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( See also Jewellers and Lapidaries. )
Butters, Laurence, 8 South bridg-e
Crerar, P. and toy mercht. 51 Nicolson st.
Deuchar, Alexander, to his majesty, and
general agent, 44 Prince street
Forbes Henry, and jeweller, 64 Prince st.
King-, James, and lapidary, and jeweller, 59
Prince street
Kirkwood, Henry, 1 1 south St Andrew st.
Laing, H. and manufacturer of Tassie's
composition seals, 32 Prince street
Murdoch, Charles 5 North bridge
M'Dowall, John, 2 South bridge
M'Kean, James, 23 Clyde street
Watt, David, 37 North bridge
Bird, J. B. 55 Cumberland street
Walker, William, 22 London street
Neilson, William, south Foulis's close
Harrison, Benjn, and stationer, 33 George
Ebsworth, Joseph, and bookseller, 23
Elm row
( See also Engravers and Copperplate Printers. )
Ballantine, 14 Terrace, Leith street
Bell and Co. and copperplate, 1 west
Register street
Bell, J. W. 4 Maryfield
Crichton, Alex, and stationer, 27 west
Register street
Forrester, Alexander, 16 Broughton place
Forrester, and Nicol, 10 George street
M'Donald, J. and copperplate, Dunbar's cl.
High street
Leslie, 1 Stafford street
Nimmo, R. H. 30 Hanover street
Peck, William, and Co. 24 Greenside pi.
Turner, James, 1 Lothian road
( See also Silversmitlis and following heads. )
Caw, John B. and dealer in bullion, 18
North bridge
Cunningham, Simon, 25 Lanriston
Cunningham, William, and jeweller, 51
North bridge
Forrest, William & Co. and watchmakers,
49 North bridge
Goldsmith's Hall, 98 South bridge
Henderson, Alexander, 52 Rankeillor st.
Johnston, Thomas, & diamond paste manu-
facturer, & lapidary, 42 Hanover street
Marshall, William, to the king, 64 North
GOLDSMITHS continued.
Mossman and Sons, and silver smiths, 11
North bridge
Wright, Thomas, and dealer in foreign
coins, 25 New street
Newbigging and Dickson, 19 east Rose st.
Wright, Francis, 69 Prince street
( See also foregoing and following heads. )
Arnot, James, 30 Rose street
Ashenheim, J. corner of North bridge and
High street
Bayall, W. H. 18 Leopold place
Bell, George, 44 North bridge
Carfrae, Robert, 30 west Register street
Cockburn, W. S. 82 Prince street
Cunningham, John, 21 south College st.
Ewart, David, 278 Canougate
Forsyth, Samuel, 13 Frederick street
Fraser, R. and Co. and lapidaries, and seal
engravers, 17 south St Andrew street
Graham, Michael, 6 Charles street
Haxton, Richard, 11 Potterrow
Henderson, William, Dalkeith road
Henemen, M. 17 Carnegie street
Hogarth, George, 63 North bridge
Howden, James, and Co. 56 North bridge
Jacobs, A. and watchmaker, 41 north
Richmond street
Johnston, Tho. and lapidary, 1 Waterloo
Lawrie, William, 8 Shakespeare square
Lisenham, J. and general agent, 11 Rox-
burghe street
Mackay and Cunningham, and goldsmiths,
47 North bridge
M'Kenzie, J. and hardware merchant, 39
Nicolson street
Marshall, F. J. and W. 41 George street
Marshall and Sons, to his majesty, 62
New buildings
Marshall, William, & hardware merchant,
290 Lawnmarket
Millidge, Edwin, and dealer in coral and
pearl beads, 13 North bridge
O'Donnell James, 7 Broughton street
Robertson, William, 6 Beaumont place
Strain, Hugh, 14 Union place
Watt, Alexander, H. 100 Lauriston place
Winter, Robert, and silversmith, 28 South
( See also foregoing and following heads. )
Anderson, John, 20 west Register street
Boston and Brown, 21 Leith street
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