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Ever since the middle of the 17th century, Logie has
been considered as appertaining to Dundee, a part of the
stipend belonging to it being allowed to the Vicar of Dun-
dee ; and it is said that part of the Overgate and west side
of the Hillton belonged to Logie.
The inhabitants of Dundee and Craigie have right to a
burying-place in the Rood-yards. There was of old a Chapel
on it — the Chapel of the Cross. During the time of the
dispute with the Kirk Session anent burying in the Rood-
yards, there was found a large fiat-stone, and on it, " The
burial-place of the Kyds of Craigie ;" from one of whom
the late Mr Guthrie bought the estate nearly 90 years ago.
James Stark, who died in 1800, was for 60 years a book-
seller in Dundee, and when young, was a servant to the
celebrated Allan Ramsay, the Scottish poet.
IN THE YEAKS 1746 AND 1799.
[Extracted from two humorous letters which appeared in the Dundee
Magazine of 1799, under the signature of Philetas]
" Tho' gone the actors, and tho' old the date,
" What I have seen permit me to relate."
Tempora mutantur, Mr Editor, since 1 first studied my
hornbook (now full half a century ago) under good Dame
Gilchrist; The Town of Dundee, I may say, then lay in
the compass of a nut-shell. At the close of a civil war and
rebellion, Scotland was sadly torn and divided, and in a
state of lamentable distraction and idleness. Manufactures
(in so far as they were advanced) were almost wholly at a
stand ; men were in a high fever of political delirium ; pro-
perty was no where safe (my father's black gelding was
taken out of his stable by adventurers) ; and the credit of
the country was naturally suspected and limited. From
repeated insurrections, the happy effects of the union with
England had not yet been felt, and its consequent blessings
were of course unexperienced and unknown.

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