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Orr, Patrick W., artist (drawing), Dundae Vale
Training College ; studio and ho., 9 'JaiHJ street.
Orr, Peter, cashier (M'Kio & Baxter's); house, 36
Alexandria terrace, Govan.
Orr, Potor, JSc Son, dags paper and emery cloth
manufacturers, 280 Cathedral it.- -See Ad. in Ap.
Orr, J'. Hunter, writer (oi Orr & Sclater), house, 7
Beaumont Gate, Howarihill.
Orr, Robert (of Henry & Campbell), ho. 16 Granville
Ht, Went.
Orr, Robert, cashier ('I'lie Clydesdale Hank, Ltd.); ho.
28 St. Vincent place.
Orr, Rowley & Co., solicitors and notaries, 08 Went
Regent Htreet; telegraphic address, "Notaries,"
Glasgow; Nat. telephone, 304 Argyle; P.O., 802.
Orr, K. W. (United Kingdom Provident Institution),
bo. 24 Belmont gardens, W.
Orr, R. Watson, inspector of agents, Norwich Union
Life Office ; ho. 4 Maxwell .square, Pollokshiclds.
Orr, Rev. Samuel Lyle, minister, Milton Free
Church ; ho. '280 West Regent st.
Orr, Samuel, Janitor, Kent road Public School.
Orr & Sclater, writers, £»9 Bath Street
Orr & Son, oil and grease merchants (G 288), 03
Hope st., works, Govan.
Orr, Stewart, artist, 104 West George street.
Orr, Thomas, 4 Boleyn road, Pollokshiclds.
Orr, Thomas G., & Co., marble cutters, 80 1'ossil
Orr, Win., & Johnston, solicitors and notary public,
British Linen Bank Chambers, Coatbridge ; Nat.
telephone 0480.
Orr, Win., teller, Hank of Scotland, Ai.derston
branch, 470 Argyle street.
Orr, Win. Y. (of Allan & Orr), 4 Boleyn road, Pollok-
Orr, William, merchant, 50 Wellington street
Orr, Win., tailor and clothier, 10 Gibson street,
Hillhcad; ho. 21 do.
Orr, Win., wine and spirit merchant and restaurateur
405 and 407 Gallowgate; ho. Maryvillc, Blairbetli
road, Burnside, Butherglen.
Orr, William, mason, brickbuihb-r/and contractor,
21 Crow road ; ho. 38 Dudley drive.
Orr, Wm., B.L. (of Wm. Orr & Johnston), sol ioi I .oi
and N.P., I'.ritish Linen Hank Chambers, Coatbridge;
res. Fairholm, do.
Orr, Wm. C. H., 250 Crow road, Portick.
Orr, Margaret King, spirit merchant, 6 Kent street.
Ouk's Zinc White, Ltd.; .L B. Orr, managing
director; no connection with any other firm; manu-
facturers of Zingessel, the perfect water paint;
210' West George street. Representative, .Join,
ORRAL, G., & Co., jobbing smiths, 144 Wate.loo st.
Osborne, Alexander, & Sonn, wholesale pro-
vision merchants, 45 (Jandleriggs; telephone Nos.
Nat.. 179 Tron; P.O., 07 Hell.' '
Osborne, A. & It., wholesale provision merchants
and hamcurers, 07 to 101 Hutcheson street.
Osborne, A. (of A. & R. Osborne), ho, Capri Heath,
Osborne & (Jo., metal refiners and lead pipe, manufrs.,
1 5 Osborne st.
Osborne, Kd., merchant, 05 Hath st.
Osborne, Geo. S., 2 Queenshoro.ugh gdus., Hyndland,
agent lor Lewis & Tyler, Lid.
Osborne, Hugh (of Alex. Osborne & Sons, 45 Candlo-
riggs), ho. 4 Kew terrace.
Osborne, Hugh (of Osborne & Hunter), electrical
engineer; res. Lyndhurst, Steps Road.
Ohborno & Hunter, electrical engineers, con-
tractors for power and lighting, 108a W. Regent
street ; Nat. telephone No. 779 Douglas; P.O.
Osborne, Jits., & Sons, cartage contractors, 2 1 5 to 210
Centre street, 8.H.; telephone Nos., P.O. X 76 ;
Nat. 1800 South.
Osbourne, J. K., wharfinger, 10 Queen's dock; ho.
4 Lawrence street, Partick.
Osborne, Jas., & Co., produce brokers, 60 Virginia
Osborne, John O. (of James Osborne & Sons), house,
2 Moray place, Strath buugo.
Osbourne, J. Kisk (at Wm. Strang & Son's), ho. 30
Monteith row.
Osborne, M., butter and egg store, 087 Argyle st.
Oabornc, Robert, & Sonn, wholesale provision
merchants, 58 College street; telephone Nos., P.O.,
Bell 125; Nat., Tron. 25; telegraphic address,
" Kosborne."
Osbourne, Robert, collector of Police, &c, assessments,
1 1 Tobago st.
(). borne, Robert (of A. & R. Osborne,), | 1() . Forehran,
Osborne, Robert (of David Fulton & Co.), ho, 10
Prince's tor., Dowanhill. *
Osborne, Robt, Thornton (of James Osborne & Co.),
60 Virginia street ; res. Rhuvaar, Bridge of- Weir,
Osborne, Scott ft West, wine merchants, 15 Grusirie
street, and at lo Rumford place, Liverpool,
Osborne, Thomas, carrier, 84 Virginia St.; ho. 102
West Princes St., Helensburgh.
Osborne, Thomas, Helensburgh carrier, 17 Miller st.
Osborn, W. E. (Wortblngton & Co., Ltd.), 145 Hath
st ; bo. Aldersyde, Prostwiek.
Osborne, Mrs. A. Todd, hon. director of Mission to
Mediterranean Garrisons, 45 Hope st.; res. Rysland,
Osborne, Mrs. Alex., 8 WestbOUrne gardens.
Omihhinu Excise & Hooded Warehouse Co., 41 to 61
Osborne st. and I 14 to L24 King street, city.
Osborne Hotel, loo Sauchiehal] street.
OsbOme's Temperance Hotel and Restaurant,
12 Old Govan road.
Osborne Whisky (Jo., 40 Wellington street.
OSBOBOUGH, J., assist, iiupt., Prod. Assurance
(Jo., Ltd. ; ho. 1 1 Kilmarnock road.
OSIJ'.R, T. ft 0„ Ltd., electric fitting manufac-
turers, (Jeo. I). Hardie, 03 Hope st.
OSWALD, Alfred, lecturer In German, Dundee Vale
Training College and Athenasum ; bo, Bearsden.
Oswald, Fredk., hairdresser and perfumer, 402 Gt.
Western road ; ho. 5 Alberta lerrace, llillbead.
Oswald, G. H.,boot and shoemaker, 282 Rattlelield id.
Oswald, Jas., postman, 1 10 King street, Govan.
Oswald, John, joiner and cabinetmaker, 17 Kent
road; ho. 171 W. Graham street.
Oswald, John (at j. a. M'Ara & Co.), ho. 10
Dnnolly gardens, Ibrox.
Oswald, Or. L. It., physician superintendent, Royal
Asylum, OarlnaveJ.
OSWALD Equitable Loan Co., 88!) Argyle st.
Oswald Street Equitable Loan Compy., pawiibrokers,
07 Oswald Street, City, and 880 Argyle st.,
O'J'ARO, Oujiiiy, & Co., brandy shippers, Cognac ;
agent), John Hopkins & Co., 74 York street.

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