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Rodger, Robert, writer, 2 Lawn street., -house Love street
Rodman, Dr. John, 1 Orr street
Ronald, James, wright and grocer, 95 New Sneddon
Ronald, Mrs. mangier, ,243 High street
Ronald, Mrs. milliner, 108 High street
Ronald, William, builder, 6 St. James' st.
iRorrison, David, painter, 16 Old Smith-hills
Ross &; Dunc^ thread manufacturers, Abercorn street
Ross, James, cowfeeder, 22 George street
Ross, Js. & Co. spirit dealers, &; carrier's quarters, 87 High st.
Ross, John, sen. thread manufacturer, .ho. 31 Oakshaw st.
Ross, P. teacher, 81 George. St.. .ho. 44 West Broomlands
Ross, Thomas, manufacturer, 9 Orchard street
Rowand, Abraham, wright, 16 King street
Rowand, Andrew, farmer, 16 Ferguslie
Rowand, Ivie, (Caledonian Inn) Caledonia street
Rowand, Mrs. spirit dealer and carrier's quarters, 7 New st.
Rowand, Robert, fiesher, 69 High street
Rowat, Robert, manufacturer, 13 Wardrop street
Roxburgh, Catharine, grocer, 5 Wardrop street
Roxburgh, John, manufacturer, 93 Canal street
Roy, John, spirit dealer, 98 New Sneddon
Roj, William, & Co. dyers, 12 New street
Rule, Alexander, baker, 26 High street
Rule & Gilmour, cotton yarn merchants, 166 Causeyside
Rule, John, baker, 37 Orchard street
Rule, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 197 High street
Rule, Mrs. .house 13 Abbey street
Russel, Andrew, beamer, 9 Gauze street
Russel, Js. architect, Garthland place, .ho. three-mile house
Russel, John, fiesher, 13 Broomlands
Russel, John, grocer, 29 Broomlands
Russel, John, Scotch cloth and shawl warehouseman
iRussel, Thomas, beamer, West Buchanan street
SAUCEL Brewery Company, 13 Saucel
Saucel Distillery, King street, Saucel
iSanderson, John, brush maker, 222 High street
Sandilands, Robert, cooper, 77 High street
Savage, John, teacher, Orr street

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