telephone Nos., Nat. 846 Argyle; P.O., 0002;
telegrams, " Brazil."
EAOITTI, A., confectioner, 143, 145 High street.
Packham & Co. (Glasgow), Ltd., manufacturers
of table waters and Packham's " Olde Englishe"
Ginger Beere, 22 Fleming st., off Garscube rd.
Packing Case Co., Ltd. (The Patent), 116 St.
Vincent st.
PAE, William (of Stevenson & Pao), 10 Stanley
street, Liverpool.
PAGAN, John M'Noil (G.P.O.),ho. 87 Prince Edward
PAGE, Archibald, chief assistant engineer, Corpora-
tion Electricity Department, 75 Waterloo street;
ho. 3 North Banktor. Telephone P.O., W 770.
Page, David, slater and plasterer, 13 Chalmers st.;
ho. 504 Gallowgate.
Page, George, confectioner, 144 Byres rd.
Page, James, slater and plasterer, 3 Armour street ;
ho. Hunl.ly drive, Tan/ie knowe, Oambuslang.
Page, Jas. W. (at Joint Railways), res. Butterbiggins
house, Old Langside rd.
Pago & Sandeman, wine merchants and export
Shippers, 67 Buchanan st. Loudon house, 6
Duncannon st. , Trafalgar squaro. Telegraphic
address, " Bilberry," Glasgow. Telephone No.,
5750 Royal.
Page, Miss, 9 Kersland st., Hillhcad.
Pain, James, & Sons, firework manufacturers;
Stephenson, Brown & Co., sole agents, 101
Waferloo street (late of 51 Cadoganst.); telephone
No. 474 Argyle; telegraphic address, " Stephanos."
Paine, W. H. C. (of Calder Fireclay Co., Coatbridge),
ho. Springfield, Sootstounhill. Telephone No. 194
PAIRMAN, A. B., collector, Cal. Rail, factor's office,
15 Hope st.; ho. Auld Manse, Busby.
Pairman, Thomas T. (at James Ferguson & Sons'),
house, 405 Cuthcart road, Govanhill.
Pairman, Thomas law, teller, Commercial Bank,
Bridge street ; house, 23 Bolton drive, Mount
PAISLEY, George Forsyth (of Peter Paisley & Son),
res. Euroa, Langbank.
Paisley, John (of Lindsay & Paisley), ho. Ferguslie,
Central avenue, Oambuslang.
Paisley, Peter (of Peter Paisley & Son), 82 to 96
Jamaica street ; res. Eildon, Langbank
Paisley, Peter, & Son, tailors and outfitters, 82
to 90 Jamaica st. and 2 to 12 Broomiolaw.
PAISL icv Co-operative Manufacturing Society, shirting
and dress goods manufacturers, Colinslee Works,
Paisley. Telegrams, " Co-operative, Colinslee,
Paisley"; telephone, 128.
Paisley (The) Dye Works (Gibson & Rold),
art dyers, French cleaners, and carpet boaters ;
80 Union st. and District Receiving Offices.
Paisley Foundry (Bow, M'Lachlan & Co, Ltd.), iron-
founders, Abbotsinch, Paisley.
Paisley Road Post Office, receiving house, money
order office, 3 Sedan place ; Win. Bray, receiver.
Paisley Road Toll Post Office, 8 Govan rd.
Paisley Road United Free Church, llavelock ter.
PALACE Brewery, Edinburgh; agents, J. S. & J. Brown,
225 a West George street.
Palace Restaurant, 01 Ronfiold st.; telephone Nos.,
Nat. 1149 Argyle; P.O. 24.
PALERMO Steamers, John Bruce & Co., 67 W.
Nile st.
PaxIETHORPEB Ltd., manufacturers preserved
meats; export agents, James Gregory & Co.,
Central chambers, 12 Waterloo st.
Palette Club (The), Ltd., 27 Newton place; J.
Brownlee Young, 5 Kingsborough gardens, Kelvin-
side, secretary.
PALEREY, Mark, & Co., sheepskin rug manufac-
turers, 01 John street.
PALMER, Adam, tailor, 359 Allison street; ho.
3 Hampden ter.

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