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King-street ends on the east with a good bridge of one
arch over the Den, and is now the toll road to Arbroath,
Forfar, Brechin, Glammis, and Kirriemuir,— the former
road to alLbut Arbroath being up the Hilltown.
V. The Seagate, beginning at the Den-burn, near the
sea, and running the whole length of the Cowgate and
Murraygate, west to the old shambles. In 1736, there
were very few inhabitants in this street; some old houses
near the east end, with several houses in ruins, but chiefly
yards. Beyond the Den-burn there were no houses. A
rope-work was carried on, to a small extent, at the sea
tide and the Wallace of Craigie farm on the north of it.
There was a good garden lying without the Seagate and
Cowgate Ports; between them, and beyond the garden,
the glovers or skinners had pits for their white leather.
Upon the west of Fintry-wynd was an old land, pos-
sessed by Mr James Crawford ; but, on the sugar-house
being built, he put up a new house, immediately to the
west of it. The Dundee and Grandtully Greenland
Company had bought a yard at the east end of the Sea-
gate ; these and the sugar-house began the improve-
ments in the Seagate; the bakers also were building a
large house at the west end of the street, near the
Castle, at the Burnhead, between which -and the Tay
was a mill in 1756, used for grinding malt. There was
no communication between the Seagate and Cowgate
except FintryVwynd (now Sngar-house-wynd); and the
Horse-wynd and St. Paul's close were the only commu-
nications to the Murraygate, which close was opposite
the Dog-well ; Bailie Jobson took it into his yard up-
ward of thirty years ago. The only tolerable dwelling-
houses in 1736, were Provost Robertson's, on the north
side, where the Baptist Meeting-house was built some
years ago, and some old houses opposite, where Misses
Brown of Horn, and the Misses Fullarton, resided, and
Bailie Barclay's house, still standing, and now (1815)
belonging to 5lr David Jobson, on thp bank of Mausey's

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