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AGENTS continued.
Blyth, James, 20 Pilrig street
Blyth, R. B. 128 High street
Brooks, Wm. Morrison's universal pills,
115 Kirkgate
Bruce, AndrevT, and collector of accounts,
84 High street
Campbell, Hector, 3 Shore
Camei'on, Alex. Ben Nevis distillery, 485
Carnegie, J. commercial, 37 George street
Charles, George, 2 Downie place
Comon, D. commercial, 6 Lady Lawson's
vvyu d
Cree, William, 3 Ronaldson's buildings
Duxbury, Thomas, 1 Park street
Elder, Henry, general commissioner, 35
Leith street
Fisher, John, 6 Cumberland street
Forrest, William, 48 Rose street
Gall, J. for the sale of Syke's hydrometers,
and Bates' patent saccharometers, 48
London street
Gellatly, John, Carron Co. Smith place
Geddes, James and glass dealer, 9 Union
Gilliot, John, 5 Hermitage place
Gilson, Joseph, 43 Hope park end
Glen, W. and J. and spirit merchants,
54 Grassmarket
Grant, Wm. commission, 14 Elbe street
Grieve, W. for Sunbury distillery, 31 Gil-
mour place
Halket, Samuel, 60 Cumberland street
Hamilton, Thomas, general, 12 Hill square
Huie, A. commission, 297 High street
Hunter, David, commercial, 4 Hay's court
Hutchison, J. & W. genera!, 57 North bri.
Johnston, James, General Packet office,
25 Prince street
Johnston, J. F. 16 Prince street
Johnson, Michael, 3 Bristo street
Kippen, Alex, commercial, Charlotte lane,
Lawrie, G. general, 6 Infirmary street
Little, James, 77 Rose street
Livingston, Alex, general, 17 west Nicolson
Livingston, John, mercantile, 7 Roxburgh
Livingston, P. mercantile, 3 & 5 Brighton
Luke, Joseph, general, Robb's court
Mabon, Thomas, 105 South bridge
Marshall, Robert, commission, Middlefield,
Leith walk
Martin, Alex. 5 south College street
Miller, William, jun. Coburg street
Milne, John, general, 2 Roxburghe terrace
Mitchell, R. B. commercial, 1 7 Portland pi.
Morrison, Rob. commission, 4 Hunter sq.
AGENTS continued.
Muir, Andrew, general, 11 South bridge
M'Alister, James, 4 Haddington place
Macara, Charles, 9 Henry street
M'Crummen, D. kelp stores, foot of Leith
M'CuUoch, D. commission, 4 south back of
M'Donald, D. commission, 12 Beaumont pi.
M'Grigor, Rob. general commission, 3
Broughton street
M'Hutcheon, W. 60 North bridge
M'Kay, James, 10 Hunter square
M'Lachlan, Donald, general, 1 Chapel lane,
Newton, Charles, 1 1 Leopold place
Oliphant, Francis, merchant and general,
10 Graham street
Paterson, Henry, 27 Howard place
Patison, William, 31 Constitution street
Pattison, Wm. and plate glass warehouse,
24 Greenside place
Pearson, James, 10 Shore
Perkins, John, general, 1 Pilrig place
Rae, John, commercial, 43 Broughton str.
Raniage, David, commercial, 18 Lothian st.
Ranken, James, steam boat and coal, 3
Prince street
Reith, J. commercial, 11 east Adam street
Reuton, J. 3 Antigua street
Ross, John, of General Post office, and
agent for the Annuity Loan office, 2
Comely green
Shaw, Wm. lace, 1 1 Hanover street
Sievwright, J. general, 102 South bridge
Sinclair, John, merchant and general, 16
west Nicolson street
Small, George, commission, 23 Downie pi.
Smith, James, jun. general commission,
13 Quality street
Smith, William, 9 Giles street
Soraerville, John, general, 85 Constitu. st.
Spittal, John, 79 South bridge
Stevenson, James, general, 29 Gilmour pi.
Sutherland, A. dealer in ivory, & general,
7 Broughton place
Thom, David, commercial, 7 Annandale st.
Thomson, Peter, general. Lady Stair's clo.
Thomson, Robert, 32 Bridge street
Tod, J. B. 1 Annandale street
TuUy, J. C. 5 Davie street
Tweedie, John, general, 32 Rankeillor str.
Wake, CO. 16 Prince street
Wentworth, W. Fitzwilliam, R. N. resident
agent for transports, 30 Constitution st.
White & Clark, general, St Anthony court,
Wilson, Robert, and Co. general, 2 Dock
Wright, George, mercantile, 7 Hunter sq.
Wright, James, 1 Danube street

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