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Hole. Mausey's Hole was a large conduit or open sewer*
for conveying the bye water from the Meadows to the
sea. On the south side of the Meadows was a large
dam, and the lead or mill-bum was carried down Mr
Henderson's close, now Edward Lesslie's, and across the
street, down the Seagate, to the Burnhead, where the
town's mill then, in 1756, stood ; and John Wemyss was
erecting a thread-work on the west side of the Burnhead,
on the east side of the Castle ground. In 1815, the dif-
ferent Whale Fishing Companies have got large boiling-
}ards, viz. the Advice yard, the Mary Ann and Horn
yard, the Rodney yard, the Friendship yard, the Calypso
yard, the Estridge and Tay yard ; there are also a very
large sugar-house, a number of gentlemen's lodgings, the
Baptist Meeting, and Relief Meeting-house (lately the
Church of England Chapel, who have built a fine new
one in Castle Street.)
VI. The Murraygate street is joined on the east or'
north by the Wellgate and Cowgate, and at the west by
the High Street. It runs parallel with the Seagate all
the way from west to east, and communicates by Mil-
ler's-close, and Elder' s-close, both near the west end;
the latter was only opened about 1770, then the
Horse-wynd, and Peter-street (opened by John Peter
about 1775.) These four entries are completely built,
from top to bottom, (the last one all by John Peter),
about thirty-five years ago. On the north side it has
only the Dog-well (Meadow) entry, being the only pas-
sage for carts to the Meadows in the whole street, and
this was only made about 1775. In 17£6 there was no
access to the Meadows but by six narrow closes, all in
the narrow of the Murraygate, and only one in the broad
of the Murraygate (James Mathew's close); but the
yards at the back of the houses had all private doors to
the Meadows. In 1756, at the east end of the Murray-
gate, stood a Port, where the well still stands, and joined
to Deacon Davidson's house, and steeple, wliOj in 1756,

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