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AGENTS continued.
Young, James, 97 West bow
Dick, James, for South Leitli, Glover str.
Hamilton, James, 179 Canongate
Hav, John, of Calton burj'ing grounds, 21
Caltou hill
Lindsay, David, city, 4 Brown's place
Sime, J. of Ch. of Ease, 30 Crosscauseway
Sime, Wm. of St Cuthbert's, West Kirk
servants' registers.
M'Goun, Mrs, 4 south St Andrew street
Young, Mrs, 32 Lothian street,
Anderson, Donald, Justiciary Court, 371
Prince street
Anderson, J. Murray's build. Grange toll
Craig, David, 12 Nelson street
Currie, Andrew, of Court of Session, 11
Bread street
Ferrier, J. of Commissary Court, 40 north
Richmond street
Finlay, Wra. of Jury Court, 9 Charlotte pi.
Grant, Alex, of Court of Session, 7 Ran-
keillor street
Leslie, Alex, of Jury Court, 165 Rose st.
Morison, John, 1 Stafford street
Rae, J. of Court of Session, 3 Royal Exch.
Veitch, William, of Exchequer Court, west
Norton place
Walker, James, of Court of Session, 7
Cheyne street
Balks, David
Black, George, 63 North bridge
Brown, J. and J. 1 St James square
Bruce, George, 6 James court
Drysdale, A. 4 St James square
Gillon and Conolly, 35 Leith street
Herdraan, D. 13 St James square
Jameson, George, 3 east Register street
Morton, Alex. 14 Tolbooth wynd
Munro, John, and raacer in Court of Ses-
sion, 4 St James square
Munro and Drysdale, 4 St James square
M'Donald, William, 7 east Register street
M'Donald, James, 5 Terrace
M'Lean, W. and J. P. officer, 8 St James
Railton and M'Kay, 5 St James square
Rankin, Daniel, 25 James square
Roy, John, 15 James square
Thomson, W. A. 227 High street
Sinclair, James, 15 St James square
Swanston, William, Writers' court
Wilson, Charles, 5 Terrace
Findlay, Mr James, 1 Elm row
Baker, Thomas, 15 Jamaica street
Ballantyne, James, 30 St John's hill
Brolochan, George, 10 Bedford street
Burnie, James, 1 Canal street
Campbell, Daniel, 10 Elm row
Campbell, T. Good's entry. College wynd
Cuthbertson, William, Simpson's court
Dalgleish, William, 8 Greenside row
Dundas, James, 15 St James square
Elder, Alex. 13 Brown street
Gunn, Alex. 96 Canongate
Hislop, Robert, 9 Jamaica street
j Howat, William, 6 William street
Kemp, Robert, 17 Calton hill
Lawson, Andrew, 8 M'Dowal street
Malcolm, Robt. 10 south St James street
Mochrie, Robt. Reid's close, Canongate
Murray, Thomas, 110 Canongate
M'Gregor, John, 4 east St James street
M'Kenzie, Hugh, Reid's close, Canongate
M'Lean, Charles, 14 Waterloo place
Neilson, John, 29 Yardheads
Orr, Andrew, 27 Hercles street
Rank en, John, Haddington's entry
Robertson, Alexander, 26 Cumberland st.
Russell, George, Coburg street
Sinclair, John, 5 Caltonhill
Tait, Wm. Poplar lane. Links
Taylor, James, 1 1 Roxburghe street
Tiviotdale, William, 1 Charles street
Wood, John, 2 Windmill lane
Murray, John, 108 Cowgate
Paterson, James, 36 Tolbooth wynd
Aitchison, Donald, 68 Rose street
Bishop, Willaim, 1 Quality street
Borthwick, David, 4 Greenside place -
Buchanan, James, 10 Elder street
Henderson, David, 9 Gibb's entry
Kemp, J. 12 north St David street
M'Lean, G. 53 Thistle street
Williamson, William, 127 Rose street
BufFrey, Joseph, Innes' court, 93 Pleasance
Chapman, William, 15 Catherine street
Dickson, John, 63 Prince street
Laing, W. 92 Prince street
M'Lachlan, William, 24 Frederick street
Pratt, John, 18 Hanover street
Ross, Daniel, 9 south St Andrew street
Scott, David, 10 Nicolson street
Thomson, Alexander, 3 Drummond street

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