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Baucliop, J. D., LL,B. (of Paul,
M'Nab, & Brownlie), 136 & 140
Hope street
?»Beckett, Chas. E. M.A. LL.B. 163
St Vincent st
wBeckett, Win. M.A. 225 West
George street
wBegg, Wm. J. 150 Hope st
Bell, J. S. 127 Canning st
Bell, Thomas (at Moncrieff, Barr,
Paterson & Co.)45 West Georgest
«Bell, Thomas Scott (of William-
son & Bell), 193 St. Vincent st
Biggart, Lumsden & Co. 105 West
George st
Biggart, Thos. 105 W. George st
Binnie, David Dreghorn,M. A. LL.B.
183 West George street
wBird, David, & Son, 7lA West
Nile street
»Bird, Rob. (of David Bird & Son),
71 A West Nile st
wBishop, Milne Boyd & Russell,
172 W. George st
»Bishop, Jas. C. LL.B., 172 West
George st
Black, A. C. (of M-Grigor,
Donald, & Co.) 172 St. Vincent
Black, Harold J. (of Black,
Honeyman & Montealh), 88 W.
Regent st
Black, Honeyman, & Monteath, 88
West Regent st
Black, H. J. (at Nicolson, Mac-
williara & Co 's)
Black, William George (of Black,
Honeyman, & Monteath), 88 W.
Regent st
KBlack, W. P. M. B.L. 136 Wel-
lington st
Blair, Louis, 94 Hope st
Blair & Sinclair, 144 W. Regent st
Blair, Thomas (at Stevenson &
BrowLlie), 147 St. Vincent st
Blyth, D. 180 Hope st
Borland, King, Shaw & Co. 142 W.
George street
Bowes, William A. 74 Bath street
Boyd, James, sen. (of J. & J.
Boyd & Miller), 190 St. Vin-
cent st
Boyd, James, jun. (of J. & J.
Boyd & Miller), 190 St. Vin-
cent street
Boyd, J. & J. & Miller, 190 St.
Vincent st
»Boyd, J. Milne, 172 W. George st
Boyd, R. Clement (of Mackay &
Boyd), 82 West Regent street
Boyes & Ferguson, 116 Hope st
Boyes, Thos. J. G. 116 Hope st
Bradley, Geo. 68 W. Regent st
Breeze, Paterson & Chapman, 107
Bath st
Bremner, Robt. L., M. A., B.L. 208
West George street
Broadfoot, D. Sinclair, 178 St. Vin-
cent st.
Brock, J. C. 103 Bath st.; ho. 964
Sauchiehall st
Brodie, Geo. 267 Crowe st
reBrodie, Robert (of M'Clure, Nai-
smitb, Brodie, & Co.), 77 St.
Vincent street
wBrodie, Wm. (of M'Clure, Nai-
smith, Brodie, & Co.), 77 St.
Vincent street
Brough & M'Laren, 131 W. Regent
Brown, A. Lawrie (of Geo. Middle-
ton & Brown), 83 Bath st
Brown, Dunlop, & Lindsay, 87 W.
Regent st
Brown, Ferguson & Lawrie, 166 St.
Vincent street
Brown & Gilfillan, 121 St. Vincent
Brown, Henry (at Watt, Son &
Co.), 183 St. Vincent st
raBrown, J, M. Robertson, 120 Bath
Brown, John Blair, M.A LL.B.
(of Brown & Gilfillau), 121 St.
Vincent st
Brown, J. A. 208 St. Vincent st
wBrown, Laurence R. M.A. LL.B.
216 W. George st
Brown, Mair, Gemmill, & Hislop,
162 St. Vincent st
wBrown, Richard (of Brown, Fer-
guson & Lawrie)
?»Brown, R. (of Scott, Craig, &
wBrown, Thomas Stark, 162 St.
Vincetit st
wBrown, Walter Rounsfell, B.L.
227 West George street
Brown, Wm. Austin (at Brown,
Ferguson & Lawrie)
jjBrown, Wm. L. 41 W. Georg st
Brownlie, Archd. (of Stevenson &
Brownlie), 147 St. Vincent st
?iBrownlie, Alex., 227 Hope street
reBrownlie, John (of Paul, M'Nab
& Brownlie), 136 and l40 Hope
reBrownlie, Watson, & Beckett, 225
West George st
raBruce, David, M.A, LL.B. 141
West George st
wBrunton & Miller, 48 W. Regent st
Bryden & Gray, 102 Bath st
Bryden, R. Lockhart, B.L. (of
Bryden & Gray), 102 Bath st
wBuchan, W. M , 2 Kilmarnock
road, Shawlands
Buchanan, W. Connell, 223 Hope
Burnside, Coll. M. 149 W. George
Byrne, Chas. 122 Wellington st
Cairns, John A.M.A.,LL.B.,S.S.C.
(of Watt, Son & Co.) 183 St.
Vincent st
Callander, Wm. A. (of A. P.
Hamilton & Callander), 100
West Regent street
Cameron & Dickson, 74 Bath st
Cameron, George J. (of Crawford,
Herron & Cameron), 104 West
Regent street
Cam mock, Wm. (at W. E. & A. J.
Annan), 112 West Regent st
Campbell, Alex. 176 St. Vincent
Campbell, Angus, 59 Bath st
Campbell, Angus, & M'Kenzie, 59
Bath st
reCampbell, Archd. (of Thomson &
Campbell), 113 W. Regent st
Campbell, Hugh, 227 St. Vincent
Campbell, Jas. M. 180 Hope st
Campbell, John A. 315 St. Vincent
jjCampbell, J. Macintyre, 115
Wellington st
Campbells & Prentice, 227 St.
Vincent st
wCarmont, James H. 140 West
George street
Carrick & Glen, 194 St. Vincent st
Carruthers & Gemmill, 62 Bath st
Carson, R. G. 120 Bath street
wCarswell, Robt., 82 West Nile st
raCarswell & Wylie, 82 W. Nile st
CauSeld, B. 208 West George st
reChalmers, Hugh, D.D. 112 Wel-
lington st
Chalmers, James R., 163 Hope st
Chapman, G. C. (of Breeze, Pater-
son & Chapman), 107 Bath st
Charteris, A. H., M.A., LL.B. (of
Charteris & Hill), 79 W. Regent
raCharteris & Hill, 79 W. Regent st
Christie, Alex. Jack, 116 Hope st
Clapperton, Alan E., B.L., 91 W.
Regent street
Clark & Cameron, 135 Buchanan
wClark, C. E. (at Montgomerie &
Fleming), 241 St. Vincent st
Clark, D. M. 180 West Regent
raClazy, Wm. 0., M.A., LL.B., 65
Bath st ♦
Clazy & Turner, 65 Bath st
Cleghorn & Templeton, 157 West
George street
Coats, James, 145 W. George st
rtCoats, John J. 198 W. George st
Cochran, J. Tullis, 190 W. George
?iCochran, Wm. (of Wm. Cochran
& Son), 190 West George st
Cochran, Wm. & Son, 190 West
George street
Cochran, W. Stevenson (of Wm.
Cochran & Son), 190 W. George
Colledge & Guy, 120 W. Regent st
Connell, Michael Joseph, B.A.,
LL.B., 108 Bath st
Cook, David, 46 Gordon st
Cook, David 35 Dundas st. city

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