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Scott, John, cashier in Union Bank, .house 1 Gauze st.
Scott, John, shoemaker, 3 Lawn street
Scott, Robert, shawl manufacturer, 43 West Broomlands
Scott, Robert, & Co. wholesale and retail woollen draper
(up one stair) Christie's buildings, 271 High street
Scoullar, Thos. victualler and spirit dealer, 51 Caledonia s
Scroggie, James, dyer, 65 New Sneddon. .ho?ise 41 do.
Scroggie, John, .house 20 Love street ^fe
Semple, Hugh, grocer and spirit dealer, '^si High street
Semple, David, writer, 78 Moss street
Semple, John, stocking maker, 166 High street
Seymour, Francis, manager Theatre, New Smith-hills
Shannon, Samuel, cloth lapper, 162 Causeyside
Sharp, Misses, dress makers, 26 Storie street
Sharp, Thomas, manufacturer, .house 29 New street
Sharp, William, manufacturer, .house George place
Shaw, Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, 40 Maxwellton
Shaw, Duncan, grocer and vintner, 18 Maxwellton street
Shaw, James, glazier, 6 Queen street
Shearer, James, .house 2 West street
Shedden, John, manufacturer, 16 Causeyside
Shirlaw, Thomas, wright, 2 Queen street
Shirlaw, Wm. hair dresser and wig maker, (up 1 stair) 23
High street
Sim, Duncan, baker, 19 Storie street
Sim, James, foreman, 17 Carlile place
Sim, James, vintner, Millerston
Sim, Simon, sen. baker, 7 Glen street
Sim, Simon, jun. baker, 9 Moncrieff street
Sim, Wm. hard and soft soap manufacturer, 4 West Croft st
Stmm, Robert, /eiear, 31 Wellmeadow street
Simm, WiUiam, spirit merchant, 31 Moss street
Simpson, A. H. writer, .house 128 High street
Simpson &; Martin, writers, Christie's Buildings, 5 Terrace
up one stair
Sinclair, Archd. grocer & spirit dealer, 4 South Croft street
Sinclair, Archd. hat maker, 227 High street, .house 226 do
Sinclair, Daniel, hat maker, 15 Dyers' wynd
Sinclair, D. shoe maker, 3 New Smith-hills
Sinclair, John, & Co. grocers, 15 Caledonia street
Slater, David, warper, 19 Old Smith- hills

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