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Chairman and Convener — The Lord Provost.
Members from the City — Lord Provost;
Bailies Miller, Russell, Skinner, Fyfe,
Lewis, and Cousin ; Councillor Black-
adder ; and Wm. Handyside of Corn-
Members from the County — R. Dundas of
Arniston ; William L. Whyte of Keller-
stain ; Jas. Gibson Thomson, 14 York
place ; H. Maxwell Inglis of Logan-
bank; Sir A. C. R. G. Maitland of
Cliftonhall, Bart., M. P. ; Mr Wardlaw
Ramsay of Whitehill.
General Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month.
Meeting is held on the 18th of May.
Members from Leith — Provost James Watt,
and Baillie William Steven.
Member from Musselburgh — Bailie A.
Member from Portobello — Provost Wood.
Member ex-officio — The Sheriff (in his
absence, the senior Sheriff-substitute)
of the County.
Clerk to the. Board — David Murray, C.A.,
Accountant ; chambers, 46 George st.,
Governor of Prison — John Smith.
The Annual Statutory
Committee — The Lord Lieutenant, The Sheriff, Earl of Dalkeith, Viscount Melville, Lord
Elphinstone, Sir W. Gibson-Craig, Bart., Sir Archibald Hope, Bart., Sir J. G. Baird,
Bart., Sir A. C. R. Gibson-Maitland, Bart., M.P., Sir D. Dundas, Bart., Robert Dundas,
Richard Trotter, William Logan White, Harry Maxwell Inglis, Captain Tod, R. B.
Wardlaw Ramsay, The Provost of Portobello, The Provost of Musselburgh, and Bailie
Smart, Musselburgh.
Clerk— 3. M. Balfour, W.S., 4 Thistle court, Edinburgh.
General Meetings— Tuesday, 18th January; Tuesday, 15th March; Saturday 30th April ;
Tuesday, 19th July ; Tuesday, 4th October ; and Tuesday, 15th November, at twelve
Head Office, County Buildings, Edinburgh.
1. Joek's Lodge
9. Penicuik
17. Mid-Calder
23. Granton Pier
2. Portobello
10. Burdiehouse
18. East Calder
24. Newton Grange
3. Duddingston
11. Lasswade
19. Ratho
25. Milton Cottages
4. Musselburgh
12. Gilmerton
20. Corstorphine
26. Roslin
5. Dalkeith
13. Slateford
21. Davidson's
27. Millerhill
6. Pathhead-Pord
14. Currie
28. Temple
7. Gorebridge
15. Kirknewton
22. Coltbridge
29. Colinton
8. Stow
16. West Calder

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