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IV. An English translation of the foresaid epigrams; the ore
by the learned Basil Kennet, Principal of Corpus Christi
College, Oxford, author of the treatise on Roman Antiqui-
ties, and translator of the famous Monsieur Pascal's excellent
Thoughts on Religion ; the other by Mr William Lauder,
one of the Masters of the Grammar School of Dundee.
JV. B. — Each of these plates shall be adorned with all
proper embellishments, and performed in the most elegant
manner possible, by the ablest hands ; with proper dedica-
tions prefixed to each, viz.
The 1st, To the Right Hon. the Lord Provost, Magi-
strates, and remanent Members of the Town Council of
2d, To the Rev. Members of the Presbytery of Dundee.
3d, To the good Citizens, Ladies, Gentlemen, and other
Inhabitants of the Town of Dundee; with the Gentlemen's
coats of arms engraven round the plate ; or, in case the
plate cannot conveniently contain the same without being
greatly disfigured, to be done in a distinct copperplate by
itself, if the encouragement afforded will allow it.
4th, To the Nine different Corporations of the Trades
of Dundee ; with the arms of all the different Trades curi-
ously engraven about the plate; with the names of the
Deacon-Convener, and all the other present Deacons, en-
grossed at full length.
If the above Proposals should meet with a favourable
reception from the public, and due encouragement from
the good Citizens, Ladies, Gentlemen, and other Inhabi-
tants of the place, for whose honour and satisfaction this
Work is chiefly undertaken, as we hope it will, especially
as it is the first essay of the kind that ever was performed
in the kingdom, in so extensive a plan, all possible care shall
be adhibited to execute every particular in the proposals
with the utmost exactness, faithfulness, and speed ; advising
all the time with the ablest hands for the better execution
of the design, and giving all concerned all necessary satis-
faction and information concerning the progress and prose-
cution of the project in hand.

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