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STATIONERS continued.
Elder and Ogilvy, and booksellers, 1 Hope
street, Charlotte square
Ferguson, Thos. and Co. paper warehouse,
opposite Custom house
Geddes, Alexander, 30 Clerk street
Greenhill, John, 10 Bank street
Henderson, J. and book and chart seller,
73 Tolbooth wynd
Hunter, W. jun. and bookseller, and libra-
rian, 4 Howe street
Kiunear, Robert, & circulatinof library, &
stamp distributor, 29 Frederick street
Laurence, G. and bookseller and binder,
Bernard street
Morris, Robert, 7 west Register street
M'Lean, A. W, 23 west Register street
Macniven, P. and W. and rag merchants,
23 Blair street
Petrie and Co. 7 Abbey strand
Pollock and Co. 19 Blair street
Proven, Misses, 7 Bank street
Ritchie, James, 158 High street
Scott, James, 13 Blair street
Shaw, A. W. 2 west Register street
Stephen, Thomas, 34 Bristo street
Sutherland, Daniel, 22 Lothian street
Sutherland, D. R. 130 High street
Watt, P. and music seller, 30 Bernard st.
Black, John, and binder, 20 South bridge
Clerk, T. 41 Lothian street
Currie & Lamb, & binders, 10 Hunter sq.
Napier, William, Advocates' close
Paterson, John, 33 Bernard street
Williamson, Francis, Bonnington bridge
Aikman, A. and general copier, 33 Bristo st.
Meek, David, 14 Clerk street
Whytock, William, 2 east Preston street
Duncan, A. and Son, 20 so. St Andrew st.
Lipman, H. and pencil, 9 Greenside place
Muir, James, 33 Richmond place
Skeaf, J. and stationer, and circulating
library, 3 Hanover street
Ezekiel, Moses, 9 Greenside ])lace
Stewart, Thomas, & Co. Brickwork close
(See also Engravers and Printers.)
Aikman, Alex. T. 84 High street
ENGRAVERS continued.
Aikman, George, 29 North bridge
Archibald, William, 89 Causewayside
Bartholomew, George, 6 Leopold place
Bartholomew^ John, 4 east St James street
Beugo, John, 34 South bridge
Clerk, Thomas, 22 St James square
Craig, John, 33 Thistle street
Dick, Thomas, 23 Bristo street
Gavin, David, 18 North bridge
Haig, Henry, 7 Brighton street
Heatherhill, D. 39 High street
Horsburgh, John, 3 Archibald place
Howison, William, 227 High street
Irvine, John, 71 St Mary's wynd
Jeffrey, Robert, 6 Milne square
Johnstone, John, 170 High street
Kirk wood, R. 11 south St Andrew street
Lunn, Robert, 9 Davie street
Mason, Robert, 13 Union street
Muller, William, 4 Hope park
Mitchell, Edward, 17 Union place
Mitchell, James, 94 Pleasance
Mitchell, William, 23 south Richmond st.
Moffat, John, and Co. 227 High street
Stuart, James, 63 North bridge
Tod, John, Burnet's close
Townsend, F. and enameller, 10 south
College street
Wilson, Andrew, 13 Hill place
Wright, Alexander, 24 Leith wynd
( See also foregoing and following heads. )
Allison, Wm. and stationer, 7 Jamaica st.
Christie, Peter, 108 High street
Clark, Robert, 64 Leith street
Edmonstone, Francis, 23 North bridge
Fox, P. & D. and letterpress, 32 Fountain-
Gavin, H. 8 North bridge
Gellatly, John, 10 west Register street
Home, Robert, 493 Lawnmarket
Johnston, W. & A. K. 160 High street
Johnstone, James, 20 North bridge
Kirkwood, Jas. & Son, and lithographic,
II south St Andrew street
Lizars, W. H. 3 St James square
Menzies, John, 199 High street
Mould, J. B. 129 High street
Murphy, William, 142 High stieet
Scott, Robert, 63 Prince street
Smart, R. C. 20 Elm row
Street, Francis, 103 High street
Thomson, C. 133 High street
Walker & Co. and music, 2 North bridge
Bruce, Jas. and stamp cutter, 3 Potterrow
Gall, James, 24 Niddry street

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