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nCook, Wm, (of M'Clure, Nai-
smith, Brodie, & Co.), 77 St.
Vincent st
nCormack, David, 241 W. George
Couper, S. S. (of Forsyth & Couper)
109 St. Vincent st
Cowan, Andrew R. 212 St. Vin. st.
wCowan, Clapperton, & Barclay,
91 West Regent st
wCjwan & Grove, 199 St. Vincent st
Cowao, R. Maitland, 199 St. Vin-
cent street
Craig, Archibald, M.A. LL.B. (ot
Scott, Craig, & Brown)
Craig & Risk, 176 West George
Craig, Wm, 10 Hamilton street,
«Craig, Wm. S.S.C. (Paterson &
Craig), 157 St. Vincent st
Crawford, A. D. 191 W. George
Crawford, Herron & Cameron, 104
W. Regent st
jiCrawford, Jas. 163 W. George st
nCrawford & Laird, 163 West
George st
wCrawford, W. B. (of Crawford,-
Herron & Cameron), 101 West
Regent st
wCroall, A. Wilkie, 219 Hope st
mCrosbie, Warren, B L. (of G. H.
Robb & Crosbie)
wCross, T. 176 St. Vincent street
Ciosthwaite & Gilruth, 237 West
George st
Crosthwaiie, John M., 237 West
George st
Cnllen, Robert, 139 St. Vincent st
MCunlifF & Anderson, 121 West
George st
nCunliff, R. J. M.A. LL.B. (o
Cunliff & Aoderson), 121 West
George st
n Cunningham, Jas. 145 St. Vin-
cent St., and National Bank,
nCurr, Wm. Henry ^.S. (of Nicol-
son, Macwilliam & Co.'s)
wCurrie, Donald, B.A. (Oson),
LL B., 65 Bath st
Cutbbertson, James, 249 Buchanan
Dallachy, Henry, jun., 104 West
Regent st
Dallas, David, 96 W. Regent st
Dand, David, 175 Hope st
Dick, Stevenson & Muir, 176 W.
George st
«Dickie, D ivid U., M.A. B.L. (of
Dickie & Simons), 173 St. Vin. st
nDickie & Simons, 173 St. Vincent
Dixon, Erskiue, & M'Lelland, 179
W. George street
Doak, Robt. A. M.A. B.L. 100 W.
Regent street
Dodds, Walter D. 219 Hope st
nDonald, Alex. 183 W. George 8t
Donald, Ai-chd. H. (of M'Grigor,
Donald & Co.) 172 St. Vincent st
Donald & Binnie, 1 83 W. George st
Donaldson, Alex. 50 West Regent
reDonaldson & Alexander, 97 W.
Regent st
Donaldson, James, 97 West Regent
Donaldson, John (of T. F. Reid &
Donaldson), 92 West Nile street
reDongall, F. G. 166 Canning st
Douglas, John W. 136 Wellington
Downie, Aitons & Todd, 190 W.
George st
Downie & Bennett, 79 West Regent
jjDrummond, Alex. S., M.A., 163
St. Vincent st
Duncan, Hugh, M.A. LL B.
54 West Nile st
wDuncan & Morrison, 211 Hope st
wDunlop, James, M.A , LL. 8., 134
St. Vincent st
Dunlop & Macquisten, 104 West
George st
»i Dunlop, R. M. 136 Wellington st
Dykes, Thomas, M.A. LL.B. 113
West Regent st. and 20 Helen st.
Edington, P. F. W. B. L. 157 West
George st
wEdmiston, Jas. H. 128 Hope st
wEdmiston & Love, 128 Hope st
raFaulds, W. B. & Gibson, 98
Bath street
JiFerguson, Alexr. Bell (Rankin &
Ferguson), 203 West George st
wFerguson, A. D. 22 Renfield st
»j Ferguson, A., F., & J. 139 St.
Vincent street
wFerguson, A. & J. T. T. Brown,
97 West Regent st
wFerguson, F. P. R., B.L. (of A
F. & J. Ferguson), 139 St. Vin-
cent street
Ferguson, Frederick J. 121 West
Regent street
Fergusson, H. P. Gordon (of
Fergusson & Ross), 30 Renfield
Fergusson & Ros^, 30 Renfield st
« Ferguson, John Forbes (of Brown,
Ferguson & Lawiie)
Ferguson, John L., B.L. (of A. F.
& J. Ferguson), 139 St. Vin-
cent street
Fergusson, Wm., B.L. 116 Hope st
Findlay. Jas. 86 St. Andrew's dr.
s s.
jiFindlay, Jas. M.A. 41 W. George
Findlay, J. Crawford, M.A.,L.L.B
157 West George st
Finlayson, Auld & Mackechnie,
144 St. Vincent street
Fisher, Donald, 24 St. Vincent pi
Fleming, A. J. M.A. LL.B. (of
Montgomerie & Fleming), 241
St. Vincent st
wFleming, James, M.A., LL.B. (of
M'Callum & Fleming), 100 West
Campbell street
wFleming, John (of Montgomerie
& Fleming's), 241 St. Vincent
Fleming & White, 135 Wellington
Fleming, Wm. Barrie (of Fleming
& White). 135 Wellington st
MFleming, Wm. G. (of Mitchell
& Fleming), 79 We^t Regent st
Flockhart, John (of Hutson &
Flockhart), 79 West Regent st
Forbes, Arthur, 146 Buchanan st
Forbes, John M. 37 Bai h st
reForbes, Robertson & Lillie, 132
W. Regent st
Forgan, D. L. 302 Bachanan st
jiForsjth & Couper, 109 St. Vincent
raForsyth, James (of Forsyth &
Couper), 109 St. Vincent st
wFrame & Macdonald, 10 1 West
George street
^France, C. 145 West George st
Fulton, Ja^. S 131 W. Regent st
wFyfe, A. Peden, 135 St. Vincent
wFyfe, H. B., B.L. (of F^fe,
MacLean, & Co.), 115 St. Vm-
cent st
Fyfe, James Campbell, 95 Bith st
»Fyfe& Littlejohn, 135 St. Vincent
Fjfe, MacL-an, & Co. 115 St.
Vincent st
Fife, Wm. 225 West George street
reGalbraith, John S. (of John S.
Galbraith & M'GiU), 69 St. Vin-
cent street
wGalbraith, John S. & M'GiU, 69
St. Vincent st
wGalbraith & Mjcpherson, 128
Hope street
Galbraith, Walter, 135 St. Vine, st
Galbreath, John, 95 Bath street
Galbreath & Fyfe, 95 Bath st
G^loway, Andrew, 37 Bath st
Galloway, Edward M. (at James
Stewart), 170 Hope st
wGalloway, R. H. 8 Carlton gards. ,
Kelvinside, N.
Gardner, Thos. 175 St. Vincent
reGemiriill, J. Leiper, 162 St. Vin-
cent street
Gemmel, W. B. 196 St. Vincent st
Gemmill, Wm. 62 Bath street
Gibson, John (of Armour & Gibson)
55 Bath street
Gibson, Robert, 104 W. Regent st
Gibson, Wm. (of W. B. Faulds &
Gibson), 98 Bath st
?iGibson, Wm. 48 West Regent

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