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Upon which Angria answered — Well, Captain Crlchton,
-because we are townsmen, I give you your liberty and your
ship in a present. * * * * *
In the year 1744, the following curious Proposals were
issued by Mr William Lauder, then one of the Masters
of the Grammar School, for publishing a Prospect or
Delineation o* the Town of Dundee, on four different
sheets in copperplate, price 5s. — 2s. to be paid in hand,
and the remainder on delivery of the prints.
I. An exact prospect, or delineation, of the Town of
Dundee. Taken either from Capt. Slezer's draught, in-
serted in his Theatrum Scotiae ; or, if thought more proper,
from a new one, — the town having received several decora-
tions and embellishments of late years by the addition of
several new buildings, particularly the Town-house.
II. An exact description of the Town of Dundee, in
English prose (a specimen whereof is hereto subjoined), ex-
tracted from the famous and learned Mr William Camb-
den, Historiographer Royal and Clarenceux King at Arms
to Queen Elizabeth and King James VI., his Britannia,
published with additions, by Dr. Edmund Gibson, Bishop
of London ; as also, from Capt. Slezer's Theatrum Scotise,
and the learned Dr. Irvine's Nomenclatura of Scots History;
with a short account of the storming of the town, extracted
from Dr. Gumble's Life of General Monk, who commanded
at that action; together with a more accurate account of
the longitude and latitude of the place, newly taken, than
any hitherto extant, either in Geographers or Gazetteers,
with the towns' arms curiously engraven above.
in. Two Latin epigrams on the Town of Dundee, writ-
ten by two eminent Scots poets, viz. one by Dr. John
Johnston, Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of
St. Andrew's, and author of the fine verses, entitled, Reges
Scoti et Heroes Scoti, containing eulogiums on the Scots
Kings and Scots Warriors; the other by Dr. Samuel John-
ston, Physician to King Charles I. asid translator of the
Fsalms of David into Latin verse.

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